Note: It would be advisable to read the previous chapter, to fully understand the first couple of pages of this chapter.

We sat around sipping on our wine.  Don, asked Hazel why she had not told him about University before.

“I was afraid. I didn’t want to lose you, so I didn’t say anything. Then, after we were married, It wasn’t something I was proud of and honestly didn’t want to bring it up.  If you had asked me directly if there had ever been someone else I might have told you some of it.”

“Shit, I wish I had been around then and met Trudy,”  I stated.

“Why, are you an arse man?” asked Hazel.

“No, far from it, in the heat of the moment, I might dive in there.  But I’d much rather have pussy, I just love a wet one of those.”

Then seeing that Hazel was still giving me a puzzled questioning look, I tried to answer her.

“I’ve always attracted to real stuck up, strait-laced, untouchable woman.  I guess I see them as a real challenge.  In my experience, when you do get them into bed, they are real fire-brands, and often quite insatiable.  So Trudy sounds just my sort of woman.”

Don piped up, “You wouldn’t want to meet her now.  She’s really anti-sex, Brett, her husband never gets it, he’s always complaining and if we’re out with them and our conversation ever strays on to sex, she throws a sulky fit.  Doesn’t she Hazel?”

“Yes, I’ve tried to bring our past up a couple of times when we were on our own, but she will have none of it.  Even says to me that I must be thinking of another girlfriend.”

“Will you tell us a bit more about that year?” I asked.

Hazel hesitated, she looked nervously at Don, then her shoulders relaxed.  She seemed to resign herself to the fact she had to finish telling some.  “I know you’re not going to let up until I’ve told it all.  But I’m not happy about this, I’ve kept it locked away for so long, it really should have remained that way.”

Don leaned against her, hugged her, and said he understood.  But that he needed to know everything now, and could handle anything she had done, as it was all long in the past.

“Where was I up to?” she asked.

I answered quickly, in case Don gave the wrong answer.  “You had just been bent over the couch, that Trudy and Ashram had moved into the center of the lounge.”

“Oh God, this is going to sound pretty debauched guy’s.  You really want me to go on?”

Immediately there were two eager idiots, nodding their heads right beside her.  She swung her head from one side to the other, taking in our keen puppy dog expressions, before hanging her head and taking up where she had left off. 

“Did I explain that they positioned me kneeling on the couch, with my elbows over the low back?  The guy behind me was trying to do anal, and I couldn’t tell him ‘No’ as Ben was holding my head tight and fucking my mouth.  But I snapped my hips to the side every time he touched me there, and he finally got the message and put it in the right place.”

“Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashram positioning Trudy alongside me and while he was doing her from behind, she started playing with my tits.  I don’t remember all the details of what followed, but we were shared by other guys in the room.  Trudy surprised me in that she loved anal, and two of the guys did her at the same time.  You know, what we just did before.  Some of them tried again to get me to do that, but I made it plain, that I was not into anal.”

Don asked, “What about the other girl that was there?”

“A couple of guys took her to the bedroom and others went in there with her during the night.  I don’t remember her really, not sure if she stayed the night or left before we did.”

“Why did you not like anal?” I asked.

“An uncle did that to me, and he hurt me.  I mean it really hurt.”  She paused, “Well he wasn’t really an uncle, just a friend of my father’s, but we called him uncle.  It was long before I lost my virginity and in my own bed at home.  I don’t think he came back to our place after that.”

“Did you tell your mother?” I asked.

“Hell no!  I’ve never told a soul about that, not even Trudy.  It has been weighing on my conscience for years.  My parents would have blamed me, they were very strict, I could never have told them.”

Don again reached over and cuddled Hazel.  “You could have told me, I would have understood you know.”  He gave her a minute, then asked, “Did you go to any more parties?”

“Oh yes, the boys had a party at least once a month, I think Trudy and I attended everyone after that night.  You see, it was a club.  It had been running for a long time, as the guys left Uni, others replaced them.  The four main protagonists always lived in the house.  Pete had lived there, but when he finished Uni the year before, another guy had taken his place.”

“I wondered if Pete was at the party when you said it was the same house?”  I butted in.

“Yes, I’m glad he wasn’t there.  I still hate him and wonder sometimes about running into him somewhere.”

Don piped up, “Do you mean it was a University Club,  did the Uni know what was going on there?” 

