The story started as a Micro that just couldn’t be contained by 100 words.

Sandy was a homewrecker, and she got to the point of enjoying it. She didn’t start out that way. She was fresh out of high school and got seduced by a slightly older man. He spent money on her, took her to nice places, treated her like a queen, and in return, she treated him as her king. She believed every word about his failing marriage and how he was getting divorced soon. She even helped him keep their relationship on the down-low because of how it might affect his divorce. She was absolutely convinced that the day after his divorce was final, they would be married and live happily ever after.

Was she naïve? Certainly! I’m sure you can imagine much of what happened next. The wife found out, threw a total fit, and her King turned out to have the moral courage of a frog. She was not only devastated by him turning his back and crawled back to his wife, who he claimed to care nothing for. But the things his wife called her hurt just as much. She didn’t do any of it deliberately! She never seduced him, she wasn’t even sure how to seduce anyone! She wasn’t a slut, since she had only known two men “in that way.” She realized the first was a mistake, right after prom in the backseat of his Daddy’s car. The second was the man she assumed would be her King for life. She didn’t understand half of what his wife had said but the one thing that hurt the most was “homewrecker.” Sandy didn’t even know they had children!

That was the first one! She went into it blindly and she felt horrible afterward. The second one had a lot of similarities, only she tried to be smarter. It didn’t work out and while his wife didn’t call her a bunch of hurtful names, the look on her face when she caught them near the creek in his car was painful enough. She decided to swear off men at that point.

But the men she came in contact with through work and school were persistent! She tried to stick with single guys but found that most of the ones her own age weren’t interested in anything permanent. Plus most of them were broke and many of the dates had them going dutch. She was very disappointed going from being treated like a queen to splitting dinners at Burger King.

She had fended off many offers from married men, but they kept coming. They were often accompanied by flowers and small gifts, invitations to nice dinners, and even the physical advances were a hell of a lot nicer than a grope in the park or dormitory stairwell. One day she decided that if married men could use her in such a hurtful way, she might as well use them right back. Her closest girlfriend, Lois, was sort of egging her on a bit as well. Sandy decided it was time to grow up, at least that’s how she referred to it.

So, the next married man who made a significant pass at her, she took him up on it. Over the course of the next month or so she managed to re-do her entire wardrobe at his expense. When she got bored with him and he also started making noises about spending too much time (and money) on her; she made sure his wife caught them. The name-calling wasn’t nearly as hurtful this time because she not only knew she deserved it but had planned for it well ahead of time.

The next married guy wasn’t as well off, so it didn’t last very long. It was fun because he was really good in bed, even if his bank account wasn’t up to what she was looking for. It turned out his wife controlled most of the money. His name was Steven, a professor at her school — just not for any of her subjects. In her mind she would never do something like that for grades, after all, as she told Lois, a girl has to have some standards! But like the previous guy, eventually, the wife caught on. The old Sandy would have felt guilty about the ensuing divorce, but the current one didn’t much care.

There wasn’t anyone for a couple of months, not that there weren’t offers. She just didn’t feel like playing the game until she met Julian. Julian was married, but unlike her others, he didn’t seem to care. He was a lot of fun, good in the sack, and spent lots of time and money on her. Her jewelry collection nearly tripled because of him and he loved to see her in sexy lingerie! Lois said she might need a bigger place just for the closet space! The best thing about Julian was he didn’t hand her any lines about a bad marriage or getting a divorce. She had something he wanted, and he had the same. It was her longest relationship, nearly six months. But, in all honesty, she was getting a bit tired of his cloying attention and his constant need to know where she was and who she was with. She made damn sure the wife discovered a few pieces of her lingerie that she wouldn’t miss. Sandy didn’t know what the wife did, but Julian stopped calling her.

The next one she met while car shopping. Her tiny Civic had finally hit two hundred thousand miles and was needing more maintenance than she was willing to pay. He was a car dealer and when she saw both his wedding ring and the way his eyes stared at her ankles and slowly rose to her chest, she figured he might be worth cultivating. She didn’t get a free car, but she did get one hell of a discount, one that surprised the bank manager who did the loan paperwork. She gave him what was probably the best month of sex in his life before his wife drove past the dealership one day and decided to stop in and see her husband. Of course, the wife never mentioned the phone call she got warning her about her husband and Sandy. Sandy let all those common words roll off her back and drove away in her month-old car.

Tonight was going to be just her and Lois, they went out to a club to put a small dent in Sandy’s nest-egg from Julian and all the others. It was crowded, but she and Lois were having a good time when a woman danced up alongside Sandy and started flirting with her.

Lois thought it was kind of funny and went off flirting with a couple of guys herself. Sandy was planning on doing the same until this tall blonde sided up next to her and started dancing with her. She didn’t object because, as she thought, it was nice getting some attention that didn’t come with a wedding ring and a ton of baggage. Sandy was a little surprised, but not that much, the dance floor was loaded with girls dancing with each other.

The woman introduced herself as Julie. She was much of what Sandy was not. Sandy was always described as cute in a very wholesome way, which is why she felt married guys always seemed attracted to her. It was like they had fantasies about their teenage babysitter and Sandy fit that mold. Julie was tall and slim and was stunningly beautiful. She followed Sandy back to her table and the two tried to talk, but the club was awfully loud. At one point Julie leaned over, put her hand on Sandy’s thigh as the two started trading stories about men.  They had to lean close to talk, Sandy enjoyed Julie’s perfume.  She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was sexy and smelled expensive.

