It was a cabin in the Ozarks where two friends lived and shared their solitary lives. Mariah had a fairly new relationship with Lorraine. The ladies had met at a local fair where both were selling objects they had made of local products. They were getting along wonderfully and simply now that they moved in together in the cabin at the crest of a hill.

Lorraine was a natural seer and Mariah was a seeker. They got along so easily and well. But It always seemed that Mariah was seeking something but she didn’t know what it might be. Her life should be fine. She had happiness, and leisure, and pleasure, and love. But Lorraine knew something was not there for her friend. And she had the means to bring it about with her skills in the Craft. 

The day began at sunset, the beginning of Samhain, on the thirty-first of October. Lorraine started the journey of exultation of the flesh that she had discovered that her darling was seeking. Finally, Mariah would get what her questing heart yearned for, to learn and become the two halves in One. To share in the two poles of existence, of the sensual being of Nature. Being both bodies in one.

The sun passed behind the trembling dry leaves of Autumn that still struggled to retain their grip. Gentle zephyrs wafted through the darkening forest scattering the debris of the season across the open meadows. The deep colors of red and purple and gold had passed from the landscape leaving the greys and browns for the remaining leaves struggling to maintain.

Their home was actually only two large rooms and a bathroom with several closets and storage areas along with a couple of outbuildings at the end of a narrow lane that extended from the main highway only about a mile. The rooms were decorated with handmade pottery and wall coverings of various sorts. Along two sides of the fireplace were shelves filled with books. Scattered along the walls were other shelves with lots of crystals and stones that retained a beautiful purity.

Mariah was alone on the large single bed. Lorraine had put her to sleep and now was in the larger living area cleaning up after their evening tea. With a bit of trepidation, she would glance over to the open door to listen for any sounds that were untoward.

In the bedroom, it had begun. A mysterious hand moved over her flesh as Mariah slept on the bed. It was touching her here and there, finding each and every spot as she yearned for the glory of sensuality. And it was her. It was her own hand, pressing against each needy place as her mind reached out and pled to be used. 

She felt it and she saw it in her mind’s eye. Her naked body shivered with each touch of the fingers, the ones she was guiding and yet were not truly her own. 

The hollow down below the cabin echoed with cries of some feral cat roaming through the woodlands. She had no fear. The hands that now touched her seeped courage and knowledge throughout her quivering cells. Somehow this was what she wanted. They seemed rougher than hers ever did even after all the work with artistry and gardening she did with her exquisite hands. These hands touching her creamy flesh now were different.

They were both here and not here.

The fingers understood her. After all, Mariah had been stroked and pleasured many times. She knew how it felt both to give and receive. These hands were giving and receiving at the very same time. They belonged to her. And her finger found the perfect spot on her clit. The one that made her crazy with lust.

The thumb rubbed her and her own finger crooked up into her slit and rubbed the spot inside. She began trembling and shaking. It happened so fast. Never like this before. Two pairs of hands working together. Other hands had never known her so well. She knew herself so well. She came. 

And she was kissed. The masculine lips took her mouth into his, probing with his tongue. She felt it with her tongue and knew it well. It felt the way her own lips felt as she kissed her lovers. Her lady lovers. But she had seldom known the raspy texture of whiskers and mustache. She had rarely shared herself like this with a man before. This was new, completely new in many ways, and still recognizable. It was her own kiss on her own lips.

It was new because the masculine counterpart had never known how her body would respond. But she knew, so well. As she resided within this masculine body she understood and felt it both ways.

She and he joined themselves together, the two of them. As she had never done before. This was new and it was wicked in a true sense. She was making love to herself in another’s body. Their fingers touched starting ever so gently and then so roughly. As their lips kissed, joining into one lover. Sucking on each other’s tongues and lips.

Then his lips moved eagerly but slowly down to her small breasts. The ones that everyone rejoiced in as a “mouthful” but she always wondered if they were too small. This mouth knew. They were perfection. And his tongue twirled around as he took time to nip and twist the cherry red nipples. Enough to make her come. 

Coming as she had never done before.

Coming, yes, she was coming. And her male body felt itself getting so close to an orgasm as well. But waiting. Holding back. She had never tried to hold back before, but this time the masculine part knew the feminine wanted a release. To completely release. And they shared this knowledge.

He held back. She hesitated to grasp his member, not knowing what would happen, but his mouth smiled around her titty, held her hand away from his hardness, and they both drifted away to sleep after the first intense passion they both felt and his prick shrank back into his groin. 


“Hello, sweetie. Are you still trusting me?” 

Mariah was drifting slowly out of her sleeping and, for some reason, feeling dreadfully tired. She smiled up at Lorraine’s familiar face, then shook herself and yawned. Candles flickered in the large cabin room. There was a smell of hickory wood burning in the fireplace.

