This is what happens when a kitten tries to roar. Haha! I had a sudden idea hit me surrounding the debauched competition theme. However, I am still choosing to sit this one out. My decision has nothing to do with Lush, and everything to do with my current state of mind. I hope you enjoy this story and will join me in supporting the Debauched competition entries.

Once upon a time there lived four princesses.

“Welcome, ladies,” said Princess Isabella, kissing Princess Snowie and Princess Cindy on their pristinely made-up faces.

The ladies took their seats as Mrs. Potts scurried about, pouring their tea. Isabella was dressed in a lovely yellow dress, appropriately hiding her curves with her brown hair pulled back in a yellow satin ribbon. Snowie wore a more colorful dress of yellow, red, and blue. Last but not least, Cindy donned her signature baby-blue gown, floor-length, of course. Their signature tiaras topped their perfectly-coifed heads. Anyone would say the ladies flawlessly embodied everyone’s vision of a princess.

“Where’s Jazz?” asked Snowie.

“Jazz is un-fashionably late, as usual,” scoffed Isabella.

“Did I hear one of your goody-goody lips speak my name?” a silky voice said, bursting into the parlor. Princess Jazz had arrived, flaunting a somewhat-sheer purple harem outfit, baring her toned midriff. 

“You’re late,” fussed Isabella, peering at Jazz over her reading glasses.

“Sorry, Princess. I was getting in one last ass-fuck from Al before he left to join your hubbies at the annual prince convention.” She waited until their gaping mouths closed before she continued, “Oh, and he gave me a present to remember him by.” With her last word, she bent over, dropped her harem pants, spread her cheeks, and shocked them with her sparkling, blue butt plug. A collective gasp was uttered from the princesses.

“Wh … wh … what … is that?” Cindy stuttered.

“It’s a butt plug,” Isabella quickly answered.

Snowie cocked her eyebrow at her and pursed her red lips, so Isabelle quickly added, “I read about it in a book – avid reader here, remember?”

Having received the desired effect, Jazz hopped into a seat, releasing a tiny squeal as her butt plug jiggled a little upon impact.

Genie materialized beside them, shouting, “Whassup, bitches!”

He startled Snowie and she sloshed her tea all over her snow-white complexion.

“Genie!” she fussed, cleaning her face with her handkerchief. “How many times have we told you not to just ‘pop in’ like that?” 

Genie blew fake kisses to all the girls before he responded, “Sorry, girl.  Al asked me to look after Jazz until he returns from the convention tomorrow. But, hey girls, I know this is a Princess sleepover, so you won’t even know I’m he-“

His sentence was cut short when Cindy’s fairy godmother appeared beside him. He hoped the princesses didn’t notice his normally blue face blushing at the sight of her. Luckily, a blue mist-shrouded Genie from the waist down, so no one saw his rising cock. The Princesses also failed to notice the bulge slightly protruding from Fairy Godmother’s fluffy frock. Genie noticed and grew hopeful.

Fairy Godmother hugged each of the young ladies before turning her attention to Genie. He remained quiet until spoken to. 

“Genie, good to see you again,” she formally stated, nodding her head to him.

“Good to see you, Fairy Godmother,” he answered, with eyes downcast.

Jazz pulled a flask out of her top and added the dark liquid to her tea as the ladies continued chatting amongst themselves. She offered some to the others but they turned up their pert noses.

Genie and Fairy Godmother retreated to a corner, giving the ladies some privacy. Fairy Godmother jump-scared Genie by slipping her hand behind him and stuffing not one, but two fingers inside his ass. His cheeks tightened from the intrusion while his eyes bugged off his blue-turned-purple face.

“Do not cum, Pet,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, struggling already as her fingers worked his ass. His blue cloud extended further to conceal his lengthening cock. 

The princesses enjoyed their tea and cookies, laughing together, reminiscing about their days before they met their princes. Cindy grew quiet, her blue eyes sparkling with tears.

“Cindy, what’s the matter?” asked Isabella.

“Nothing,” she sniffled.

“Come on, tell us, blondie. We’re your girls. You can tell us anything,” prodded Jazz.

“Well … sometimes … I just wish I had more time before I became a princess. I just … well … had a few things I wanted to try.”

“I understand. We were all very young when our prince charmings found us. And while we love them, we missed out on some experiences. What did you want to do, Cindy?” asked Snowie.

“You won’t understand,” she sniffled.

“You know I will. I’m not the judgmental twat in the room,” Jazz said, snapping her head around toward Snowie.

“I am not that judgmental, Jazz! Now, Cindy, tell us. We want to know.”

“Well, I … I … wanted to do some nice things with Ana,” Cindy revealed, cheeks flushing.

