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I’m usually happy to see my wife Cheryl – I love her and all – but on this occasion, I was relieved that the person coming down the stairs turned out to be neither my spouse nor my companion’s, but rather an older gentleman in flannel pants and a jacket and slippers.

“Oh, good evening,” he greeted me, slightly startled.

“Hello… looks like I’m not the only one who can’t sleep?” I really hoped he wasn’t indefinitely interrupting what I really hoped was beginning to happen between me and my new lady acquaintance.

“Ah! Sleep. I was sound asleep until the missus started nagging me about these damn shoes and umbrella!” It took him waaaaay too long to shuffle over to the front entryway to grab the belongings that they had evidently left there earlier.

I wanted to throw him on my back and sprint up to his room to drop him off, but I had to wait out his doddering steps. “Well, you’re a fine gentleman for coming down to get them for her in the dead of night.” As he slowly plodded up the creaky stairs, I called after him in a whisper, “you have a good night.” He waved without looking, making a sound of acknowledgment.

Hurrying back to my new friend in the corner after the interruption, I scooted in next to her.

“Oh, I’m glad that was not someone we knew,” she smiled, naughty-like.

“Yeah, or nosy old ladies coming down to play bridge for 3 hours or something.”

“That would be much worse. See, my plan worked, yes?”

As she minimized her email window and clicked to make the video full screen again, I asked, “How much longer in our porn- uh- erot- uh, romantic drama?”

“Hmm, five more minutes,” she said, hovering the cursor over the bottom of the screen as the two lovers began to discard their annoying billowy clothes. “I think this is it.”

“The… climax?”

She giggled. “Sssshhh!”

The movie ended with our heroine and her suitor riding away in their carriage, but not before engaging in some steamy TV-MA-rated oral, standing, riding, and rear entry sex.

Before the credits ended, I had my arm around behind this obviously aroused woman, twisted sideways toward her, and we were looking into each other’s eyes. Our hands were back on the inside of each other’s thighs, and my straining cock was well aware of this.

“That was hot,” I whispered.

“More hot than your porn?”

“Well, yes, in a way. And so much better with an attractive companion to be naughty with.”

“You are… attracted?”

“Of course,” I leaned forward and touched her lips with mine. “Very much so.”

It was so fucking exciting making a move on someone and having her respond positively. It had been too long. This woman, whom I had barely met and about whom I knew next to nothing, was providing so much more than I had gotten in recent memory, just with the slight pressure of her hand, and now lips. She kissed back softly but appreciatively, moving her face and sucking slightly.

With her computer’s lid closed and earbuds flopped onto the table, our attentions were fully on each other. Our hands and mouths moved with controlled excitement. We went at each other delicately but hungrily, like two starving people served gourmet cuisine, fighting the urge to ravenously devour, forcing ourselves to take the time to savor.

In the still quiet darkness of the room now, with no screen to light things up, no score or dialog in our ears, I concentrated on this woman’s face and neck, the only sounds those of our wet lips, erratic breaths, and the fabric of our clothes as we adjusted on our seat. I ran my fingers through the short hairs around her neck and ears, following with my lips, and, when I got a little more daring, my tongue. I tasted and smelled her skin and hair while caressing her inner thigh with my other hand.

She tensed and wiggled, withdrawing and sinking her head and raising her shoulder, giggling through her nose.

“Sorry,” I whispered. “I got carried away.”

“Don’t be sorry. It just tickled.” She kissed me firmly on the lips. “So good.” She offered her neck to me again.

It was my turn to tense up and withdraw slightly when I felt her fingers on my dick. It was no accident resulting from sloppy movements – her lingering and light squeeze let me know that it’s what she intended. Looking down, I took in the sight of her slender fingers, long light-colored nails, and the glistening diamond. I let the naughty married woman continue, and soon was running the back of my hand into her crotch, between her legs that were parted noticeably more than they had been moments before. We both got bolder, her stroking my pronounced stiff shaft and me pressing my fingers into her center. She was warm down there.

“Mmmm, your fingers…” I breathed into her ear, nipping at the lobe, nudging the small earring.

“Nice to have someone else do it for us?”