Sandy was, at first, very conscious of Julie’s warm hand on her bare thigh but as the conversation went on, she thought little about it. Some of the stories for a little more risqué than others and Julie slipped her fingers between Julie’s thighs and was rubbing as they talked. Without realizing it, Sandy opened her legs a bit and Julie’s touching and gentle rubbing started getting Julie’s attention, but in a good way. She’d never felt any attraction to another woman, but there was something very sexy and also very persistent about Julie. Just before she reached the top of her thigh, the DJ put on a slower song, something signaling the tail end of the evening and for people to start hooking up and dancing together. Julie took Sandy’s hand the brought her back to the dance floor.

Their bodies were almost glued together as Sandy laid her head on Julie’s shoulder and allowed not just the music to carry her away, but Julie’s hands, which seemed to be in many places.  A few of those places might have gotten them kicked out of the club if the dance floor wasn’t so crowded. At one point Julie spun her and snuggled up against Sandy’s back. Her hands visited many more places and at one point slipped inside her wrap-around skirt which somehow got pulled around. By now Sandy was more turned on than she ever was with a man. When Julie turned her around again, keeping her hand between them, Sandy kissed her.

If Julie was surprised she didn’t show it. She kissed the younger girl in a way that left no doubt of her interest to take her to her bed. Her fingers were outside Sandy’s panties and they were making her feel so good! She had a small orgasm in the middle of that kiss.

She barely said anything to Lois, who had hooked up with another college student. Lois hardly seemed to notice that Sandy was leaving with a woman. Julie and Sandy barely made it to the car before Sandy’s top was open and her skirt was barely hanging on. In the car Julie kept touching her, edging her higher and higher until the girl could barely think.

Sandy saw little of Julie’s apartment between the door and the bedroom. In the morning when she will be looking for her clothing, she’ll find it scattered all over the place. Anyone who saw it could easily decipher what happened. Sandy’s clothing mixed with Julies lay on each side of a path that made a beeline to the master bedroom. It took Julie no time at all to explore the younger girl’s body and bring her to several wonderful orgasms. When Julie straddled Sandy’s face, Sandy didn’t hesitate. She wanted to give her as much pleasure as Julie had given her.

For the first time in Sandy’s love life, she was actually thinking more about the other person than her usual self-centered actions. She ate her first pussy, sucked on magnificent breasts, and felt incredible every time Julie’s body quaked through one orgasm after another. After a short rest period, complete with kissing and touching, Julie asked her for something a bit kinky.

That’s how Sandy found herself face-down, spread-eagled, with her wrists and ankles cuffed and strapped to the corners of Julie’s bed. With a pillow under her hips, Julie started doing things with her tongue that Sandy had never even thought of. That’s when she heard the door open.

Julie sat back on her knees. A strange voice started talking. “You won’t remember me, but you fucked my now ex-husband Steven.”

The words slowly penetrated Sandy’s mind as she realized what a precarious position she had put herself in. Suddenly she was afraid and pulled at the straps which held her firmly. Before she could work herself into a complete panic, a hand touched her calf and rubbed in gently.

“Don’t be afraid. I always wanted to thank you. I set this up with Julie because if you knew who I was, you might have run away. I’m not angry. Divorcing Steven was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have never gotten involved with Julie if not for you.”

The hand became firmer and was rubbing higher on her leg. Then Julie’s hands joined in. Julie spoke, “I owe you as well. Steph is the love of my life.”

Sandy relaxed a little, but there was a small core of nervousness in her. “Why don’t you unstrap me then?”

“I don’t think so. You see I envy you some. Julie’s had me in this exact position many times and I know the pleasure you will soon feel. I am happy to be part of it and to finally be able to show you my appreciation.”

Someone kissed her, right on her arsehole and a finger went right into her pussy. Another tongue was working up her leg and stopped at the back of her knee. It tickled and was also incredibly sexy.

Sandy’s nervousness slowly faded as she felt herself being touched, eaten, and fingered in ways she never dreamed. A massive orgasm was coming closer and closer, but the two women seemed to realize it and would change up their actions, never letting her reach the pinnacle.

Steph sat herself down right in front of Sandy’s head, opening her legs. All Sandy could really see from that angle was an open pussy surrounded but thick public hair. She could see Steph’s fingers rubbing herself.

Julie, on the other hand, had left the bed shortly and returned wearing a harness with a strap-on. She knelt between Sandy’s legs and let her feel the toy. She rubbed it along her pussy, getting the tip all wet. In minutes Sandy was begging to get fucked. As Julie pushed the toy in quickly, the orgasm that had been barely out of reach for so long crashed through her. She might have been embarrassed at her cries if she realized she was making them.

At some point Sandy realized she was free to move, the toy stayed deep in her, moving not just in and out but with a spiral motion that touched her in so many places. There was a thinner toy being worked around her asshole, a place she had never let a man touch! Her hands were cupped, holding Steph’s butt as she ground her face into her hairy pussy. She literally passed out at some point, in the middle of another magnificent orgasm!

When she woke, she found herself between the two women, a light sheet over them. The dark-haired woman who Sandy never did see during the nighttime activities was sucking gently on her breasts. Julie was spooned up against her back. Those amazing hands again exploring her body. What shocked her was a third woman between her legs. When she looked down past Steph’s dark hair, Lois smiled up at her.

She was speechless! Lois grinned, “Well they said they needed a little help and they are so hard to refuse, as I think you found out!”

Right then and there Sandy decided her time as a homewrecker was over and done! She and Lois moved in right next door to Julie and Steph and the very first time Steph’s ex came to call on her, he was certainly shocked when he saw Sandy leaving the apartment next door. She simply said, “Hi, Steven.” And went on her way.

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