After peeling away multiple layers of consciousness, what lies at the bottom of it all?

It was like a dream, so long ago, so far away, as if it took place on another planet but, really, I guess it could have taken place during the last twenty-four hours.

0 0 0 0

A cool breeze was blowing in over the Caribbean. I was loving it, lying back in the jacuzzi, legs spread wide open with my arms heaped behind me over the side of the pool. All alone, I experienced a moment of calm, peaceful contemplation. I was so relaxed I could feel the roots of Bligh’s breadfruit trees behind me as I gazed at the plethora of stars above.

I was wishing for company and more, when I felt the pleasant nibbling sensation of lips below the water line. I continued to relax and went with it.

Moments later, she rose from underneath the warm, healing waters with a smile and a very fine, white set of teeth, set against her black skin.

“Your wish is my command, baby, at least for the next twenty-four hours, that is.”

“Why me?”

“Karma babe, you might say I am your lucky charm, your protector, your spirit guide, your black magic woman. You’ve found me in a dream.”

“You mean I’m dreaming right now?”

“Yes you are, dear.”

“Are you suggesting that you are my guardian angel?”

“Not quite, the answer, my friend, is in your dreams.”

My dream conversation within my dream continued.

“And I suppose you have mad, mind reading powers?”

“As a matter fact, I do, but in relation to what just happened underwater, I have to admit that I cheated. I peeked and then went for that big fish of yours. But believe me, I can feel your mind and it is my purpose to grant your wishes.”

“Well, I wish there were more people like you, not just for me, but for everybody. It is so nice that you know what you want to do with your life. I mean that’s such an awesome vocation you have going for yourself.”

“I will work on offering my talents to others whom you know, but for now, let’s go to your room.”

“I was hoping you would suggest that!”

“I know.”

So we went up to my room for some more wish fulfillment. We climbed the old wooden stairs of the resort and I opened the door. There we were, reflected in the ceiling mirror.

She was a tall, thin black girl with wooly hair and I was white, and as squat as a fire hydrant. As per the rules of the establishment, we were already naked and ready to play.

Her name was Coco and she wasted no time in further demonstrating her abilities.

“I’m going to tie you up right now.”

“I guess you do know what I want! Just don’t mess me up!”

Coco pushed me backwards onto the bed. She quickly bound my feet together and tied my hands and arms overhead. Her mouth teased me to an erection, before she shimmied up to my mouth, and gave herself to my tongue. Her twine-like labia parted. I felt her texture and I tasted her sauce. She rode my face, sliding her pelvis back and forth, all the while reaching back and kneading my tool, in order to drive my interest. Right as Coco gained speed, she jumped off and rolled me over, ass up, thereby cruelly twisting the rope that was binding my upper extremities. No apologies were provided and none were asked for.

Coco began switching my fat butt cheeks, thereby causing my penis to rub against the sheets. She stopped momentarily, while she lubricated her fingers by scooping them inside herself. At this point, she reached around and stroked my rod until I was just about to squirt. Then she resumed flicking her switch, swish, swish, swish; until I came to her rhythmic application, ah, ah, ah…

We lay together for a short period, resting and relaxing.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“What? You intend more bondage?”

“No, I mean let’s go on the midnight dive.”

“I was just musing about how I would like to do that!”

“Remember, that’s what I do. I answer wishes. I make things happen.”

So we ran down to the boat dock. Capt. Chester and Mackey were playing chess on the boat, while sailors Joey, Damaina and Milky were in the middle of a big bamboo show dockside. Coco and I hung back from the crowd and watched from the shadows. I was becoming aroused by Joey’s big bamboo and Coco immediately tuned-in to the fact. She fell to her knees and started sucking on my boner.

I felt her succulent lips as I saw the three Jamaicans unite. They were tall, muscular, naked men. Joey had already mounted the bending, thewy Damaina. Milky smoked D’s pipe from the vanguard. The three of them made quite an impression on me as I swelled in Coco’s mouth. The supreme, easy glide of Joey’s thick dick was particularly enthralling. I was dreaming of sucking Joey’s big, black cock when the Captain moved his queen and checkmated Mackey. As if on cue, Joey blew his load and then Damaina blew his. Coco gave a little twirl of her tongue and I blew mine.

Capt. Chester cried, “all aboard for tonight’s midnight dive.” Curiously enough, Coco and I were the only takers. The boat headed out towards where the moon kissed the sea. Coco and I donned our scuba equipment, turned on our flashlights and jumped in. We followed the muscular curves of Joey, Damiana and Milky to where the moonlight shown on the ocean surface and revealed a liquid doorway to what lay below. We entered, and down we went along the vertical walls of the coral reef. The cavern was a tapestry of glowing, red and gold organisms that shined only at night and seemed to move and breathe. It was like descending into a dream.

We were about one hundred feet down when we made it to the sandy bottom. To our left, our lights disclosed a dark trench. To our right, in the distance, resting in the sunken dunes, was a cargo plane with a waving blow-up doll attached to the entrance. Our sailors began to make their way towards it. Coco and I swam along.

