POV: Britney

“Oh, Mom, I didn’t you’d get home so soon,” I said, getting off my dad and on the floor with my mom while covering my tits and pussy. “Please don’t be mad; dad just had a crush on me, that’s all.”

“So, you had sex with him, Britney? That’s incest and wrong, not to mention you helped him cheat on me,” Joan whined, before peeking at my dad. “And you, Eric, what the hell? You had sex with our daughter? Do you realize how messed up this is? This isn’t like you saw her naked in the shower by mistake; you had sex with her. What the hell is going on here? I just leave for a few hours to spend time with my friends to find out you two are shacking up here?”

“Yes, Mom, but don’t be mad; I pushed him because he did see me in the shower. He thought I was you, but he got to see me, and I could tell he liked me,” I explained, before a pause where Joan just kept her pissed off look. “You know what, so fucking what, I pushed him, and we screwed,” I confessed, dropping her hands. “It’s not like I’m just some random girl he picked up; I’m your daughter. Maybe we shouldn’t have, but you don’t get to just look at us like that as if we’re committing murder. You could show a little support right now, you know? I mean, he might be your husband, but he’s my dad. Cheating might be wrong, but still, we already loved each other.”

“So, is your little speech there supposed to make this okay then, Britney? Did you two at least use protection?”

“No, but he pulled out, Mom. It’s wrong to cheat, but all things considered, it’s a shame that you’re not more supportive here. We took our relationship to new heights, and he couldn’t possibly love me more now. He admitted it several times, now get up here with me, Dad,” I implored him before he reluctantly did.

I immediately wrapped her arms around him, and he had to do the same. I didn’t know what to do or say, but we were caught. She caught us off guard, and we were on a high before she did, but then reality sunk in all of a sudden.

We stayed together as she kept shooting us daggers, and there seemed to be nothing we could offer her. She kept her arms crossed, and we maintained our positions for over five minutes.

Then I let go of him. “Fine, Mom, what do you want from us? Are you just gonna be pissed off forever?”

“What do you think you did, Britney, came in past curfew, broke a window, or what exactly? You had sex with your dad, you know, my husband? Does that not mean anything to you? Never mind the incest, what if I fucked a boyfriend of yours? You wouldn’t like that, would you? No, you’d be rather upset, right? You wouldn’t like the fact that his cock had gotten inside me. You’d be rather enraged, right?”

“I guess, Mom, I’m sorry,” I sobbed, hugging her.

She failed to return the favor and just held tight for the time being. I cried too, but she didn’t speak a word, though.

“Fuck, Joan, we’re sorry, and she’s pouring her heart out now. Maybe she didn’t say the nicest things right away, but still, incest crushes aren’t anything too nuts over. We had sex and grew closer as father and daughter. Incest sex is something special, babe,” he explained, before strolling to him. “It shouldn’t even be cheating; she’s our daughter. You can’t cheat inside the family.”

“So, what, it’d be okay if I got with our daughter then?”

I shrugged my shoulders and backed away a tad before she came to me. “Okay, if you want to make things right, why don’t you have sex with me, Britney?”

“What, no, Mom, I’m not doing it with you.”

“Why not? You only love your dad enough to have sex with him? I’m not good enough?”

“Mom, I’m not gay; I don’t like ladies. What, are you saying that you do?”

“Maybe,” she replied, stepping towards me. “You are beautiful, Britney, there’s no denying that, but it’s still not okay for you to get involved with your dad,” she made clear, before feeling my tits.

“You could’ve asked permission, Mom,” I groaned, breaking eye contact.

“You didn’t ask for mine, you brat.”

I bit down on my bottom lip.

“May I have a kiss, dear daughter?”

“And you’ll forgive dad and me?”

“Maybe if he leaves and let me have you alone, I might forgive you two,” she mentioned, grasping my breasts. “Now that I can see you naked, Britney, I am quite taken with you. Your dad bragged about incest, too, so maybe we can make some mother/daughter magic, don’t you think? I know you don’t like girls, but if you overlook that, I’ll overlook something bad you did. Don’t you think I’m dazzling, or do you need to see me?”