“No, funnily enough, I don’t think many people knew about it at all.  Certainly, others knew the guys lived there and that they had some pretty raunchy parties,  You could never have kept that secret.  But the way it worked was that the members, there were only a dozen or so, each joined different Uni groups, and took up with girls they thought might be likely candidates.

“They would date them a few times, sleep with them, then bring them to a party when they thought they may be ready.  Many of the girls that turned up at the parties, left as soon as they realised what was going on, but there was always at least one the stayed.”

Then she added another thought, “Really Pete ‘according to their rules’, should not have taken me to that party the year before, as he had not slept with me.  I guess he had tried it on so often, he just thought ‘what the fuck’.  I think Pete’s father may have owned the house.  I’m not certain of that, but I saw him collecting the rent one time when I was around visiting Ben.”

“How did the guys get to join the club?”  I asked.  Thinking that I would have really enjoyed belonging to a club like that.

Hazel thought for a bit.  “I’m not absolutely sure, but I think one of the members would befriend a guy whose girlfriend he fancied.  Then over time would talk to the guy about sharing his girlfriend.  I’m sure most guys would get offended and nothing would happen.  But there must have been some that showed an interest, as there was usually at least one new guy and his girlfriend at the parties.”

“I remember one party where there were three new couples, but one by one all the girls chickened out, and pulled their boyfriends out of the party in disgust.   That is what happened most of the time.  But if the girlfriend did participate, then the guy would show up at future parties, with or without her.  So I’m pretty sure that was their right to admission, and how they got new members.”

“You said Trudy and you went to all the other parties that year, we’re there other girls that went to every party?”  I asked.

“Not really.  There were a couple that turned up again, mostly the ones that came with their boyfriend.  But the girls that were seduced into coming with the club member, mostly it was a one-off, just like I had been the year before.  As for the boyfriends, I noticed they all turned up thinking it was going to be great having an orgy, only to find that they got insanely jealous as soon as their girlfriend fucked another guy.  

“Ashram and Trudy broke up after that first party, he couldn’t handle it.  I’m sure he wanted to return, but he forbade Trudy to ever attend again, and she dumped him.  When I talked to Ben about it, he said that Ashram was blacklisted, as he was only likely to cause trouble.”

“How come you two went to all the parties then?” I asked again.

“I got on really well with Ben.  Not like he was my boyfriend or anything, more like ‘friends with benefits’.  He liked us along, as more girls would stay and participate if they were not the only girl there.  Also, I liked giving blowjobs and Trudy liked anal, I guess that got us a few browny points with all the gang.  Actually, I probably would have bailed again after that first party, but Trudy loved it, she insisted it was her one blow-out year and she would never get the opportunity again, and so didn’t want to miss a party.”

“Will you tell me some details of the other parties?” asked Don.

“If you want, but not now, I can see Dave’s eyes drooping and I’m tired also.”

So I tidied myself up and made to leave.  But Hazel stopped me and asked for my details.  I gave her my email and mobile. Then she asked about my address, as they may call in and say hello on their way back south.  I willingly gave her everything, thinking I would most likely never see or hear from them again.  Then wandered back to my van.

I slept the sleep of the dead, better than I had slept in years.  My bed takes up the whole back of the van.  I could make it up as two singles, but at 6’1” the double size is far more comfortable. 

I always wake as the sun comes up, which was around 5:15 am at this time of year. 

I stretched and spread out, watching the golden dawn rays creep around my curtains.  I thought about putting on an eye mask, so as to try and get another hour or so’s sleep.  I was feeling really mellow and did not feel like getting up at this early hour.  But I needed a piss.

As I lay there summoning the energy to make a decision, the back door opened, I had not locked it in my sleepy state the night before.  And in crawled Hazel, wearing a dressing gown and slippers.  She gave me a hell of a fright, but I recovered very quickly, noting that as she slipped out of the dressing gown and crawled under my covers, she had nothing else on.

“You are not meant to be here without Don.  I told him last night, that the two of you must be honest with each other and never go sleeping around behind the other’s back.”

“I know,” she exclaimed,  “But he’s fast asleep and I’m fucking horny.  He’ll understand, I’ll tell him everything.”

She burrowed down beside me and took my morning hard in her hand.

“I need to relieve myself.  Don’t start without me.” And I awkwardly maneuvered myself past her and out the back door.  I have a toilet in the van, but trying to go when you have a massive hard-on, in that tight little space is nigh on impossible.  There would be more pee on the ceiling than in the bowl.  So with one leg up on the step, balancing precariously on my other leg, I pointed Percy towards the ground, and let fly.

