The delivery at work was a bit risky, but exciting as well. The package was not to be opened until I got home and was sitting on my bed. I understood those instructions before you sent it to me. Once I got home I sat the package on my bed as I looked down at it, both excited and nervous. 

I began to undo the plain brown wrapping only to reveal a box wrapped in satin finish red paper with a note on top. I opened the note as I sat the shiny package on my lap. I smiled at seeing your handwriting and smelling your scent on the note card. The note had instructions.

Right above the instruction list was a brief paragraph; you assured me how you realize that I’m shy about sending photos to you and how you have respected that for months, but ask that I trust you on a possible compromise; that you had come up with a solution for us both.

The instructions read – 

1. Set up your tripod and camera. (This made me very nervous, but excited as well and I did as instructed).

2. Get undressed and change into those black square cut lace bikini panties and matching sexy tank top I sent you for your birthday (again I did as instructed).

3. Hopefully you are feeling as sexy as I know you look. It’s time, now open the box.

I gently peeled back each taped corner of the shiny wrapping. Inside revealed ribbons and tissue paper. I discovered a mask and a fancy tube of deep red glossy lipstick. 

The mask was beautiful, something I could see wearing to a formal masquerade ball. It was a silver and black sturdy material with a velvety cloth covering, it was big enough to cover some of my forehead, around my blue eyes, and half of my cheeks. It had diamond and ruby like rhinestones with one black feather out the right side and would cover some of my curly strawberry blonde hair.

I read further through your instructions. You wrote that the mask would conceal my identity and the lipstick was darker than any shade you had seen me in, another way to make me look mysterious, and not quite myself. 

The instructions continued:

4. Now put on the mask and lipstick. Look at yourself in the mirror, rub your lips together, letting the color slide over those full sexy lips. Look at your eyes through that mask. See how amazingly sexy you look?  

5. Get out the toy I sent you several weeks ago, keeping it in your hand and then lie down on the bed.

6. Now, call me. 

Once the mask was secure and the lipstick was on I looked in the mirror and even I was surprised at how much your gifts changed my appearance. I did feel sexy; confident and sexy. 

I pulled out the toy from my panty drawer and dialed your number slowly. I couldn’t wait to hear your voice and my next instructions. 

“Do you have the mask on and the lipstick?” You knew it was me before you answered my call, “Yes,” I answered.

“Good girl. You have the camera and tripod next to the bed?” 

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Very good girl. You trust me?”

“Of course I do,” I said softly.

“Put your phone next to you on your pillow and turn the speaker on. Let your hands caress that beautiful body. You know how sexy you are, so explore.”

I moaned softly and did as instructed. My hands feeling  my breasts, my stomach, teasing my lips with my hand over my panties. One hand caressing and teasing while the other moved to my mouth; gently sucking on my finger I moaned again.

“Good girl. Now place your little vibrating egg toy inside that sweet wetness for me.”

“Yes.” I whispered as I pushed my panties over to the side and slid the egg slowly in. A moan escaped my lips.

“Yes, good girl, unleash that sexual desire you hide so well. Damn, I want to be those hands, I want to taste that sweetness. I want to be inside you and feel you, all of you. Now stop touching for a moment. Please.

Take the camera remote in your  hand and snap a photo of your wet spot for me.”

I paused for a moment and took a deep breath. I was so nervous as I had never given in to your request for a photo. But I was almost unrecognizable. I wanted to share this moment with you. I slowly picked up the camera remote and whispered, “OK, I have it in hand.”

“Show me. Take photos as you explore, take a snapshot of my toy inside you, inside MY panties. MY sweet spot. Now, let me see that beautiful body being pleasured.”

Instinctively, I pushed the button, again and again as my other hand explored, as the egg vibrated, as I moaned, as my back arched, as my hips lifted, as my fingers rubbed and massaged, as the tank got pulled and tugged exposing my breasts as I teased and pinched my nipples. The flashes in rhythm with my body tensing as multiple orgasm waves took over my body.

“Yes, babe, YES, cum for me. Again, cum for me.” 

“Mmm yes,” I softly moaned and gasped, whimpering as my body quivered and the camera flashes captured each wave. And that was the perfect gift. The perfect package. Not just for me, but for us both.



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