“What do you mean? Trust you how, Lorraine?” 

“It’s simple and yet very weird, I suppose. But it will all turn out great. You just gotta keep believing in me, princess,” she chuckled. “Honestly, this is all something that you have wanted, have asked me for, and now you get it. Trust me, little one, as you always have and always will, forever and ever.”

She kissed Mariah softly, warmly, and finally touched her lips with her hot, wet tongue. “Trust me. After the whole day is over your wish will have been completed.”

Then Lorraine laid beside her lover, moving to engulf her pussy with her hungry lips as her hands held Mariah tightly by her wrists down on the rumpled bedsheets. They always loved to kiss so much but also loved the other things they did so often and so well. Because they shared their taste in the flavors offered to each other. Lorraine ran her tongue from the base of Mariah’s winking hole up to the tip-top of her slit as both women giggled.

They pressed their vulvas against each other to give and receive. It was good but so different from the man’s use of her with his mouth. Lorraine did what she expected to be done. The man had done exactly what Mariah yearned for with her body.

They had a series of shivering and shaking orgasms to complete this little sensual cycle. 

The sharing of womanly needs continued until Mariah tired and passed into somnolence once again.

And then more dreaming reality began.


So very similar this time were the masculine lips and tongue that sucked the moisture. Sucking exactly the way she liked it, but so very different, and more aggressively, spreading the slit widely and fucking her with the stiffened tongue, stroking the top of the slit with the now-familiar thumb. 

One arm stretched upward to hold her breast in a strong hand while he made love to her pussy using the techniques she needed but had never quite received, no matter how close her friends had been in the past. Having a lover who is yourself truly gave one the advantage when it came to massively perfect oral sex. He was giving her the needed licking of her anus she wanted and now got, just the way she wanted it. 

Lapping up the juices from her nether lips was heaven for her and his enthusiasm gave her the sounds of passion that had always turned her on so much. And while he did that she knew, feeling it in her own body, just what he wanted now. She grabbed the thickness of his cock, never having touched one with such knowledge before. She knew what to do.

Mariah shared his feelings in that body of his and she knew just what she needed to do to please him as she pleased herself at the same time, in his body the two were sharing while he made love to her true flesh. She spat upon the head of it and began slowly to strongly stroke his hardness, spreading the saliva along with the precum over the mushroom-like head.

She gripped the shaft tightly, making the head turn purple with sensual rage, spreading her tongue over the veiny surface. Taking the flesh in her teeth, rubbing them back and forth, grinding him and feeling the tenderness he felt.

She carefully sucked each ball into her warm mouth, careful not to be too harsh with his delicate parts. His fingers twined through her tresses strewn around his torso becoming more hungry with sexual thirst, to take his prick, swallowing his thick member, fitting exactly into her hungry mouth. She could feel the pleasure in his cock, her cock, as they joined in this manner. Sharing their two selves once more.  

Mariah now knew what it felt like to jam a prick into a mouth, to feel the drooling juices dripping down the shaft spreading over her pubic area. Ramming her mouth down around the tubular meat, and feeling it as well. Feeling it swell as her mouth sucked it in, feeling her face being fucked and doing the fucking herself. 

She put two hands on the shaft and used its fluids to jack it down and up, faster and faster. Feeling the sensations and giving them. He cried out with pleasure and Mariah smiled with glee and the joy she was giving herself. She sucked harder now, taking him in and feeling the nearness of his coming. Jerking faster now and it was coming to her. Taking it into her mouth and slobbering it around, making a mess, the best mess ever. He was shooting his spunk up and into her throat as she gagged and took it all, relishing the flavor and the fun.

The true fun they both, as one, shared and felt. 

Mariah came as well. For the first time coming from simply taking a man into her mouth and sharing the thrill and delight. 

Once again she lost consciousness. 


Daylight shone into the cabin while the motes of dust drifted about in the gentle breeze from the slightly open window. The day was much warmer than normal for this time of year and the first day of November moved along. The hours passed and Mariah tossed upon her bed, living inside her dreams. 

Her gentleman lover was using her body as she wished. Lorraine glanced over as she sipped her coffee and smiled as her little friend exhibited the throes of passion. She saw only Mariah’s body moving in odd contortions of sensuality. Only she was on the bed. Only she was there.

Mariah twisted and turned her body as her other half shared the bed, used his hands to stroke and caress her naked, sweating body. He smelled her pungency as his nose moved up along the cleft in her rear, licking her salty body. She shook with the feel of decadence he gave her, as she gave it to herself, being her other half. Making love to herself. Feeling what she had always wanted to feel. What it was like to make love to herself.