I got back inside and had to kiss Hazel to stop her laughing, she had enjoyed the sight of me trying to pee with a full hard-on.  When she had calmed down, she pushed me on my back and swallowed my ‘now’ limp cock.  It didn’t stay limp for long, I was pretty proud of myself that he would rise to the occasion so quickly after the night before’s activities.

Once hard, she mounted me and her hips started to writhe around, her face twisted with concentration, on the feelings that were being generated between her legs.  I had no problem lasting the journey, in fact, I wondered if I had any seed left in me.  But the body is an amazing thing, and as she moved towards her climax, so too did I. 

Her rotating hips became thrashing hips. Then the shudder. The long, stomach-convulsing shudder that told me she was there.  I had been roughly manipulating her sensitive breasts but had to slip a hand up and over her mouth, or she would have woken the camp, the back door of my van being wide open.  What a way to start the day.

As our arousal subsided, I removed my hands and let her slump down beside me.  “You really should get back to Don, before he wakes.  He will not handle you sneaking over here very well at all,”  I whispered in her ear.

“Your right, but I’m still horny,” she replied.

“Well go and wake Don, as you have just woken me.” I pushed her up, and out towards the door, then threw the dressing gown at her.

She leaned in and blew me a brief kiss, then slipped out onto the damp grass before slipping on her dressing gown and hurried off.

I hurriedly got myself up, and without making the bed or having breakfast, I put away some loose items and drove off.  I had intended to visit a couple more places that day, but drove straight home, as I wanted to get in front of my computer and put down as much of the wonderful adventure that had just happened. 


That should be the end of the story, and I really thought it would have been.  But two days later, I saw their motorhome come to a standstill at the bottom of my drive.  It was early on a Monday morning and I felt a decided rush of pleasure as Hazel walked up the drive towards me. She was wearing a short green skirt and a loose light green blouse and I was pretty certain she was not wearing a bra.  Don was with her, but I have to admit, I hardly noticed him.

‘Fuck!’ I thought, ‘I can’t be this lucky again.’  I guided them into my lounge, then asked what their plans were.  They had driven through to Hatfields Beach, late the night before and had slept the night there.  Hatfields is only about twenty minutes from my place, hence their arriving so early in the morning. They informed me that they both started back at work on Wednesday and so had to be home in Wellington the following night.  They wondered about staying the night with me, then driving back to Wellington all day Tuesday.

“Not a good idea, a huge trip to do in one day and added to that, the traffic from here into the city on any weekday morning is horrendous.  You need to leave here around 4:00 this afternoon, and drive to somewhere like Cambridge.  It’s a beautiful place, and although you will still need to be away early, you will have a much more pleasant drive down to Wellington from there.”

Don replied that they had stayed in Cambridge on the way up, so yes, that it was a much better idea.  

“Right,” I said, “We have a few hours, so I’m going to show you a couple of places out on the peninsula.”   Hazel looked disappointed, she was obviously after a bit of action.  But she needn’t have worried, I had a fantasy I’d wanted to play out for a long time, and I’m sure she was going to be quite happy with what I had planned.

I grabbed a few items I had for a picnic, cutlery, breadboard, a blanket, and some food, but I needed to call in at a supermarket to get more food and drink.  I hustled them into my car, but at the bottom of the drive, Hazel made me stop and let her out to grab some things of her own, from their motorhome.  She came back to the car holding a large beach bag.

As we headed off to Shakespeare Park, I marveled at my good luck, it was a beautiful day, pleasantly warm, sky clear and blue, the trees even seemed much greener than usual.  We passed a man working in his garden, wearing nothing but a pair of denim shorts.  What a great day to be alive.

After the supermarket, we drove out to the park.  The end two-thirds of the peninsular is divided off by a predator fence, to keep the cats, rats, mice, etc. from attacking the native birds.  The place is full of Tui’s, Bell Birds, Kereru, and Fantails.  I stopped at the beach and showed them some of the rare Dotterel’s that nest there.  Then drove to the end of the road, where there is a gate with a combination lock.  Someone who had camped there had told me the combination, but the gate was not locked anyway, so we were soon through the gate and driving through the camping ground.  I parked on the grass right at the end of the beach.  There were only about three motor homes left in the camping ground, but much evidence of the vehicles that had either left that morning or the night before.  Then grabbing our bags, we headed off up the track to the summit.