“No, Mom,” I objected, backing away. “I’m not having sex with you; it’s wrong, and nothing I’d be able to do right.”

“So, what, I get nothing while you two get to have the memory of having sex forever? Am I just supposed to ignore that I have this weird incestuous connection now? You two got to fuck and discover this whole new love while mom is just left out here? Just ‘Oh, well, sorry, Mom, but please don’t be mad,’ really? I can’t get something I want, even though you both got something you wanted? Maybe I’d like to get closer to my daughter too, did either of you think of that? You two know what it’s like to be that close; I don’t. Shouldn’t you extend me that same courtesy, Britney? Do you not love me that much?”

I didn’t know what to say, but her speech seemed heartfelt, to say the least. I didn’t peek back at my dad because I was sure he was just as clueless as I was.

Although, then she stepped towards me. “Get out, Eric, or call a fucking divorce lawyer.”

“No, I’m not leaving her, you nut.”

“What the fuck did you just say?!” she roared, coming towards him. “You cheat on me with our daughter, and you call me that?”

I didn’t look at them, but a few seconds later, I heard the door close.

Then she came back to me. “So, what’s it gonna be?” she asked before she took off her tank top. “Are you gonna do the same for your mom as you did for your dad, or are you just gonna let me, bleeding heart, die on the floor?” she pondered, before undoing her bra too. “I want you to feel me too, and make me just as happy as you made him. Only, you’ll do more for me because I know you don’t like pussy, and boobs,” she added, before setting my palms on her jugs. “Just so you know, I’m probably am gonna divorce your dad if this doesn’t happen,” she made clear, covering my hands with hers.

“That’s blackmail, Mom.”

“You had sex with my husband. He might be your dad, but he’s my husband. If he gets to cheat on me with you, then I want the same thing,” she explained, before undoing her skirt too. “I want to feel your naked body on mine, Britney. Even if neither of us is pussy fans, I want it,” she added, before pushing down her thong too. “Now that you can see my fully nude figure, what do you say? Yes or no, Britney? You have to have sex with your mom you claim to love, or you can go live with your dad wherever he moves.”

I didn’t get turned on by her, but I humored her and checked out her figure for a moment.

“You could at least tell me I’m still sexy for my age, you know?”

“Fine, you’re pretty, Mom,” I complimented her, looking at her face.

“Thank you; now I’ll leave it to you,” she mentioned, lying down on the bed on her side. “You’re an adult so that you can make your own decisions. Learn to love your mom so much more, or go help your dad look for an apartment.”

“Fine, Mom,” I moaned, before getting on the bed with her.

She leaned to me and grabbed my arm before kissing me. I wouldn’t say I liked it, but I allowed it to happen. I tensed up my body a bit, and she pushed herself onto me a little bit. I didn’t even close my eyes; I just let her go on for as long as she needed.

Although, after a minute, she yanked her lips away. “You know what, forget it,” she said, arching her back. “You’re not in this with me, so forget it. Just leave if you’re not gonna take this seriously, Britney. I want to be with my daughter, and if you can’t be here with me, then fine, I won’t put you through it.”

“You’ll rip our family apart, though?”

“Again, how would you feel if I had sex with one of your boyfriends? If you don’t want to do this for me, then you can move in with your dad, and you can fuck him whenever you want. He wanted you, so you gave yourself to him, now I want you to give yourself to me too. So, the ball is your court; make yourself love me to do it for me, or go to your dad and help him move. You two are not just getting away with this horseshit.”

“What the fuck ever, Mom, come here,” I whined, tugging her back to me. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“Oh, did I need to tell you not to have sex with your dad for you to understand?”

“No, now lie down.”

She calmly did that, and I came down with her after a few seconds. She got to feel our nude bodies together, and of course, the biggest feel was our breasts coming together. Then I grabbed her arms and pushed my lips onto hers.

“Yes, that’s how you make out with your mommy, Britney,” she muttered, feeling my butt.

I sighed, but kept it sexy for her. I still didn’t like her like that, but I rolled up my sleeves and got intimate with my mom when push came to shove. I couldn’t say why, but she wanted to do it with me, so I made it happen after pushing me.