“Ana, your evil stepsister? Now, you have me interested. Go on,” pushed Jazz.

“She wasn’t evil. She just pretended to go along with her sister and mother so they wouldn’t punish her. In truth, she was a kind and loving soul to me. After stepmother would whip me, Ana would come to my room and rub cool cream on my sore bottom.”

“Wait a minute! Were you attracted to her? Like you wanted to eat her snatch, suck her titties, stuff like that?”

Cindy turned a hundred shades of red, yet bobbed her head up and down in acknowledgment.

“Ewww.” The sound escaped Snowie’s mouth before she could close it. Jazz shot darts at her with her eyes and she quickly recanted, “Sorry, Cindy. Go on, please.”

“And I was ordered to bathe my stepsisters. While I greatly disliked bathing Dru, I enjoyed my time with Ana. She would make the most delightful noises as I washed her breasts. When the time came for me to clean her private areas, she would spread her legs and place her feet on the edges of the tub. I truly found her quite lovely down there. Our eyes locked a few times and I think if given more time, we might have enjoyed a sweet kiss together.”

Jazz looked towards Snowie and Isabelle adding, “That’s blondie’s way of telling us she wanted to fuck her stepsister.” The princesses sat doe-eyed, but each reached out, patting Cindy’s hands in acceptance.

The girls grew quiet, in deep thought. Cindy’s big reveal unleashed all their suppressed fantasies. 

Isabelle broke the silence when she spouted, “I like furry things.”

Even Jazz gasp at that admission. “Whoa! What did-“

“I like furry things!” Isabelle repeated with conviction. “And I’m not ashamed to admit it.”

Cindy was perplexed and asked, “Like cuddly kittens?”

Isabelle shook her head. “Like my husband before the spell was broken.” She paused, then continued, “We have a dungeon here, you know. I heard the staff talking about it, but it has been locked since I first arrived. I never asked my husband about it, but fantasized. The staff called him ‘Master’ when he was the beast.”

“And you wanted to call him Master too?” asked Cindy, slowly catching on.

“Yes, I did. I haven’t really thought about it in much detail…”

“Tell us … pleeeaaase,” begged Cindy, enjoying the naughty turn their tea-time had taken.

“If you insist,” Isabelle said. She inhaled a deep breath and continued, “I was being disobedient as usual, refusing to come to dinner. Master pounded on my boudoir door, demanding I open it. I refused, of course. So, with his brute strength, he ripped the door off its hinges. My pussy quivered in a delicious mixture of fear and excitement. This furry beast stalked towards me, causing the ground beneath my feet to shake. Upon reaching me, he hoisted me into the air as if I was light as a feather and slung me over his shoulder, before stalking back out of the room. I put up a fight, kicking him and pounding his furry back with my fists. He responded with sharp slaps on my bottom. 

“He descended the steps three-by-three all the way down to the dungeon. I had heard the staff whisper about it, but when I explored the castle, it was always locked. The beast opened the door, then spun around, so I could lift my head and be shocked by what was in store for me. Iron restraints were attached to the walls at varying heights. Devilish looking floggers covered a large wooden table. Various sized leather straps hung from their handles. I gasped. Was my gasp aroused anticipation or absolute terror? I do not know. Next, he stomped through the door and dumped me in a heap onto the floor. 

“Dragging me by my ponytail, he slid me up the wall, clasping my wrists into the restraints, with me facing the wall. Then, I heard it. The tell-tale cracking sound of a whip. My bottom flinched as if already struck. My breath caught with the approaching thud of his footsteps. Beastly hands yanked my head back, as his fangs grazed my cheek with his whispers of torture. My sweet flower betrayed me, dribbling juices down my thighs.

“He pulled away and Crack! Crack! Crack! The strikes came in quick succession, stealing my time to adjust. I cried in pain but also craved more. 

“He freed my wrists and lifted me up, back against his chest, only to slam me down, impaling me with his monster cock, as his massive arms splayed my legs open. I reached my arms behind my head to tangle my fingers in his thick fur. His rough tongue lapped my sensitive ears and neck. My backside slid up and down his furry chest as his thrusting started. I feared his thick cock would split me apart. 

“My legs shook in his arms. My body ached for release, racing to that magnificent peak. His grunts burst my eardrums. Bracing for what was coming, I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lip. Then, our orgasms hit. My own screams rivaled his growls. His fur became sticky with my sweet honey pouring over him. His seed bathed my pussy walls in warmth. Oh my…” 

Isabelle had closed her eyes mid-way through her story but now opened them again, trying to regain normal breathing.

