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I was home alone playing my favorite video game when I heard the front door slam shut.  I knew something was wrong because Erica had classes the whole afternoon and Angela was at cheer-leading practice.  A moment later I saw Erica rush past my door.  Concerned I followed her and found her lying on her bed crying into her pillow.

Over the last few weeks Erica and I had masturbated together a number of times, either after school or late at night once Mom was in bed.  It was not as steamy as the first time, but nonetheless is was very enjoyable.  The late at night sessions were always in my room because mine was the furthest from Mom’s and Angela’s rooms.  The shared experience had drawn us so much closer together so I was really concerned about her.

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey Erica, what’s wrong?”

Erica rolled onto her side and looked at me with red teary eyes. “Hey, I didn’t realize that you were home.” She sniffed loudly and wiped a tear off her cheek. “I just caught Andrew cheating on me.” Another sob wracked her body.

“That fucker,” I said angrily, “He better hope I never see him again.”  I leaned back against Erica’s head board and held her in my arms while she cried a little more. Her tears dried up a little, so I gently said, “Tell me what happened.”

Erica kept her head on my chest, as she started speaking, “I decided to skip my three o’clock lecture and go surprise Andrew in his dorm room.  He doesn’t have a three o’clock, and his roommate is in my class, so I knew he’d be alone.  Or so I thought… Anyway, when I got to his door, I heard moaning… I was so angry that I flung his door open without knocking.  That slut Lisa, was busy sucking his cock.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “That’s a really shitty thing he did.  He’s a real asshole.”

“I felt so humiliated,” Erica said, holding back more tears. “I left without saying a word.”

I felt really mad at Andrew for humiliating her like that. “He’s a worthless and stupid piece of shit that is going to regret losing you. You’re the sexiest and smartest girl that he will ever know.  He will still be thinking about you when his sad life ends in some hovel.”

Erica laughed a little, “That’s very dramatic, but right now I wish it all comes true.”  She hugged me tightly. “You’re a good brother.”

We lay in silence holding each other for a while.  I heard a car pull into the driveway and then there was a knock at the door.  It could only be Andrew, so I got up and said to Erica, “Wait here.  I’ll get rid of him.”

Andrew grinned at me when I opened the door and said, “Hey Jason. Is she here? There’s been a misunderstanding I need to talk to her about.”

My anger boiled. The fucker was acting like nothing serious had happened with that stupid grin on his face.  He was a fair bit bigger and older than me, but that did not stop me from punching him as hard as I could in the face.  He staggered backwards. I’d hoped to knock him over, but he was tougher than I’d expected.  Even though his nose and lip were bleeding he looked at me with rage in his eyes.  I knew I had to act fast or I was going to be in a lot of trouble.  I kicked at his groin. His reactions were too slow to block it, and I felt the satisfying feeling of his balls squashing against the top of my foot.  His eyes went wide and he cried out in pain.  He then dropped into a fetal position holding his balls.

I stood over him and said, “Her name is Erica, you worthless piece of shit, and I never want to see you near her again.” I left him lying on the porch and closed the front door behind me. 

Erica was standing in the entrance hall looking shocked. I realized that she must have seen the fight as quick as it was.  I suddenly felt bad about my vicious attack on Andrew, and I said, “Sorry!  I just got so mad at him with his smug little grin.”

“Is he okay?” Erica asked.

“I think so,” I said, “His balls are going to hurt for a while but he’ll be okay.  Do you want to go check on him?”

“No!  I never want to see him again,” Erica said. “I can’t believe you did that for me.  Thank you.”

Erica embraced me and kissed me on the lips.  It wasn’t the chaste kiss that a sister gives her brother, but rather it was a warm and sensual.  Her mouth did not open and the kiss did not last long, but her lips were so soft and engaging that I felt a thrill run through my body.  I understood for the first time in my life why lovers spend so much time kissing.

Erica stepped back and took my right hand in hers.  “Let me get this cleaned up for you,” she said.