Her face was mashed down into the bedsheets, her rear upward with his magic hands caressing her ass and his mouth ravished her. Prepared her for the new sensation. So new that no man had ever done this before. Only female lovers had used her nether opening this way before. And it had been good enough with their dildoes and strap-ons. But not the same.

Now his dripping prick was stretching her anus to receive her male counterpart inside her. Making love to her body. Making love to herself. It was even better. She groaned as he entered her and expanded her hole, taking his thickness with abandon. Fucking herself with her own cock. 

How could it be? But it was, for it was all that she had wished. Being ravished by herself. Perverting her flesh with licentiousness. Sweet Lorraine had made it so. Her man fucked her ass as she squealed with glee, spreading her arms wide open and her legs. Biting the sheets to keep from screaming aloud. 

No. It mattered not. She did scream out and she was answered by the caterwaul from the forest. Begging for him to reach her deeper and harder. Grasping her hips and ramming his cock harshly into her, just as she wanted. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.

She laughed out loud as he unloaded his sperm deep inside her, trailing it out and letting it drip from her hole, onto the scummy sheets. And she knew what she wanted. Swiftly pulling away, twisting around, grabbing his cock to begin sucking and licking it clean. Getting all of the juices that he had expended just for her. That she herself had shot out with her own passion from her male half. 

And feeling her own female body quivering with another grand orgasm. Sharing the glory. 

The two naked bodies laid themselves down in opposite directions and shared the taste treat put before themselves, he licking her two clefts and she washing his cock clean with her mouth and tongue. 

Shortly thereafter she went to sleep again.


As she awoke she reached down and touched Lorraine’s face with her unsteady hand. 

“I’m so tired, Lorraine. My dreams are intense but I cannot remember them in the least. I simply feel that I’m completely changed now.”

Her companion looked up from her chore. Lorraine was diligently licking Mariah’s body, cleansing it of all sweat and sperm. “A man’s spunk is so pungent, don’t you think, sweetheart?” as she continued her little chore.

“It seems there should be someone else here with us, Lorraine.”

“He’s only here when we conjure him together. He is you, he lives within you, and only you can truly bring him to life. Now rest. The day is progressing with only a short hour or so to go before the sun sets on your magical sexual tour.”

Lorraine sat up, gestured toward her naked friend, and Mariah collapsed, sprawled out with her arms and legs spread, displaying her body for something new and fresh. A time of learning more deeply what she truly was.


He was on his knees between her legs, spreading them wide and then lifting them both, one after the other, up onto his shoulders. She laughed with glee as his prick pointed directly at her, wagging up and down in a sensual dance of perversion.

He pulled her with her hips toward him and his cock slipped deftly into her dripping slit, sliding in so sweetly, and tightly. He fit perfectly. As if her pussy was made for him. And it was. Her cunny was his and his dick was hers. They were one and he began to fuck her slowly, gently, lavishly.

He grimaced as he used her pussy in a most natural way. One of Nature’s ways toward true sensuality. Mariah fucked herself as she dreamed it would be from now on.

Shaking her body. Making it jiggle with decadent lust as she moaned wanting more of him, wanting more of herself to fuck her own delicious body. She was in love with herself. 

He finally spoke. “You’re perfect for me. We are perfect together my dear one. My princess Mariah.”

She laughed again. “Of course it is perfect. We are one. Now fuck me harder.” And she squealed with glee feeling the prick ramming her harder and deeper, just the way she would do it herself if she were a man. 

She was coming as she felt the spunk filling her up and dripping out of her slitty down onto the bed. Sloppy wet with juices. Male and female fluids mixing and completing the lovemaking.


The day was coming to an end. The sun was setting in the west over the wooded hillsides and Samhain was coming to a close. It had been a completion, a success for the two ladies. Mariah was now sleeping gently and deeply a smile of trust and resolution on her curved lips. She was snuggled up under the appliequéd quilt that her mother had created for her long ago. Safe and secure.

Lorraine was whispering in her ear. “Wake up, my jewel. Awaken, the day is done. Your journey is over.”

“What is it? What happened? Did I fall asleep? God, my pussy is sore. My whole body is sore. What the heck did you do to me, Lorraine?”  

They wrapped their arms about each other. “It’s fine, little one. You had all you wished for. Just one short day to learn what you needed to learn about the two sides of Nature, and of Love.”

“Now go take a shower and get dressed. It’s almost time to eat, the biscuits and stew are ready, and we have company coming. An old friend of mine named Lorenzo is stopping by for a visit. I think you will like him. He and I went to the “School of Life” together and I’ve heard from friends that he has a lot to teach anyone willing to listen. He’s taught me so much at any rate. Besides, I am certain that you have a lot to teach him now along with me, princess.”

They looked toward the front door. They could hear someone was whistling. The cheerful sound echoed lightly over the hillsides of the rocky terrain as Lorenzo walked up the lane to the cabin.




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