“Exactly.” We rubbed each other some more, and kissed again, this time with a little tongue. I moved my hand up to her face, settling it under the other ear, feeling the soft hair at her neck while I gave her more tongue, actually sensing her goose-bumps. Sliding my fingers right down between her breasts, I went over the front of her bra inside where the buttons were still undone. She squirmed and settled more toward me, inviting my fingers in. As she continued to stroke my straining boner, my hand caressed her supple breast over her silky bra, inside her shirt.

“I think he wants to come out,” she told me, pinching around to find my zipper.

“And so does she,” I responded, gliding my fingertips inside the cup of her bra, taking care not to poke the nipple on the way in, but feeling below it, the soft flesh firm to the touch. As she tugged at my zipper, I pushed my fingers up into her stiff nipple, causing her to inhale sharply.

We made a little too much noise as we adjusted on the seat, my fingers undoing another of her buttons and laying her shirt open more, my ass scooting to allow her hands – both of them now – access to my pants. Undoing the button, she now was able to rub the entire length of my dick through my boxers. She squirmed a bit as I lowered my hand back down to her lap, looking inside her shirt at the half-exposed breast while trying to get the button on her pants undone.

She smiled and whispered, “Are we really going to be as naughty as the people we were just watching?”

“I’d like to,” I told her, but I couldn’t just totally throw caution to the wind. “But, not like them, not completely.” The button freed, I grabbed for her zipper.

“Well, we are pretty far along,” she said, gasping and grinning as my boner popped through the fly of my boxers and strained toward her.

“I would really like to go through with this, take it all the way as far as we would go.” I tried to sound reasonable, but she furrowed her eyebrows, almost glaring at me. “But we really can’t actually have sex, not right here, not without, well, protection.”

“But this is okay, we don’t have to stop…?”

“This is great.” I had her zipper down by now and was dipping my hand down inside. “It’s just, well, you’re so hot,” I breathed into her ear, “and I want you so bad. But we can’t be careless.”

“So, keep at it?”

“Oh, yesss,” I sucked her earlobe and kissed her neck. “I so want to get you off.” I slid my hand down further, over her panties, feeling the warmth of the soft fleshy area between her thighs.

“I can handle that,” she giggled, stroking me.

“You sure can handle this,” I told her, looking down at her exquisite handjob.

She leaned into me this time, stroking and caressing my cock while she kissed my face and neck, breathing hotly. My fingers slid inside the top of her panties, and instantly encountered a luscious forest of coarse pubic hair. I fingered the alluring bush for a minute before pushing deeper, at which point she sighed deeply into my ear. She just held her fist tightly around my shaft while she gently ran the thumb over my tip, the sensation causing me to press and dig more firmly, palm full of pussy fur, fingers nestling into the warm, moist nest in search of the hidden treasure within.

I was able to turn a little more towards my sexy companion while she jacked me off gently, and clear away more of her bush little by little with my fingertips. I ran my finger up and down her warm, lubricated slit when I found it, and, speaking of lubrication, a small dose of semen escaped from my own slit, which she promptly spread over my tip.

I couldn’t help but pull the near side of her shirt open toward me, revealing the elegant silky black bra cup cradling her breast. She switched to stroking my dick with her right hand while she ran the fingers of her left hand over my wrist. As I felt the metal and stone of her ring scrape along my skin, I couldn’t help but believe she was doing that on purpose.

While we masturbated and gazed at each other with increasing lust, I pulled back her bra cup to expose her breast. It was soft and pale, not big but a nice handful, mature but relatively perky, with a beautiful rosy erect nipple sticking out quite prominently. I flicked it with the back of my fingers, making sure to nudge it with my ring, while she gripped my scrotum down by my balls. Leaning into her for a passionate kiss, I placed my arm around her as the other hand stayed inside her panties. My tongue entered her silky, surging mouth, which gasped as I pushed my finger into her warm, slick vagina.

“Mmmm,” she almost yelped, straight into my open mouth. “Fuck!”

She purred as I kissed her ears and neck, pushing my finger further inside, then added a second. Her shaft-jerking got more erratic and was already getting me close to cumming, while I fingerfucked her delightful warm, wet pussy. “Ohhh, you’re so wet,” I told her into her ear. “Woooow.”

“Well, you are not so much,” she replied, stopping the wanking and just lightly caressing the tip again. “But I can fix that.” And she lowered her head toward my lap.