I looked at my hand and saw blood running down my fingers.  Andrew’s tooth had cut my knuckle when I punched him. I hadn’t felt it until Erica pointed it out to me.

Later when Mom and Angela got home Erica was in a better mood and relayed the day’s events in great detail.  Erica made me seem like a hero as she described me taking on Andrew who was so much bigger and stronger than me.  She even recounted what I said to Andrew word for word.

Mom gave me a hug and said, “I’m so proud of you for standing for your sister like that.  Always remember that blood is thicker than water.”   Mom looked at Erica and said, “I hope you do something nice for your brother as a thank you.”

“Oh, I’ve already got something in mind,” Erica said with a mysterious smile.

“Ooh, a surprise. You’ve got to let me know what you’re planning,” Mom said.

Erica and Mom went into the kitchen to discuss Erica’s plans for me.  I was curious and wanted to eavesdrop but Angela stayed in the lounge with me.  Angela had been silent for most of Erica’s re-telling of the story but now she came and gave me a big full-bodied hug.

“Thank you for standing up for Erica like that,” she said. “I’m so happy I’ve got a brother like you.”

Her hug was tight and fierce, full of emotion. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back.  I could feel her small tits pressing against my chest and her lower belly pressing against my cock.  She smelled of shampoo, perfume and a little sweat. As the hug extended my body started reacting to the intimate embrace and I felt a stirring in my groin.  I pulled back and broke the embrace before Jessica noticed my reaction.

That night I lay in bed naked thinking about Erica, Angela and the day’s events.  The kiss that Erica had given me kept on replaying itself in my mind.  I wanted more, I wanted to kiss her back. I wanted to take her in my arms and I wanted to fulfill my lustful fantasies.  I started slowly jacking my cock thinking about how close I’d come to slipping my cock into her that first time.  I knew that something was broken in my head as it was not natural to feel such a strong physical attraction to her.  The shared intimacies of the past few weeks had changed the way I viewed her. I realized that I also saw Angela in a different light now and I was starting to be sexually attracted to her too. I knew that I should stop fooling around with Erica, but I was becoming addicted to the sessions, and I did not want to stop them.

My fantasy about Erica was interrupted by a soft knock on the door.  A moment later the door opened and Erica slipped into the room.  I was surprised as I didn’t think that she’d be interested in masturbating considering the day’s events.

“Are you awake?” Erica whispered.

“Yeah,” I answered.

 “I’m feeling sad. Will you to hold me?” She asked.

“Of course,” I said.

I moved over and made some space in the bed. I sensed more than saw Erica standing next to the bed.  There was a quiet swooshing sound followed by a little thud as her nightgown dropped onto the floor.    I put my arm around her as she climbed under the covers with me. She half rolled onto my chest, just like she had done earlier in the day.   There was however one major difference.  Erica was not wearing a shirt and I felt her naked breasts pressing against the side of my chest.  My hand resting on her hip did not feel any evidence of panties either. The soft smoothness of her body pressing against me felt amazing.  Erica slid her smooth leg over my thigh as she got comfortable.  I could feel her nakedness pressed against my body from head to toe.  

I tampered my excitement, remembering that Erica was in my arms for comfort not to be molested by me. I tried to ignore her nakedness by reasoning that we had been naked in front of each other a number of times now, and she most probably didn’t think that there was anything unusual about what she was doing. However, her body pressing against mine was hard to ignore. Her smooth legs scissoring mine and her boobs, oh my God, her boobs. Even her arm draped across my body felt great.

“I can’t believe that he’s been fucking Lisa,” Erica said after a while.  “She’s not even pretty… I should’ve seen it coming… We haven’t been having a lot of sex lately. I just thought he was busy, but he’s obviously been fucking that slut instead.”

I stroked her hair with my free hand. “To be honest, I think you are sooo much better off without him.  I know that you love him and it must really hurt, but he’s an idiot for losing you.  I mean, if I had a girlfriend even half as nice as you, I’d be doing everything I could to make her happy…  You’ll have your pick of guys, and soon you’ll have forgotten all about Andrew.”