The others were speechless. Jazz finally broke the silence, her mouth turned up in a smirk, saying, “Well, I can tell you hadn’t thought much about that fantasy.” She continued, “So, just a guess … are most of those book cracks you have your nose stuffed in erotic novels?”

Before Isabelle could answer, Jazz noticed Snowie wrinkling her nose in judgment again. “Hey, Snowie, don’t give her that look. You are not as prim and proper as you want us to believe. You lived with seven men for fuck’s sake. Did you never think about being hammered by those midgets?”

“Jazz!” yelled Isabella. “They like to be called ‘little people’.” 

Jazz rolled her eyes, saying, “Excuse me, Mom.” She turned back to Snowie and asked again,Did you never think about being hammered by those little people?”

“Well … not hammered, as you say, but …”

“But, what? Come on. Spill it, Snowie,” Jazz asked, with the other ladies leaning in to listen.

“They have very small, umm, you know, peckers. So, I didn’t really think about them making love to me, but I did think about them surrounding me and spurting me with their seed. You know, painting my skin white – like the snow.”

They all sat in silence, thinking over what each had disclosed. Then, Cindy sniffled, trying to stifle her cries. It is a very little cry because princesses don’t ‘ugly cry’, you understand. Fairy Godmother reacted to her sadness and withdrew her fingers from Genie’s ass to rush to her precious Cindy’s side.  

“There, there, my dear. Fairy Godmother will make it all right,” she promised, wrapping her arms around her shoulders.

Three of the four princesses poured out their feelings of regret over fantasies never realized. Each assumed her dutiful role as a princess at a young age. Jazz had no complaints because she married a street rat who thoroughly debauched her starting with their wedding night.

Fairy Godmother’s eyes clouded with empathy towards the princesses. She looked up at Genie and said, “Together, combining our magic, we can make this happen, don’t you think?”

“Well … I can grant the wishes to return to their lives before they married, but, bringing them back is difficult.”

“Please! Please! Please! Can’t you make this happen?” they collectively pleaded, making Genie’s ears bleed with their sing-song begging.

“Oh well, my goodness, of course, we can, my dears. I will add a drop of my magic to return you to this place in exactly twenty-four hours, not a minute later, mind you. And I will make sure you don’t affect the future with your actions during these twenty-four hours. None of the other fantasy participants will ever remember what happened.” 

“I would like to just tag with the bookworm and watch her fantasy,” said Jazz. Secretly, Isabelle was aroused by her wish, so she agreed.

Genie was unsure about this magical coupling with his Mistress, and closed one eyeball, wincing, before he waved his arms announcing, “Your wishes are my command.” Fairy Godmother gave her wand a flick, accompanied by a lot of “bibbing” and “bobbing.” The princesses vanished to live some unrealized fantasies in their respective pasts. 

Alone at last, Fairy Godmother and Genie set about living some fantasies of their own. 

“Assume your position, Pet,” she commanded.

Genie knelt and struggled to sift through her multi-layered ruffled skirt to find the true source of her magic. Once underneath her skirts, he about spilled his spunk upon seeing the dragon-sized dildo strapped around her waist. He settled into position, allowing her cock to rest atop his head while he set to work parting her pubic hair with his tongue. It was a chore finding her hole, but he succeeded, finally conquering the wild bush hiding her treasure. 

With the first lick, Mistress Godmother moaned. Genie magically elongated his tongue to hit bottom once inside her. She hopped from toe to toe, delighting in his ministrations. While his tongue made her tap-dance, one thumb hit her hot button while the other circled her puckered naughty hole. That combo finished her. Mistress Godmother released a screech which rivaled any villain, as she soaked Genie’s face. He rolled out from under her skirts with his blue-face streaked white. 

She took a few deep breaths to recover then ordered him to bend over the table. Genie squeaked like a mouse when he saw her wand poof into a flogger. Annoyed by his noises, Mistress Godmother ripped Genie’s ruffled pink panties off and stuffed them into his mouth. He shivered, anticipating the wanted torture that would undoubtedly follow. She wasted no time, setting about punishing Genie’s fat blue bottom. His cries were muffled by his panties as the leather straps streaked his bottom red. 

Mistress stopped her spanking to reach underneath him, feeling his hard cock. She yanked his panties out of his mouth.

“Bad Pet! Getting aroused during your spanking. Whatever shall I do with you?” she cackled.

“Maybe fuck me with your monster cock?” he suggested, knowing it would earn him more strikes.

Crack! Crack! Her whip wickedly marked his bottom. Genie cursed his cock that was already ready to spray its goo. His rosy cheeks aroused her even more and she stroked her cock, moving towards him. 

“Spread your cheeks, Pet!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he squealed, unable to contain his excitement at what was coming next. Or rather who was cumming next.