She caressed my butt cheeks and kissed me like she was in love with me. I knew it wasn’t like that, but of course, she was at least going down the road. She proved that she was more than into it with her actions, so I had to validate it.

 After giving her three minutes, I gently parted my lips from hers. “Mom, this is still bitchy.”

“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love me, Britney, now keep going for your mommy.”

I kissed her again before shooting her a dirty look. Then I slowly went down to her boobs. I grabbed onto both of them gently and let my tongue out to her left nipple.

“Oh, there we go, you naughty young lady. Lick your mom’s nipple, and make her feel good,” she moaned, moving her hands up to my back.

She massaged my back and neck a bit as we kept eye contact as I calmly licked her nipple, going from bottom to top. I didn’t have any experience, but I figured I’d pick up a few things on the way. She eyeballed me the whole time too, but we both didn’t speak for a while.

I saw her slathering her lips, so I knew she was turned on. Needless to say, she managed to woo me by being wooed herself. I tensed up my figure again because of that, so she essentially pissed me off by making me like the sex.

“You need to lick both of your mom’s nipples, young lady.”

“Shut up, Mom,” I griped, before switching.

“Oh, I love you, Britney. I’d say I forgive you now, but I wouldn’t want you bailing on me now.”

“I won’t ditch you, Mom; you’re a bitch for blackmailing me, but still, I love you too.”

“Kiss me again.”

I calmly leaned to her yet again and kissed her.

“If you want to have sex with him again, you can at least tell me.”

“You have your fit, but you’re okay with it if I ask permission?”

“Yes, now get back down to my tits.”

I stayed in place for a few more seconds, but then I went back to her melons. I grabbed onto both of them hard and began licking her nipple again. I kept my eyes on hers, and she rubbed my head again too.

“I’m sure your dad would love to see this, but he already got his chance with you without an audience; I should be able to get the same reward, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Mom.”

I stayed with her melons for over five minutes, and we locked eyes. I had her tingling a bit, but she didn’t take her eyes off mine, even for a second. I found her weak spot, and she did the same for me. So, we had some good mother/daughter time.

I felt my cherry leaking out quite a bit, too, so she did, in fact, have all of her bases covered. She put the blackmail bait out there and reeled me into the lesbian incest world. She moved the pole slowly, but indeed got me out of the water in due time.

I didn’t love the taste of her nipples, but seeing her love the gratification so much made me love the flavor even more. So, I kept going on her and moved quite a bit myself. I had to close my eyes and refocus on making her feel good by then.

‘Damn it; you’re making me really like it now, wench,’ I thought, angling my head forward too.

“Oh, yes, don’t be shy, young lady, just let your freak flag fly with me. Lick and suck those delicate pieces of flesh on my jugs and make me moan too. If you’re gonna do something, you gotta do it right.”

I didn’t add to that, but I knew she was right. I kept going on her because she was my mom; sure enough, if she were anyone else, I wouldn’t be licking and sucking on her delicate nipples. I began enjoying it more and more with time, but I tried to hide that fact.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be able to forever, but I tried my best for the time being. I had to look at my mom for a few seconds, but she was looking back at me. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes told a lot. So, I closed my eyes and kept going.

Although, as I did, she calmly pulled me back up to her and kissed me. “Did you at least enjoy the sex?”

“Yes, Mom.”

She didn’t add to that, but kissed me again and lowered herself towards my boobs.

“Well, you have nipple licking experience, Mom,” I moaned, grabbing her arms.

“I know, what, did you think you’d be doing all the work here?” she asked, between licks.

“I don’t know, Mom,” I moaned, sitting down on her lap. “I’m sorry, I know there’s no excuse for helping him cheat.”

“Don’t worry, I still love you two, but don’t pull that shit again,” she warned me, grabbing onto both of my tits. “You might be ravishing, and I might be jealous that he found someone else to fuck, but that doesn’t make my feelings or what you did okay. I still love you dearly, so feel free to douse my lap with your juice,” she explained, before licking my nipples again.

We watched each other again, but it was her mouth and tongue that was busy. I wrapped my arms around her the best I could and certainly glued my eyes to hers as she performed her action on my smaller nipples.