“You’re right,” Erica said with a cheerier tone. “You really think guys find me attractive?”

“Oh fuck, Erica,” I said laughing, “You’re just fishing for compliments now because there is no way that you don’t know how hot you are.  You’re a fucking cheer-leader, for Christ’s sake. Half of my friends fantasize about you daily.”

Erica laughed as her mood improved, “Yeah that was pretty bad, wasn’t it?  In my defense though, I do need all the compliments I can get today.”  Erica started stroking my chest as she contemplated her next words. Her tone was serious when she continued, “Are you okay with what we’ve been doing? You know, the masturbation and being naked like this.”

Before answering I considered the question, trying to decide how truthful I should be. “I am…” I said and paused, trying to gather my thoughts.

“There is a ‘but’ coming, isn’t there?” Erica said.

“I know we aren’t really doing anything wrong,” I said, “But things are changing for me.  A few weeks ago I’d never had a sexual thought about you in my life, and when we started, I imagined that you were Jessica lying there in front of me. Now all I can think about is you.” I held my breath, wondering how she’d react to my confession.

Erica stopped stroking my chest and I felt the tension enter her body. “I see,” she said with a bit of anger in her tone. My stomach did a flip flop as I realized that she was not taking it well. “I kind of thought that was the point of it. I didn’t realize that you were thinking about Jessica while I was bearing myself to you.”

I was stunned for a moment at Erica’s take away from my statement. Was she really pissed because I hadn’t fantasized about her from the start? Absurdly I found myself apologizing for not fantasizing about my sister. “I’m sorry.  I wanted to fantasize about you but I didn’t want to be a creep so I tried to think of Jessica instead.”

I felt the tension drain away from her. “I’m sorry,” she apologized quietly, “I’m all over the place today and that felt like another betrayal.”

“It’s okay,” I said.

We lay there in silence, while I removed my hand from her hip and started stroking the side of her face.  I traced the contours of her face with my fingertips, occasionally branching out to her ear and throat. I held her hand with my free hand.

Erica’s quiet voice broke the silence, “I’ve been thinking about you since you gave me that massage.  I felt how hard you were, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since…” She gave my hand a little squeeze before continuing. “I tried to ignore the thoughts I had about you but they wouldn’t go away.”  She laughed a little self-deprecating laugh. “So I did what Erica does and researched the topic.” Her voice took on the more serious tones that she used whenever she discussed an academic subject. “The way we feel about each other, while unusual, is more common than I thought. Incest between consenting adults is not against the law in many countries like France and Japan.  You just can’t get married or have kids.”

There was silence as I digested what she’d told me.

“I’m just saying I don’t think that what we’ve been doing or the way we feel about each other is wrong.”

I actually felt better after hearing her justification. “I didn’t know any of that, and it does make me feel better,” I said.

“It’s still illegal here though,” Erica said, “But as long as we don’t tell anyone, we’re fine.”

“Okay,” I said.

We fell into a comfortable silence as I continued stroking her face and neck. I followed the line of her ear down her neck and decided to let my fingers wander a little further. I traced a line over her shoulder down to her elbow and back again.

When my hand reached her shoulder again I slid forward onto her chest in search of her boob. Erica rolled onto her back making plenty of room for my exploring hand. I ran my hand over her boob and held it for the first time. It felt so soft and filled my hand completely. I gently squeezed and massaged the flesh, enjoying the unique feeling of it. Erica moaned quietly when I cupped the bottom of her boob in my palm and teased her nipple with my thumb and forefinger.

“You can pinch a little harder if you want,” Erica said. I squeezed her hard nipple a little harder.”Mmmm, just like that, and don’t forget about the other one.”

I took my time exploring both of her breasts. Erica’s quiet moans and instructions quickly taught me how to please her with my hands. Her moans got noticeably louder when I sucked her nipple into my mouth and let my tongue twirl around the firm pea. I experienced a primal pleasure as I sucked on her tit. 