Our crew was already inside when we breeched the plane. We were greeted by an Asian woman. She mouthed her name, Mia. She welcomed us to what was the first aquatic whorehouse I had ever been to. She gave me a sex menu.

I looked around and saw that Joey was already engaged with a male attendant. Damaina and Milky were lustfully DPing their own Asian hostess.

There was an extremely peculiar aspect to what was taking place. I had kept my tank on in the flooded cavity, but I now noticed that our crew, as well as Coco, had doffed their gear. I had no idea how they were able to breathe in this submerged environment without breathing apparatus. However, I couldn’t afford to pay more attention to this quirk. I had to be micro-focused on my present situation. I had about five minutes of air left at this depth.

Keeping this in mind, I viewed the menu and selected, “fast blow job”. Mia, straight away, floated down to my cock and began handling and sucking it. That girl supped so smoothly, it was as if she had no teeth! At that moment, it occurred to me how diving at a nudist resort can save precious seconds when Mia completely stopped what she was doing.

I stared at Mia. She was stiff, dead or, more accurately, short circuited. She was apparently a bot, which was a problem because my cock was now stuck in her mouth. Luckily, Coco assisted me at once. Bingo, she unscrewed Mia’s jaw and set me free.

Thank God! Hey, I owe you, Coco! Let’s get the hell out of here. That’s what I was thinking!

I glanced around the plane. It was a frozen tableau of ass fucking, and cock and cunt sucking. Jesus, it dawned on me, Joey, Damaina and Mikey were also machines! I remember my mental note to self, no time to wonder how this masquerade had fooled me, I need to concentrate on a swift exit!

Coco smiled at me and began to communicate telepathically. I found I could liaise with her in a like manner. Her skill set far exceeded bionic capacity. At least, now I knew Coco wasn’t a robot.

Okay, I will call my ship and it can just envelope this plane and we will be off.

Where to?


No, I do not wish to be a participant in an alien abduction to Mars!

Alright, I can gift you that. I guess it’s goodbye then. Are you sure you can’t give to me just one favor?


On the way to the top, I explained further by way of apology. I do not wish to go to Mars! I do not aim to be ungrateful. It is difficult to say goodbye to a star of your magnitude but it must be so. Much gratitude goes to you, Coco. I am sorry.

Our silent discussion continued.

And best wishes to you, ah…you know, you never told me your name, but I will remember you. Maybe I will come visit you in your dreams.

Still rising to the surface, we embraced, so we were body to body, mouth to mouth, breast to breast, and cock to cunt. We got hitched together when my penis hooked into her vagina, and then we became further attached when she kissed me and her tongue hooked into my mouth. Rising in tandem, we slowly ascended. It felt so much like a very sweet, wet dream that had the effect of transporting me to somewhere else. I was feeling, this is so lovely, maybe Coco can just hang out with me on Earth for a while longer. Next thing I knew, I was back in Dreamland, the vacation spot I had been staying at for the past week.


O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

It was following morning when I, Mary, first realized I was back in my room. Looking upwards, I saw my husband’s shiny, black ass reflected in the mirror on the ceiling. The vision inspired me and I was moved to rub my clitoris ((thank God I had lost my dream dickl!) and muff on the seductive size and shape of his colored behind. I did so until he pleasantly came awake.

“Honey, I just had the strangest, wildest dream,” he said upon awakening. “I dreamed I was you but you had a penis like me! It started in the jacuzzi and I almost ended up getting abducted by an alien named Coco.”

“Incredible, I dreamed I was you, getting abducted by a girl named Coco as well.”

At this point, I reached over and stroked my hand down Flow’s compact back. Flow was the third partner in our poly-amorous marriage. Let me tell you, my girl Flow, who happened to be a squat, thick Asian, really knew how to slurp cunt.

“Flow, did you have any dreams last night?”

“As a matter of fact, I did. It was pretty debauched. I was sucking you a lot, except you had a cock, and I had a spaceship! Who the hell is this alien girl, Coco? Some kind of dream genie?”

“Well, I am considering that she could be a jinn or a genie. If you think about it, it’s extraordinary that we essentially all had the same dream! How is that possible?” I said. “

Flow said, “Perhaps, we all created something with our sex energy. Maybe we made sex magic! It’s conceivable we brought Coco to life like a golem.”.

“Or maybe it was just the pizza,” Benny joked with palms up like some schmo. Then, I remember, of all things he quoted Dumas, “all for one and one for all.”

“Oy, Benny, what am I going to do with you?” I said as I pantomimed a smack.

“Listen,’ I said, “What were we all doing last night?”

“The usual, having sex.” Benny and Flow said simultaneously.

“Yes, but what kind of sex. Think, anything out of the ordinary?

“Oh, you mean the group masturbation circle, when we all rubbed one out at the same time?