Once out of sight of the campground, I turned to Hazel, “Right, take your skirt off.”

“Hell no! There will be people around,” she said, glancing left and right.

“Not at this time of year.  I’ve never seen a soul on this track, and have biked up it many times.  They all do the track along the top of the ridge, to the lookout.  After the rush of summer camping, no one ever seems to come on this lower track,” I replied.

Hazel heard the authority in my voice and looking around nervously.  Then she came to a discussion and tentatively unzipped the skirt.  Don stepped up beside her and helped her out of the skirt.  We continued walking up the track, then after about twenty meters, I told her to now remove her blouse.  This she looked a lot more uncomfortable with, but Don again stepped in and helped her undo the buttons and slipped it from her shoulders.  She now walked off wearing nothing but her very brief thong.

After a few paces, I couldn’t resist reaching forward and pushing two fingers between her legs to see how excited she was.  My fingertips softly and slowly slipped under the leg band of her thong, delving into her wet mound. She stopped dead and gripped her legs together, but too late to stop my fingers sliding deep inside the pouting wetness of her silken slit.  The phrase ‘Wetter than an otter’s pocket’ came to mind.  Just one of the many silly phrases that are locked away in the recesses of my brain.

Then with one last look up and then down the track, she pushed my hand away, threw her arms in the air, and did a pirouette.  “I feel free, get yours off to Don, we’ll be nudists for the day.” 

As Don obediently started to remove his shirt and shorts, she bent forward and pulled her thong down her legs and stepped out of it.  She started off up the track again, with a real spring in her step.

I turned to Don and showed him my very wet fingers.  He needed no encouragement, he took off after her, grabbed a hold of her, and slipped his fingers between her legs as well.  Hazel didn’t resist him, but turned to me, “Com-on big boy, get your gear off as well.”

“In a minute,” I said.  “We are nearly there.”  And I bent to pick up Dons clothes and the bag he had been carrying.

Sure enough, another twenty paces and the bush on each side of the track finished.  It opened out onto lush green paddocks, with a great view down the Harbour to Auckland city.  I led them up a gentle slope, towards another band of bush and trees that sat on top of the cliffs.  Once there we had a 360 degree view of the harbor and the ridge track behind us.  But we were actually hidden from anyone close by the curve of the land.  If there had been people up at the lookout, they could have seen us with binoculars.  Same with anyone down on the beach, but there were only two kiteboarders there, and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have a telescope.

Don wasted no time at all, he dropped the bag and clothes he was carrying and hustled Hazel over beside the tree that I was busy laying the blanket under.  He pushed her around, quite brutally, not the quiet, placid guy I had met a couple of days before.  He was consumed with desire.  Bending her over he fingered her with one hand, while he rummaged around in the bag she had just dropped at her feet.  He pulled out the jar of vaseline I had left with them a few days ago.  Within seconds he was lubed up and hammering into her arse.

I moved over beside Hazel, lifted her head, and asked if she was okay.  She nodded enthusiastically at me, “He doesn’t want blowjobs any more, this gets him off quicker this way than he ever did before.”

I went to fondle her breasts, and pull on those lovely dark nipples.  As I cupped my hands under them, Hazel reached behind her and digging her fingernails into his arse cheeks, she began moving her arse and hips hard against him.  Poor old Don, he came with a rush, moaning loud enough to scare the birds from the trees.  

Hazel pushed him away, dived into her bag, and pulled out the antiseptic wipes.  “Clean yourself up properly, I want you and Dave now.”

I didn’t immediately get what she wanted, but it was soon apparent when she pushed Don down onto the blanket and straddled his still erect, sparkling prick.  She obviously wanted me in her arse.

“Gee Hazel, are you sure?” I asked.  “This could hurt, I’m a bit bigger than Don.”

“I don’t care, I have been horny for the last two days, thinking about you doing this to me.”

She drew me down and kissed me passionately, it was clear that she was very aroused.  “Take it slowly, but don’t stop whatever, I want to experience this.” And she dropped her head to Don and kissed him hard.

Even though she was pretty well lubricated, I still picked up the jar of vaseline and smothered the length of my prick with it.  Then began easing it between her cheeks.  It slid in much easier than I thought it would be and I soon was up to the hilt, trying to match my strokes with Don’s.