“Oh my fucking God, that feels so good,” Erica whispered.  She searched for my hand and guided it between her legs.  Her hand was on top of mine as I felt her smooth pussy lips under my fingers.  Erica applied pressure to my middle finger and I felt it slip between the folds of her pussy lips.  She was wet and my finger easily slid between the warm folds.  More pressure on the tip of my finger and she guided it into her pussy. I got the idea and pushed my finger deeper into my sisters’ cunt.  Erica’s finger stayed on top of mine as she guided me deeper into the hot wetness of her vagina.  When my finger was all the way in she pressed my finger against her G-spot. “That’s my G-spot, make sure you give it lots of attention.” I fucked her cunt with my finger making sure that I rubbed the area with each stroke.  “Ohhh, yes, just like that.”  Satisfied that I knew what to do, she removed her finger and started rubbing her clit. Erica’s moans and pants got steadily louder as I sucked on her nipples and finger fucked her cunt.  Her finger started rubbing her clit furiously under my palm and her pussy muscles clenched my finger with increasing ferocity as her orgasm built. “Oh fuck…” She whispered, “Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuuuck, I’m cumming!” Erica’s legs captured my hand as a large spasm twisted her body against mine.

As her orgasm subsided she pushed me away, “Stop, I don’t think I can take anymore right now.”  I rolled onto my back and lay next to her.  She chuckled, “Who knew that my baby brother would be such a natural.  That was easily the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”  Erica then rolled over and gave me a long wet kiss and said, “Thank you.” 

She kissed me again pushing her tongue into my mouth.  Her tongue sliding against mine sent little shock waves directly to my rock hard cock and it twitched violently in response.  Erica didn’t let my urgent need go unfulfilled and I felt her hand cup my balls. My cock jumped as it got some desperately wanted attention. I moaned as she gently rolled my balls. She was in no rush as her fingers explored my length. My cock was covered in pre-cum which lubricated her fingers as she neared my crown. She slipped my foreskin over the head of my cock and played with it between her fingers before wrapping her hand around my shaft and very slowly started pumping up and down.  The slow pace allowed me to get used to the sensation of Erica’s hand as she slowly jerked me off. I moaned again as she spread my pre-cum all over my cock.

Erica broke the kiss and said, “You have so much pre-cum, I have to taste it.” I groaned as I felt Erica lick my cock all the way from the base to the tip.  “Hmmm,” Erica said, “I just love the taste of pre-cum.”  I groaned again as she licked more pre-cum off my cock, my cock twitching every time her tongue made contact.  Her hand held the base of my cock as she licked the head like a lollipop.  Her tongue circled my crown and teased my foreskin as she thoroughly licked up all my juices. Satisfied, she sucked the head into her mouth.  Her tongue caressed my crown as it slid to the back of her mouth.  She stopped taking me in when the tip of my cock was firmly pressed against the restriction of her throat.

“Ohh, Erica, that feels so good,” I murmured as she bobbed her head up and down.  She sucked on my cock as it slid out of her mouth until only the tip was still between her lips and then hungrily sucked it back in until it hit the back of her throat again.  The sensation was overwhelming and I knew that I was not going to last long and I could already feel my balls tightening as I got close to my orgasm.  Erica bobbed up and down again but this time when I reached the back of her throat she continued applying pressure until my cock slid into her throat.  She held me in her throat for a moment and I could feel her gag reflex massaging my cock as it tried to force the invader out.  After a few moments she controlled her reflex and continued sliding my cock down her tight throat. The sensation was too much for me and I felt cum racing from my balls. “Ahhh, Erica, I’m going to cum,” I said in warning. Erica did not retreat, instead, she kept on forcing more of my cock down her throat until her lips met the base of my cock.  I held her head and groaned deeply as the first load of cum shot into her throat.  Erica retreated and caught the final few spurts of cum in her mouth before swallowing.

We lay on our backs catching our breath. “That was amazing,” I said

“It was,” Erica agreed, “I’ve really missed sucking cock.  I just love everything about it.”