She stayed on my left one and had her tongue moving very slowly. It went in all directions, and she even massaged my boobs a bit in the process. So, she proved to mean business when it came to fucking me for revenge.

I bit down on my bottom lip and surely moved around a bit too. My mom had no issue following me, and she didn’t need to be told to spread the oral love between both my melons. She fucked me good, but of course, I had the incest love working for her too.

I clearly saw her liking the giving, and I couldn’t hide the fact that I enjoyed feeling her fuck my rack too. She didn’t stop to rub it in, but it was clear as day, of course. I brought my hands up to her head and pressured it quite a bit.

“Oh, yes, Mommy, you’re a horny bitch too, aren’t you?”

Oddly enough, she nodded and failed to stop pleasing me. Then she transported her hands down to my butt and fondled it for me too. So, we undoubtedly connected as mother and daughter, just as I did with my dad.

I had my pussy dispensing out my juice onto her lap just as she told me I could. Once again, she failed to comment on that and kept going on me. I felt her hands going like snails on my butt, but that only made it feel better.

Without speaking, she rose to me again and kissed me. I was about to talk, but she shook her head no and shot me an upset look. It was unclear what she meant, but then she opened her mouth widely and went to my right hooter.

From one second to the next, I felt my entire nipple enter her mouth. I immediately had to moan and slant my head back too, but she didn’t stop again. I clutched her head a bit and even pulled her hair, but that didn’t distract her.

Needless to say, I submerged her stomach, pussy, and thighs because of the thrills. I held it together as much as I could and felt even stronger thrills going throughout my body. She switched nipples and sucked on my other one quite hard too.

“Oh, Mom, that feels good,” I moaned, moving back and forth. “Oh, you’re a good mom, I promise.”

I saw her smile, but she sucked even harder. So, not only did I need to move back and forth, but I vibrated in the process. Oddly enough, this was all new territory to me again, but it felt so much better with her than with my dad.

By then, she grabbed onto my butt cheeks hard, and she closed her eyes too. I made sure no matter what to keep my eyes on hers, but then I moved my head back. I let her work her magic on me, and I just waited until I couldn’t take it anymore while still fighting the pleasure.

I nearly felt like an inflatable sales guy at the used car lots. With her being my mom, she hit me perfectly and made every single part of my body move somewhat. Obviously, other parts moved more than others, but she had me in the palm of her hand.

“Yes, spank me too, Mom, I’ve been bad,” I moaned, looking back at her again. “I had sex with dad, so I need to be punished, don’t I?”

She came back up to me again. “Oh, you like your mommy like this now, don’t you, Britney?”

“Yes, Mom, you make me feel excellent.”

She kissed me again and rose as much as she could. “Then lean back down my moneymakers and suck those nipples for me.”

Before I did that, I went in for another kiss. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, but you do need to be punished,” she made clear, prior to pushing my head down and spanking me. “Don’t worry, I won’t leave your butt too red,” she alerted me, before swatting me again. “Now suck on it as hard as you can. I can take it, Britney.”

I did indeed take her entire left nipple into my mouth, and as I put both hands on it too. I held it tight for her, but I didn’t suck as hard as possible right away. I indeed wanted to get a real feel for it first, before I sucked on it too hard.

That still didn’t stop her from feeling my head with both hands and locking eye contact too. “There’s no need to be ashamed; I’m just your mom. You two were right, incest love can be quite enriching, so really, you should feel lucky, considering you get to experience it with both your mom and dad.”

I didn’t respond to that and let her have it. I wasn’t sure if I agreed, but clutched her tit a bit harder and made her have to break eye contact. I had to relish that and smile the most I could. Seeing her react just the way I did before was more than refreshing, and I went with it.

I sucked on her nipple hard, but let my tongue lick it as well. She grabbed my shoulders for leverage, took the pleasure the best she could. She was right, it was awesome, even though I was into girls, but of course, she was my mom.

I didn’t even bother fighting it by then; I latched onto her just as she did for me. I closed my eyes tightly and focused as hard as possible to please her the most I could. We looked into each other’s eyes again, but didn’t chat at all.