I braced in anticipation of her mouth upon my cock, but it never arrived. Instead, I felt a warm flow and her head popped up, a string of spit hanging from her lip down her chin. Looking down, I saw a huge deposit of saliva inside her tightened fist with my dick head poking out. “Ohhh,” I almost cried out, and her grip loosened, the slick deposit coating my shaft and providing plenty of lubrication for a couple minutes of intense pleasure.

I leaned in for another kiss, and just had to suck that spit string off her chin, feeding it back to her as our tongues met again. My hand was out of her pants now, so I used it to handle her tit. I swear I tried to go gently, but the way she was jerking me off, I just couldn’t hold back. I was squeezing her entire breast and pinching and tweaking the nipple, harder and harder, while her fist pumped up and down my now-slightly-sticky shaft.

I nuzzled her hair while she dipped her head low again, feeling her hand slide more easily again. When she raised up again, I tried to thrust upwards through the new deposit of saliva. “Oh fuck,” I whispered, the squelching sound of her slimy handjob filling the room. My entire cock from balls to tip was being worked over by her fingers, including, most noticeably, the one with the glistening diamond ring on it

I tried to return the favor by moving my hand to her lap, but she adjusted away from me.

“It’s okay, let me do you,” she told me. So I relaxed, eased back, watched her exposed tit jiggle around, and let her hand coax my orgasm out of me. “Just tell me when.”

I couldn’t last five more pumps. “When,” I whimpered. “Um, now.” I had no idea where my cumshot was going to go, but somehow I trusted her. She pointed my throbbing dick at her and pulled on it, cupping her other hand under and in front of it as I exploded. I trembled and groaned, trying not to be too loud, my semen gushing forth into her hand. “Oh, fuck yes,” I groaned, “uuuhhhnnnhhh.”

She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “I need that. Give it to me. Here, let it go,” she whispered into my mouth. As our lips and tongues played with each other, she purred, “Oooo, it’s warm.” She giggled through her nose as she massaged me through my orgasm, draining me thoroughly.

When I finally calmed down and our faces parted, I took a peek down there. One spritz of my sperm had jumped over her wrist and landed on her thigh, but the rest made a thick slimy pool in her cupped palm. She pinched whatever cum and spit she could off the end of my dick, sat upright, and held her cupped hand with my sperm in it out in front of her. She tipped it onto the stack of paper napkins and we watched it soak in while she moved the top few off and wiped her hands with another one. Then she grabbed a few more and dabbed at my dick while the splat of cum on her thigh soaked into her pants.

“Oh,” I grunted into her neck as I moved a hand up to her tit. “That was fucking amazing, oh.” Kissing and nuzzling her neck and ear, I ran my hand down between her legs and over her panties. She squirmed and tensed. I gave her neck a lick. I wanted to devour her. I just came, but my release freed me to attend to her. Slipping my hand inside and feeling that warm, damp, coarse nest of pussy hair again, I announced my intentions. “I want to fucking get you off.”

I tried not to go crazy, tried to ease into it, but her erratic breathing, sighing, and whispering whimpers propelled me. I was soon massaging the wet folds of her labia, and soon thereafter curling my fingertips inside her welcoming hole. She opened her legs more, inviting me to reach further inside. She arched her back to point her nipple at the ceiling, inviting me for a taste. So I accepted her offers, filling her vagina with two fingers while lowering my lips to her breast, a hardened bud at my tongue, and another at my fingertips. I did my best to pleasure them both.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. Switching hands, I could still rub her pussy while I reached across her to pull the little milk pitcher and honey jar closer. Dipping my fingers in the milk, I applied some to her neck and licked it off. “Oh, milk, really?” She was surprised but evidently turned on, so I gave her another application, and then one to her earlobe, kissing and sucking each one off, flicking her earring. She dipped her fingers into the milk and then held them to my mouth, several times, pasting some on my lips and kissing it off, and letting me suck it off her fingers.

I was able to keep gliding my fingers along her pussy slit while we played with the milk, though at a tough angle. So I switched hands again so I could get my fingers back inside, fingering her deeply while I got a little naughtier. Seeing that her tea cup was empty, I pulled the lid and stopper out of the honey jar and let some of it drizzle into the cup. My new sexy companion gasped, eyes wide, as I dipped into the cup and raised a honey-coated fingertip to her breast.