“I think you’ve spoiled me, I can’t imagine anybody else being able to do what you’ve just done,” I said.

“No they won’t,” Erica said with confidence, “So you’d better make sure you stay in my good books then.”

We both laughed and lay in silence for a moment holding hands. “Speaking of your good books,” I said, “are you ready for some more?  I’d really like to taste you and return the favor.”

“I’d love that,” Erica said eagerly. “Close your eyes, I’m going to turn the light on.”

Once my eyes had adjusted I noticed that the bedroom door was slightly ajar.   I was puzzled for a second as I was fairly certain that Erica had closed the door when she came in. I considered getting up to close the door but it was late and I knew that both Mom and Angela would be asleep, so I ignored it and moved between Erica’s legs.

Erica opened her legs for me as I moved in close. I admired her completely smooth shaven pussy for a few moments. It seemed so small, only a couple of inches from top to bottom.  In her aroused state the outer lips had opened completely revealing her glistening inner lips and clit. The clit was swollen and protruded from beneath its small hood.

Eager to taste her pussy I licked the length of her slit. Once again I found her flavor intoxicating, slightly tangy and pleasant. I licked again and Erica moaned quietly when my tongue slid over her clit.  I focused on her clit, licking and playing with the hard little nub.  Erica’s moans became more urgent as I figured out exactly what she liked.  After a few minutes I could tell that she was getting close, so I inserted a finger into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot. 

Erica held my head against her cunt. “Uggghhhh…  I’m so close… Mmmmm…  That’s it…”   Her pussy started rapidly squeezing my finger. “I’mmm cuuuumiiiing.”

Erica pushed my head away from her clit as her orgasm ripped through her body.  My finger was still deep in her pussy, but I stopped moving it, and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy muscles clenching against my finger as each spasm rocked her body.

When she finally relaxed I climbed on top of her and kissed her deeply, twisting our tongues together as we passionately made out.  My hips were between her spread legs, and I felt my cock nuzzling against her pussy.  I pushed forward instinctively, as I sucked on Erica’s tongue.  The angle was just right and the head of my cock slid into her hot tunnel.  I pushed again and our combined lubricating juices easily allowed me to slide in another few inches.  I couldn’t believe it, my cock was actually inside my sister.

Erica broke the kiss and put her hands on my hips, “Wait, stop!” She said quickly. “We can’t do this.”

I stopped pushing forward and said, “Why?”

“I’m not on the pill, and I definitely don’t want to get pregnant,” Erica explained.

“Oh,” I said, “But I thought you and Andrew…”

“No, he always used a condom. Do you have one?” Erica asked hopefully.

“No, but I won’t cum inside you,” I promised.

I saw the disappointment flash across her face. “It’s too risky, you might not pull out in time.”  Erica’s body contradicted her words.  She spread her legs a little wider and her hands that were stopping my hips from sliding forward moved onto my ass cheeks. “Are you close to cumming?”

“No,” I answered honestly.

“Good,” Erica said, “I want to feel you inside me before we stop.”  She moved her hands to my ass and guided me forward.  “Slowly, don’t pull out, just go all the way in.”

I pushed forward in a long slow stroke, and felt my dick sliding deeper into her pussy.  The feeling of her vaginal walls clinging to my cock, as I slid deeper into her, was exhilarating.  The sensation was overwhelming, and I realized that I was close to cumming. Finally, I felt my pelvis grind against hers.

Erica held my ass firmly in her hands. “Just stay like that,” she said. “I want to feel you inside me for a little while.”

I was happy to stop moving so that I could concentrate on delaying my orgasm. After a few moments I felt the tension leaving my balls, and I could enjoy the feeling of being inside a pussy for the first time.

“How are you doing?” Erica asked. “Are you close to cumming?”

“Not at the moment, keeping still like this has helped,” I said.  “You feel so good though and I don’t think I could handle too much more stimulation, but if it starts to get

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