Her eyes certainly rubbed it in as I knew that’s what she was thinking most definitely. After a few minutes, I moved my hands down to her butt as well and fondled it. That certainly got her to smile even more.

“Oh, so you do learn, that’s a plus, Britney.”

I nodded and switched nipples. 

“You see, you can still have fun with your mommy, even if you don’t like girls. You just gotta love your mommy, and you love me, right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Don’t be snarky; you’re getting off light if you ask me, but I’m not gonna argue with you right now. We’re having some great mother/daughter time now, and I’m not about to compromise that. Just suck mommy’s nipples for her and make me cum all over your stomach too. I hope I’m not too old for you, but your dad wasn’t, so I should fit the bill too, right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

We didn’t speak again for a few minutes, and we soaked up each other’s lust and love quite perfectly. There was still a little awkwardness between us, but it disappeared and made us appreciate each other a bit better.

She surely did, wrapping her arms around me and holding me tight. With my hand down on her butt, she had nothing in her way and got me perfectly. As she did it like that, we maintained eye contact again.

“I love you, Britney. Maybe we can make this day a low and high point in our relationship. Let them balance each other out, but don’t even have sex with my husband without my permission; that’s all I ask.”

I didn’t respond, except for shooting her a lustier look. I kept her nipple in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could then. I even got my cheeks to go inward, and I got a small headache from it too, but considering the results of having her dance around, too, I didn’t mind.

“Oh, fuck yes, dear daughter, just like that. Show your mommy the love, even if you don’t like ladies. Suck that nipple hard, and make me cry because it feels so good.”

I nodded and held her tits as hard as I could again. I wanted to go in for the kill, so to speak. I closed my eyes as hard as possible and even made her bring her arms up too. I couldn’t see her, but I knew she based on how she was moving.

I was certain she covered her face with both hands and tried to deal with the pleasure the best she could that way. She put herself in a vulnerable position and let me at least get the real chance to make her feel good.

I did my best to do just that, and she certainly inspired me to do something else for her. I pushed her down to her back, but heard her laugh and saw her smile too. I took another full look at her marvelous figure before I felt her twat as I stayed on my knees.

Neither of us spoke a word for a moment, but eyefucked each other. My mom grabbed her tits and shot me the lustiest smile possible. Needless to say, she played both ‘Mom’ and ‘sexy’ cards. I pretty already committed to doing everything that would possibly go through my mind with her, so I leaned down to her pussy with my tongue out too.

“Oh, you do love your mommy, Britney,” she moaned, propping herself on one elbow and feeling my head with her other hand. “Eat your mommy out, you sexy young thing,” she let out, rubbing my head.

Again, I had no experience, but she was my determination to make her love the sex more than life itself. I placed a hand on each side of her cherry and began licking her snatch all over that wasn’t covered.

“Oh, yes, I like the way you think, Britney. I guess this puts your actions in better context, at least: you’re one gutsy bitch. Now you’re licking your mom’s beaver even though not too long ago you were protesting getting with me? Wow, I must have made some impression on you.”

“You could say that, Mom, so keep your legs spread, and lips zipped, floozy.”

“I do love you, Britney,” she giggled.

I closed my eyes and just let my heart lead me. I was sure my mom kept her eyes on me, but I focused on myself the best I could and fucked her as well as I could. I got a good taste of her juice and surely enjoyed it the most I could too.

It was a new taste to me, and I didn’t love it from the first second, but just like the actual action, I began liking it solely because she was my mom. I only licked her on the outside then, but I indeed planned to get on and off those training wheels.

Judging from her moans and twitches, I was doing something right. I felt her vibrating too, so I kept going on her with some extra slow licks, and I made sure not to push her too far too fast. I never saw lesbian pussy-eating before, but considering I had a cherry, I knew something.

After a few minutes, I felt her lie down, and she set her other hand on my head. She didn’t utter anything, but I was sure she wanted to though. She followed my order well and didn’t speak. Nevertheless, I was confident her mouth was wide open.

I moved my head around as well to ensure I got the full coverage that I could. Although, I even moved my hands over to her thighs. I held her down the best I could, but also made it more difficult as my tongue took a nonstop tour of her snatch.