I pushed up on my elbows, the voyeur in me wanting to watch.  It was fucking erotic watching Don’s prick sliding into her sweet cleft, and pushing myself in deep into her arse every-time he bottomed out.  I could feel the cool sea-breeze brushing over our bodies, especially sensitive between our legs; reminding me of our vulnerability, butt naked out here in the open.

I leaned sideways and gazed between our bodies at Don’s cock penetrating her glistening wide open pussy.  Noting how she was forcing her clit hard onto Don’s mons pubis, in fast little thrusts of her hips.  I hardly had to move, she was so active. 

As her hips jerked backward, forcing my cock hard between those beautiful round globes, another stupid thought sprang into my mind. ‘I hope the common folk, are not allowed to do this – it is much too fucking good for them.’

Chuckling away to myself, I set a steady pace, reveling in the fact that I’d had so much sex in the last week, and so was able to last.  No fear of an early ejaculation today.

As Hazel neared her climax, I balanced on one hand and used the other to squeeze and hold her breast, then toyed with the swollen nipple and tipped her over the edge.

“Ahhhh! Don’t move, either of you… AAAHHHH GGODD… Fuck don’t move, I’m coming.”  And her body lit up in a series of jerks, followed by a backbend that had me worried for her safety.

This brought Don to a noisy climax as well.  I didn’t, I could have if I’d tried, but I was happy to just live with the memory and save my energy.  It was only 12:30, and I had a feeling Hazel would not be finished with me.

Once composed, we sat around and ate the picnic lunch.  Then packed everything and walked back down to the car.  We were all comfortable with one another now, Don especially happy and full of chat.  He was much changed from the cautious, moderate man, I had met only a couple of days before. 

We had a quick swim at the beach then I drove them back to my place.  Hazel was interested in all the projects I had on the go; my garden, artwork, and building projects.  I took her into my bedroom to have a look at a large mural I had on the wall in there.  And was not surprised when she pulled me onto the bed with her.

“We need to get on the road soon, I want you one last time.”

“The old fella’s softer than a jellyfish, you will have to do some work on him.”

“No problem.”  And she pushed me over onto my back, unzipped me, and set to sucking the old fella hard again.  ‘Bloody hell she was good at blow jobs.’  Then I reflected, that she had obviously had a fair bit of experience at Uni.

She soon had him standing up and rearing to go.  She rolled over onto her back, pulling me with her.  Her legs fell apart, and her arse lifted off the bed, exposing her glistening, wet, very used cunt.  What is a weak-willed bastard like me to do.  I pointed Percy directly at her beckoning charms and thrust home.

Hazel brought her legs together, increasing the pressure on my shaft, and thrust her hips up against me as I pushed down.  There was a distinct slap of bodies, and we set to, not soft loving fuck this one… slap, slap, slap.  I hammered away for all I was worth, she was making no secret about the fact she wanted to be taken hard.

“Oh, God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. It feels so good!” she cried out.

So I responded with a few choice vulgar phrases of my own.  I soon felt the sensation of my long-awaited climax approaching.  I roughly pinched and pulled on her rock hard nipples, to try and get her climax in cinque with my own.  And was rewarded with her moaning encouragement, throwing her legs wide open and lifting her arse high of the bed.

I looked down to watch my shaft sinking into her, and saw that the nodule of her clitoris was huge and erect.  As I bottomed, she jerked up and ground herself onto me, and her muscles clenched . . . relaxed . . . clenched again.  And I knew her orgasm was upon her.

I yelled out that I was coming, and I was… way past the point of no return.  She responded with an “Ohhhh Ggodddd!”  Then her hips really started jerking and twitching, her arse jumping off the bed and gyrating around like a Dervish gone mad.  Her orgasm was as strong as I have seen.  It exploded in uncontrolled jerks, and it took some time for her spasms to subside.

I looked around for Don, suddenly conscious he was not with us.  He was sat on the couch beside my bed, with a very satisfied grin on his face.

“Good one Dave, I enjoyed that just as much as Hazel.  But now we need to get on the road.”

I waved him over and indicated her should join us, but he shook his head, saying.  “No, I’m good, she will be ready for me when we stop tonight.”

So after a shower and some idle chatter, I was walking them down my drive to their van.

And that’s the end of the story…




As I helped Hazel climb up into the van, she turned and gave me a quick kiss, then whispered in my ear:

“Hasta la vista, Baby.  I’ll be back.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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