Mistress Godmother moved into position, pushing just the tip inside him, delighting in watching Genie squirm. She loved how needy he was. Aroused, yet, obedient. Truth be told, he was one of her favorite submissives. Then, she plunged her cock inside his ass with a hearty thrust. Genie squealed like a princess again, so she stuffed his panties back into his mouth.

She fucked him with abandon. Each thrust deeper than the last, massaging his prostate. She snaked her hand to his front, grasping his cock with all her strength. Her hand kept time with her cock. Genie was turning all shades of colors – from blue to purple to red. 

“Cum, Pet. Cum!” she barked.

Genie bit down on his pink panties and exploded, emptying his balls, spraying copious amounts of cum everywhere. He collapsed panting, his cock shriveling inside Mistress’s palms.

“Good Pet,” she cooed, withdrawing her dirty cock.

They spent the next twenty-four hours engaged in hedonistic pleasures the likes mortals could never handle.


Mistress Godmother and Genie restored themselves to their presentable selves. As expected, twenty-four hours on the dot, the princesses returned to the very seats where they left. Two words described them – hot messes.

Isabelle still had a chain choking her neck, with an attached leash. With obvious pride, she turned and raised her dress to show off her red-welted bottom. Cindy, feeling braver around the princesses, reached over and stroked one of Isabelle’s welts with her fingertip. When Isabelle smiled, Jazz pointed out she still had some strands of dark hair stuck between her teeth. Then, she remembered the dark fur balled up within her tiny hands – a keepsake from the Beast.

Jazz tugged at the thin material of her harem pants, sticky from her self-administered orgasms. Usually, Jazz was an exhibitionist but had to admit Isabelle and her Beast had brought to light a naughty voyeur side. She made a mental note to further explore this side with Al.

Cindy felt a sudden connection to Jazz and bent over, showing off her pink diamond butt plug. The two girls compared notes on being ass fucked. No one was surprised to hear Cindy was submissive to her stepsister Ava and enjoyed having all her holes plugged by various devices.

Then, all eyes turned to Snowie, who stood quietly, covered head to toe in a milky, white substance. It dripped from her ebony locks and dotted her red-rose-colored lips. 

“My goodness, you are snow white all over!” exclaimed Cindy, reaching out to scoop a white glob dangling from Snowie’s chin.

Snowie beamed, unable to hold back her excitement. She blurted out, “Well, one fell asleep as soon as he pulled his tiny pecker out, but the rest were so excited seeing me with my knickers pulled down, they wanked away at their little peckers and squirted their warm goo all over me. It turns out, although smallish in size, their little peckers have tremendous powers of rejuvenation. While I Iay there, playing with my twat … they taught me that word … they wanked and tugged and stroked some more. One was grumpy because his pecker was smaller than the rest, but he soon got over it and sprayed me with the rest of them. The oldest showed the youngest, who is kind of dopey, how to give me what they called a pearl necklace. See!” she squealed pointing to the ring of dots surrounding her neck. 

Feeling confident her story had the princesses’ undivided attention, she added, “And lastly, they surrounded me, holding a cum competition. I said, “Ready, set, go,’ and they started wanking their willies again, racing to be the first to cum. They truly made the most delightful noises while wanking. And, each had his own unique hand movements. Well, I thought for sure the one stroking the fastest would win, but then one sneezed and blew his cum all over me, winning the competition. It was all very exciting!”

“Well done, Snowie!” cheered Jazz, clapping her hands for her friend.

“And … and … they nicknamed me ‘Cum Slut’,” boasted Snowie, her bright white smile blending in with her cum-stained face.

Fairy Godmother ushered the princesses to the bathtub, telling them they needed to clean up before heading home to their princes. The princesses, with their inhibitions removed, climbed into Isabelle’s ginormous bathtub and cleaned each other up, washing and licking away the cum. They gleefully sang their respective princess songs and soaped and sudsed each other inside and out, every nook and cranny before they returned to their respective castles/palaces to welcome home their princes. 

The princes, although initially shocked by the change in their wives, liked their newly debauched behavior. Isabelle and her prince frequently visited the dungeon, which they outfitted with a wide assortment of chains, whips, floggers, paddles, and vibrators. Cindy and her prince enjoyed threesomes with some of Cindy’s handmaidens. And Snowie’s name now had a double-meaning as her husband delighted her with nightly facials. Jazz and Al continued their usual fetish-laced fuckery. Yes, the princes were very content with their newly uninhibited princesses. Who knew they each craved a princess in the streets and a cum-stained whore with a tiara in the sheets. 

And they all lived happily ever after – except for Genie. He was caught balls-deep in a green ogre by Mistress Godmother, so she cock-caged him for the next forty years. 

The end.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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