“I’m glad mommy’s bush isn’t slowing you down, Britney.”

I didn’t respond, but she was right; it did not. I clutched her thighs as she couldn’t seem to stop jerking around. Although, I suddenly decided to lean over to climb up to her kiss her. I kept one hand on her pussy as I did, and she set both hands on my neck.

After that kiss, I went back to her twat again and stuck a couple of fingers up in there. I let them go in deep right away, and then I began licking her lips again as we eyeballed each other. She still managed to arch her back a bit again and feel my head too.

We certainly became more than mother and daughter by then and let our relationship soar. I let my fingers thrust then and got out more of her juice in the process. I allowed my tongue in there, too, as my fingers kept her cherry open too.

Her juice got onto my eyelids, so I kept them closed. All the while, I felt myself getting better and better at getting her off indeed. I blindly felt her bush with my other hand too, so I thrilled myself like that also, painting the picture of what I was feeling and her loving it.

I pulled her bush a little bit, too, to really push her a little bit more. That made her push my head somewhat more, and I had to let my tongue in there even deeper. I dealt with it all the best I could, but did what I thought was best for her.

After a minute, I let my tongue back out and began licking her lips outside, but still, let go in slightly from time to time. I let my hands come onto her legs and thighs too, so I could massage them on and off.

I wanted to keep her guessing what I’d do, so I didn’t move in just one direction with my hands, tongue, or lips. I allowed all of them to move as the mood struck, so to speak. Again, I didn’t have any experience, but knowledge as being a sexual woman and her being my mom, I let my heart off its leash.

So, my head decided to make all the decisions because my heart gave it the green light. After five wonderful minutes, my entire face was covered in her cum, and I just wanted more. So, I actually even began rubbing my entire face all over it.

“Oh. I pulled out your feisty side, didn’t I, Britney?”

“Yes, Mom.”

She calmly pulled me up with her as she stayed up and kissed me. She also reached down to my cherry with one hand grabbed my neck with the other. Then I felt her lick all off all the juice from my face.

“Oh, that tickles, Mom, and your fingers are soft down there too.”

“I know. Your mom can make you feel good, too, remember?”


After a minute, her tongue came off my face. I brought my hands to her cherry. “Now finger fuck me as I do it for you,” I moaned, before pushing my tits on hers.

We stayed up close and let out boobs stay together too. We also made sure to kiss each other from time to time, so we invested our sexy love so much that there was no going back. Both of us moved our fingers all over one another’s slits and made each other jolt.

Both of us made more juice plummet out and push our jugs against one another too. We both felt each other’s bushes, and that only made us both hotter than hell for each other. We both saw the loving effects on each other’s faces, but she still wanted more too.

She grabbed my ribcage and brought me up to my feet. I looked down at her and already felt the difficulty of staying up there, but she brought both hands to my snatch and felt it for a moment. She moved her entire palm on my pussy for a moment as we locked eyes again.

Soon after that, she leaned down to it and lowered her hand. She came equipped just with her tongue and gave it a nice lick to start with then. I immediately rattled a bit, so I grabbed onto the window frame for leverage.

Then she began licking me slowly again, all the while she looked at me like a lover, rather than a daughter. Even with me holding onto the wood on the wall, my feet rumbled, and I found it extra hard to stay upright.

“Oh, fuck it,” she whined, yanking me down with her. “If I’m gonna eat you out, then lie down,” she ordered me, before shoving me down. I’m a good mom, woman,” she made clear, before coming up to me and kissing me. “Just because I called out your bullshit doesn’t make me a bad mom.”

“I never said you were a bad mom, Mom.”

“Good, would it make me bad if I wanted to have sex with you again in the future?”

“No, but maybe weird.”

“Tell me you love me, Britney.”

“I love you, Mom.”

She kissed me again before calmly going down to my cherry also. She got on her stomach and calmly went to my snatch again. She massaged my twat again and slowly leaned to it again. Then I jerked my back as I felt her tongue come onto it. I kept my hands at my sides for the time being, and let her go down on me to the best of her abilities.

“Judging by your skills, I think you’ve done this before.”

“No, never, but I’ll do it for my hot daughter,” she added, taking a break.

