In the fifth part ‘The Girl Across The Street Is Taught A Lesson,’ Mr. Powers, Lori and Susie were surprised when Monica and Cat showed up.

I was straddled across Lori’s slender waistline, holding my flaccid cock. Susie was about to lick my jizz from Lori’s voluptuous tit when the three of us heard, “There’s enough for two more, care if we join you?”

We looked and saw Monica standing at the door butt naked with Cat. Before we responded, they had thrown themselves on the bed and quickly scooped up the jizz with their fingers. Lori reached up, eagerly clutched her daughter’s gentle hand and swirled her tongue around those fingers. Susie had already licked Cat’s fingers clean and was now in a deep, passionate kiss with her daughter.

Monica bent down and passionately kissed her mom. I watched their skillful hands eagerly explore one another’s body. I had gently slipped from Lori’s slender waist and was now kneeling between both mothers and their daughters. I reached for the cock ring and slipped it on as Cat pushed slowly against her mother while they passionately kissed, until she lay on her back. 

Monica gently took her hand and gathered more jizz before sitting up. She reached out to Cat who was now kneeling and gently rubbed her semen-covered hand over her friends’ generous breasts. She did the same to her magnificent breasts, then leaned down and gently pressed her nipple against her mother’s luscious lips.

Cat willingly offered her mother a swollen nipple to be licked and sucked. She eagerly drew the nub between her sultry lips. Faint murmurs permeated the room and their feminine fragrance spread in the air. When Lori’s ample breasts were licked clean, the daughters straddled their mother’s face and bent forward. I watched the girls as they licked and sucked their mom’s swollen pink folds before turning their tongues around the clits in front of them. 

After a few minutes and while staying on my knees, I turned around to witness the mothers orally enjoying their daughters. I moved behind Monica, grabbed my cock and ran the circumcised tip along her slit. With each stroke, I placed the tip on Lori’s luscious lips and she’d eagerly give it a quick suck. The bedroom filled with heavy breathing and faint murmurs had become loud moans as the four girls licked each other’s wet slits.

Monica started pushing against me, trying to get my cock in her pussy. Her mother’s talented tongue had her climaxing as she gasped, “F-f-fuck m-me, A-A-Allen.”

“You know I’m going to, but Cat needs some attention.” 

I went behind Cat and gently placed the tip of my cock on Susie’s luscious lips. Her mouth and chin were bathed in her daughter’s delicious pussy juice. She eagerly swirled her tongue around the bulbous head before engulfing it between her full lips. Reaching out, I grabbed Cat’s slender waist and promptly pulled my cock from her mother’s sensual mouth. With a single thrust, I shoved my cock balls deep in Cat’s tight pussy. She groaned against Susie’s mound as her mother flicked her tongue over my semen-ladened balls.  While I was banging Cat’s pussy, Lori was in the throes of a full-blown orgasm that had her trembling.

“Suck my clit, Monica!” Lori cried out as she firmly clutched her daughter’s firm butt cheeks.

As Lori climaxed, Susie swirled her skillful tongue around her daughter’s clit while I pounded her pussy. The familiar smell of sexual arousal permeated the bedroom as Cat’s pussy tightened around my throbbing cock. 

“Oh, Mom, Allen, I’m gonna cum!” Cat cried out, as her body went through not two or three, but four strong spasms. 

Exhausted, she collapsed on her mother and my cock popped from her dripping pussy. I went back to Monica and when I shoved my cock balls deep in her wet pussy, she let out a loud yelp. I pounded her sweet peach while Lori gently licked and sucked her daughter’s clit. She pushed back, meeting my thrusts while my capable hands firmly held her slender hips. 

My cum-heavy balls were going to explode when Monica moaned, “I’m cumming, Mom, Allen!”

She tensed as her orgasm reached its crescendo, then suddenly relaxed. Three strong spasms followed after which, I slipped my cock from the warmth of her pussy. Susie and Cat had come over and knelt on either side of Monica. I reached down with one hand and began carefully sliding off the cock ring. With my other hand, I grasped the base of the shaft and squeezed. With the ring off, I loosened my grip and released a load which splattered against Monica’s pussy.

Lori raised her head and licked the combined juices as I released four loads onto Monica’s back. Susie scooped up some cum with two fingers and rubbed the sticky digits over the circumcised head. She joined her daughter and licked the spunk off Monica’s back. I moved around, placed my cock head on Monica’s waiting tongue. I watched as she swirled her tongue over the head and under the ridge. Mother and daughter each shared a mouthful of spunk with Lori who was still under Monica.

When everyone’s sexual hunger was satisfied, The three of us collapsed on the bed and quickly drifted off. When we awoke, it was late afternoon and Monica was next to her mother. I was lying opposite of Monica, Cat was next to me and her mother was next to her.

“Let’s clean up and go out for a bite to eat, girls.” 

After getting cleaned up and dressed, we headed over to the Schooner Bar and Grill. Once seated and drinks ordered (pop for the teenagers), the conversation turned to the best way to make everyone happy and not to wear me out. It was further agreed upon that there would be a set time from mid-afternoon to no later than midnight. I told them to come to my house.


The Schedule

Mondays – Monica & Cat

Tuesdays – Open

Wednesdays – Lori & Susie

Thursdays – Open

Fridays – Susie & Cat

One weekend a month – All of us up at my cabin.


“What about when Monica and I go off to college in the Fall?” Cat asked with concern.

I saw the waitress coming toward us and let the girls know. The conversation changed to what everyone was going to order. After taking our orders the discussion resumed.

“Well, I think your mother would agree with what I’m going to say. Holiday vacations, you two will spend more time with Allen. Before the vacation ends, all of us will be together for at least a day and night.” Susie said, looking at everyone.

We all agreed and then Lori added, “When they’re at school, you’ll be seeing us on the three days already scheduled. What do say Allen, Susie?” 

I looked at Susie and we simultaneously said yes just as our food arrived. After a delicious meal of grilled salmon and garden salad, we indulged in chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. I paid the tab, left a generous tip and the five of us walked out to the car. Arriving back at the cabin, clothes were tossed in every direction on the way to the hot tub.

Once in the hot tub, Lori suggested that

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