“You wouldn’t,” she said, squirming, But she knew I would. And I did. I dabbed the honey onto her nipple and caressed it to spread it lightly over her areola. Then I held it to her lips, and she smiled and bit lightly. “You are so fucking naughty,” she said.

“Yes, I am,” I agreed. Feeding her my finger so she could suck it, while trying harder to crush her clit with my pussy hand, I almost growled, “and I have such a fucking naughty partner to be so fucking naughty with!” Fingerfucking her rhythmically, I lowered my mouth to her teat and sucked the nipple, gently at first but then harder, making sure to get all the honey off.

When my face came together with hers after releasing the nipple, she was bucking her hips and staring at me with animal lust, her own finger in the honey now. She applied a portion of the sweet sticky stuff to my tongue, and when I sucked it off, went back for a second dip, coating her lips like she would do with lip gloss. As we shared sticky honey kisses, she was really moving her ass on her seat, fucking my fingers, breathing harder.

She applied another finger full of honey to her tit, not carefully, then sucked her own fingers while I attached my mouth to her nipple, masturbating the firm bud of her swollen clit while my fingers slid in and out of her warm, creamy cunt.

“Oh, you are going to get me off,” she almost squealed. “Oh, fuck!” I slurped hard at her sweet tit while I felt her body change. She tensed up. She shivered. Her thighs contracted together several times rapidly. She emitted a throaty moan. She drew in a deep breath. Her breast was pulled from my mouth, swinging. She pitched forward, her core tightening. She exhaled roughly. My fingers became warmer and wetter than ever.

I withdrew my fingers from her vagina and just held my hand still over her pussy, the hot wet bush flattened under my fingers. She eased back against the seatback, thighs closed around my hand, chest heaving, reddened nipple thrust forward.

I left her to recover as she wished, gazing at what flesh I could see, which wasn’t much. Other than her face and neck and hands, the only other bits of her I’d seen was one uncovered breast, and a patch of her stomach with maybe a smidgen of pubic hair. And she’d only seen my dick, other than face and arms. But we had both experienced the ultimate intimacy, bringing each other to orgasm. I longed to see her naked. I longed to examine and explore every inch of her bare body, her back, her legs, both alluring breasts, her shapely hips and butt, and face up to that glorious pussy to drink in the sight of what I had only been able to feel.

Finally, we separated, going back to smiling and giving each other quiet laughs as we cleaned up. I wiped my had on a few paper napkins, but had to get up and get another stack. She had leaked quite a bit deep inside her pants, and I had quite a bit of her saliva deep inside mine. I had also dribbled a bit more cum as my dick softened after she got me off.

We zipped up and buttoned up, and tried to chat a bit but couldn’t really think of much to say with words. We had already said so much by giving each other the sexual release we so desperately needed. So, it was off to bed.

“Thank you so much,” I told her. “It was so nice to meet you.”

“And so very nice to meet you,” she giggled. “I will be here through tomorrow, and leaving the day after.”

“Me too. So, maybe we’ll see each other again before vacation is over.”

“Perhaps. I like to be up at night, you know.”

“I’d walk you to your room, but, that might be a bit risky.”

“Okay, you go ahead. I will put away my dishes and these things. And also, I still have those emails to answer!” The two of us had our final laugh.

“Well, good night… miss. I don’t know what to call you.”

“Missus. But Miss is fine. Good night… sir. And thank you.”

I shouldered my computer bag and left her, headed back to my room where my wife was surely sound asleep. Oddly, I didn’t feel bad about what we had just done. The two of us were so frustrated, understood each other so well with just a brief interaction, and were so willing to provide the release we knew the other needed almost desperately.

I crept up the stairs that thankfully hadn’t creaked the whole time the lovely lady and I had our hands in each other’s pants. As I reached the landing and turned to start down the hall toward my room, I smelled her again. Bringing my fingers to my face, I breathed in, my nostrils filling with this complete stranger’s most private scent. I must remember to wash the pussy from my hands before crawling into bed, I told myself. I looked one last time. There she was, way across the room, nestled in the corner behind her computer. She was glowing.


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