I desired to look at her, but I couldn’t save my life. I felt her tongue move even faster on my cherry then what I did for her, and she indeed had me under her spell in less than a minute. She pressed her lips onto my pussy lips down there, too, so she fucked me royally.

After only a couple of minutes, I shook so much that I nearly thought I was having a seizure. I felt my mom pressure my lips down there firmly with both her fingers, tongue, and lips. I felt more than turned on by then and wanted nothing more than get my brains fuck out by my hot mom.

She wrapped her arms around my legs. “I thought I taught you to control yourself.”

“Sorry, Mommy.”

“I love you anyway, now calm down,” she ordered me, before going down on me again.

I leaned my head back again and closed my eyes tightly. I tried to console myself the best I could, but I was dealing with fire. She proved to know something because I felt her eat me out in a way I never thought possible, both with her tongue and lips simultaneously.

Even with her arms around my legs, I still managed to kick the bed with my heels endlessly. I already felt her poking at my clit, too, so she was on track to get me to be down with fucking her whenever the hell she wanted.

Feeling her tongue slip into my slit and she licked my pussy walls in there slowly. Needless to say, she found the mix of sexiness and intimacy for me to make me at least slant my head up to her. I watched her fuck me, and she looked right back at me.

She continued to move her head up and down as well, so it was great to experience the thrills while I managed to fight it not to go nuts. We looked into one another’s eyes and gave each other the lustiest looks possible.

“Oh, hell, yes, Mommy. Lick your daughter’s cherry just like that, you horny MILF.”

I lied there and just took the pleasure from the only mom I ever had and even though I wasn’t a lesbian. I surely didn’t know what I was doing when I fucked her, but it seemed that I knew at least a few things. Her tongue went slow then, but it still felt more than passionate.

I did my best to keep my eyes on her, but of course, she fucked me mentally like mad. I kept my head back most of the time, but surely looked at her because she did prove to be one horny, but a great mom. I massaged her head a bit too to make it clear I loved the pleasure.

The mother/daughter incest spoke for everything and certainly made us both appreciate each other so much more too. She failed to let her tongue dive in there too deep, but surely went in the shallow end several times, too.

Added to the fact that she knew how to let her tongue flying around in there as well, she had all of her bases covered most definitely. She kept her arms wrapped around my legs, too, even though I did manage to control myself a little bit, at least.

She wanted to be prepared for anything. Although, she did bring her palms to my stomach, she caressed it a bit as she kept her tongue moving. She certainly didn’t keep her head moving around nonstop, but she still kept me guessing what she’d do next.    

Truth be told, I didn’t care; I only cared that I had my flesh and blood mom between my legs. She was right; I not only liked it, but loved it. We both knew she had the incest theme to lean on, but it seems like she did because she proved that she knew something.

I never had any idea of that, but for what it was worth, she had my heart growing for her, even after her shit fit. I surely didn’t realize it would happen when I walked into the shower, but it did, that’s that.

I moved my crotch back and forth somewhat, but she had no issue following me and screwing my brains out. She still had her arms wrapped around my legs, but didn’t hold them too hard. In fact, after another minute, she let go of them.

She climbed up to the top of me again and kissed me. “I hope I scare you off because I’m sure your dad and I would love to have you back in our bedroom again, only with both of us in here.”

“I’d love that, Mom.”

“Good, do you want your dad to join us?”

“I’d love that right now.”

“Well, too bad for right now,” she broke the news before kissing me. “I have one more thing I want to do with you,” she added, before getting off me. “Your dad would never let me do it with him, but considering these circumstances,” she said, digging in the closet. “I’m sure I could do it with you,” she mentioned, turning to me.

“Is that a strap-on, Mom?”

“Yes, who knew your dad wouldn’t like a dildo in his asshole?”

“I knew,” we heard my dad answer through the door.

“Well, because of that, you don’t get to see me use on our pretty daughter, Eric. So, you better think about that the next time I bring it up, got it?”

“Yes, but come on, can’t I come in there?”