“Yeah, and there is only one way to find out if that was it, try it again!”

“What, you suggest jerking off together, falling asleep and then waking up and comparing dreams again in order to determine if they are the same again?

“Exactly, now Flow start to rub your cunt and I will frig mine, and Benny, you go ahead and strum on your old banjo. We’ll see if we can conjure up Coco.”

At first, Benny looked at me in exasperation but before long he was rubbing his dick like he was polishing a silver lamp. Flow used a pink vibrator for a spell and right away she began to squirm. Once her clit was squishy, she continued by massaging herself towards climax. All the while, I fingered myself and focused on an internal rub. Flow and I both came at the same time and sprayed some hot juices over Benny’s instrument. Benny came right back with a shot over his bow and hosed both of us.

With one part of our plan accomplished, we began to get drowsy. We were just about ready to start dreaming when the unexpected took place. A dark mist manifested, and out of the shadow of that mist, Coco appeared!

“Need a fourth player I gather. I guess you just got your wish,” she said.

Coco opened her arms and blessed us. “Hot juicy blessings, gang! Now tell me your secret desires and I will try to make them happen.”

Benny said straight off, “Fuck me with a strap-on!”

Flow said, “Just get Bob Marley to play reggae music!”

Coco remarked, “That will take some doing, child, Bob Marley is dead. Is there anything else you want?”

Flow exclaimed, “Yeah, a really good fuck session.”

“Yo, Flow, I can gift you that, don’t need no Coco for that, although the more the merrier to be sure,” boasted Benny while smiling at both Flow and Coco.

I chimed in with a bold request, “Tell you what, Coco, I’ld like you to French kiss my asshole!”

Coco wagged her tongue and shook her head, in order to indicate, yes, she would love to.

“Come here darling,” she ordered. “Assume the position.” The memory of it is so vivid! I was on all fours, with my legs and ass cheeks spread, when I felt her warm tongue worm itself in.”

I slapped Benny’s ass and said, ”do you want in on this or not?

“Of course, I do!”

“Okay, it’s on!”

Benny got his turn next. Coco already had her strap-on around her waist and was set to pump Benny’s ass and proceeded to do so.

Thereafter, Coco said, “Flow, come worship at my wishing well, make another wish, baby.”

“Like I said, I am wishing for some Bob Marley and a really good fuck session!”

“Like I said, I can create part of that for you,” said Benny, as he came up behind her and grabbed her haunches.

Then I thought Flow said, “What about you,

Benny? Do you have another wish?”

Benny laughed and said, “Yeah, plenty for sure, but I’ll take more of Coco with a strap-on right now”

Flow started feeding on my nipples and licking my cunt. Benny enthusiastically fucked Flow’s backside.. It was fun to catch sight of it all, up above in the mirror. Benny was working hard, with a stern grimace on his face. Benny’s exertion mashed Flow’s face into my crotch. The shadowy presence of Coco was in back of Benny, fucking away. The fourth player that we had masturbated into our midst was definitely in the house!

Coco continued to bugger Benny until he ejaculated into Flow. She then removed herself from her strap-on, stepped in front of Benny and Flow and gave a second tongue to my pussy.

It was Sunday morning and management began piping in J.S. Bach’s high mass in B minor. When the horn section of Cum Sancto Spiritu blasted through, things got really hot. In fact, forget Led Zeppelin, you haven’t really orgasmed until you fuck to Bach (even though I knew that Flow was most certainly still wishing for Bob Marley).

My ears became like two clitorides as I listened. I sang along in the upper register of mezzo soprano as the lapping tongues of Flow and Coco elevated me to where the angels sing.

We were all ready to cum when the walls came alive with orgasmic, soprano rants from the surrounding rooms, ready to shake the building and lift it off the ground in one huge orgasm. I shuddered hard and came like a rainbow after a summer storm at dawn. Released, I started to doze off and dream, only to awake again and again. All day long we played with Coco and received her special gifts and pleasures. When the onshore breezes of the Jamaican night came, we headed for the jacuzzi. There, we frolicked and carried on while Bob Marley played reggae music for the rest of the evening.

Reflecting back on it all, I believe Coco, the love genie, achieved her mission of granting wishes in dreamtime and in real time. I am not sure if she is on Mars or not, but she feels close to my wishes and secret desires.

0 0 0

The next day, it was time to go. Before leaving, I left a tip and filled out a survey form. I answered a few questions and made a few comments.

Did we live up to our credo: we make dreams come true?

Some, for sure!

Did you have any memorable experiences?


What did you like best?

Vivid dreams, the jacuzzi, the ceiling mirror, Cum Sancto Spiritu and Coco.

Did you see God?

No, but I met the Goddess!

Would you come again?

Of course!

The Dreamland management left us souvenir lamps, perhaps, to rub on a rainy day. The three of us declined to take them because we knew quite well that we could rub ourselves whenever we wanted a fourth partner; someone who would, like I’ve said before, grant all our best wishes and secret desires.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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