“No, you one on one time without anyone watching, and I’m gonna get the same. Now, go to the living room and watch TV for the time being. I don’t know how long we’ll be, but we’ll come out for air at some point,” she explained, putting it on. “Although, you’re already on thin ice because of the shit you pulled, so if we hear another word from you, you’re really gonna up shit creek, understand.”

He stayed silent for a few seconds as she came to me. “Do you still love me, Joan?”

“Yes, Eric, and your daughter here is convincing me not to divorce you, even though cheating is grounds for it, even if you fucked someone in the family, now go away.”

We heard some footsteps, but then she calmly wrapped her arms around me again before pasting her lips to mine. “Feel my rubber dick, Britney.”

I did just that and wrapped my hands around it. She let each hand on the opposite cheek for a moment. Our boobs also came together again, and we both shimmered a bit to rub them against each other as well.

Although, she cut it short after a moment and brought me back to the bed. I lied down first, and she wasted no time getting on top of me. She got in yet another kiss before reaching down to the dildo and aligning the dildo with my pussy.

“I love you like a daughter, Britney, but don’t even fuck my husband without my knowledge again,” she warned me, before pushing it into my slit. “Trust me, I won’t be nice about it,” she let me know, before thrusting it.

“Holy shit, Mom, that’s fucking huge,” I moaned, slanting my head back, closing my eyes, and feeling her butt too. “I understand; my cherry is already hurting.

“Good, young lady, you need to feel the punishment,” she added, putting a small gap between us. “Cry if you need to, Britney; I won’t think less of you; you’ve already hit bottom.”

“Oh, fuck you, Mom,” I whined, looking at her. “I would’ve done the same damn thing for you even th0ugh I don’t like pussy. If I knew you wanted to have sex with me, I would’ve made it happen for you. I love you, and maybe doing that and what I did for dad are equal gray areas, but still, I only have one mom and one dad. Granted, you could have gotten pissier, but still, if you don’t do big things for family, then who do you do big things for, Mom? Tell me that!” I yelled, before swatting her ass.

She shot me the dirtiest look imaginable as she clutched my thighs extra hard. “Don’t do that again, Britney,” she moaned through her teeth.

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

“Oh, really, you just caved like that? You put up a good fight when I caught, but you spank me once, and you just surrender?”

I answered her by swatting her butt again.

“Fuck you too, Britney,” she said, beginning to thrust the dildo yet again.

She loosened her grip on my thighs, but still held them tightly. She kept her big pink rubber cock going in and out of my cherry slowly, but didn’t shoot me any faces. She just featured a working face where she had a hardworking task to complete, and that was to fuck me.

I couldn’t help, but shed more tears because of the pain. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her for even a second. She didn’t increase her speed, but kept it constant, other than her dropping down to kiss me roughly once a minute.

‘Well, you love me, there’s no doubt about that, but you really do have some rage, though. Your face isn’t saying that, but your eyes absolutely are, though. Fuck me; we’re going to have some big chat after all this is said and done.’

Neither of us spoke a word for a few minutes, but I knew we both read each other’s eyes and faces somewhat too. My mom knew the toll she had on me with that big dildo devouring my snatch like a sumo wrestler wrestling a small animal.

We both knew what was gonna be victorious in this scenario, but as it turned her on, I had to put up a fight for her. She went kept it slow, but that didn’t stop her big hooters from shaking back and forth slowly too.

I had to check them out from time to time, but I never glared. I knew my mom, and she wanted my attention. So, I kept my eyes on her the most I could, but I closed my eyes from time to time too. She seemed to understand that I needed to do something to deal with the pain.

After I let out more than a few tears, she leaned down to me to kiss me again. “You’re still my angel, Britney. Nothing short of murder is gonna change that, but he’s my husband. I bought you that car, so I technically wasn’t asking permission, but you were smart enough to let me borrow it anyway,” she explained, before kissing me and arching her back again. “We can make our cases to each other all night and day, but I never thought I needed to tell you not to have sex with your father. So, I’ve made my statements to you, and it’s down to you to do what you will with them,” she told me, before thrusting the dildo again.

“I’m sorry, Mom, it won’t happen again,” I fretted.

She came right back down to me and kissed me. “I love you to death, but those tears better be because of the pain.”

“I love you

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