As I pulled into the car park outside the hotel, switching the engine off and stopping for a second to catch my breath, my heart beat with excitement.

After a few deep breaths, I looked around, making sure I didn’t recognize anyone before stepping outside to make my way to the trunk. My hands were trembling as I reached inside for my suitcase, pulling out my bag and trying to hide the guilty look painted all over my face.

I composed myself, then walked inside and approached the front desk where a gorgeous brunette girl met me with a smile.

“Hi, how can I help you?” she asked, welcomingly.

“I have a room booked,” I replied nervously, admiring her feminine features and subtle makeup.

She took my name and started tapping away on her keyboard, clicking the buttons loudly as I stood apprehensively waiting for her. My hand gripped the suitcase as my heart began pounding in my chest. She had no idea what I was holding, hidden inside the bag.

Little did she know that in my hands was a collection of sexy lingerie, dresses, makeup items, and sex toys. Everything a sissy like me needed to transform herself into a sexy and naughty little slut.

She looked up at me inquisitively, making me blush at the dirty thoughts that were running around my head.

“You’re in room 103, just down the end of the hall,” she said, looking at me blankly. “If you need anything, just dial down to reception and we’ll be right with you.”

I smiled back and thanked her, before grabbing my keycard and heading down the hall. I was so relieved to find that my room was at the end of the hall. It meant that I didn’t have to worry about the noises I might make during the night!

Giggling to myself as I opened the door, I swiped the keycard and entered the room excitedly. Looking around at my own room… my sissy sanctuary.

The room was fairly large with a king-sized bed, desk, chaise lounge in the corner, and my own shower room.

I slammed the bag onto the bed and immediately began to undress, stripping naked as I pulled out my wash bag and headed for the shower.

Diving into the shower, I began preparing. Cleaning myself all over, and making my skin silky smooth, appreciating the sensual feelings as I ran my fingers over my soft skin.

‘I’m so fucking horny!’ I thought to myself as I ran my hands over my body, pinching my nipples hard.

After a long shower, I wrapped a towel around my chest and tiptoed back into the main room, rummaging through my bag for the first of my newly purchased items.

I tore open the packaging to reveal a sheer suspender bodystocking. My cock grew hard as I carefully pulled it out of the plastic and held the material in my hands.

‘Fuck these are so sexy,’ I thought, rolling it up over my toes and sliding the material over my smooth legs. The stockings clung to my every curve, making my petite body look flattering in the dim lights.

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m such a fucking slut,’ I thought as I admired the lingerie in the full-length mirror.

I wanted to start jerking my little cock right then and there and shoot cum all over the stockings but I knew I was only getting started! I had to be patient and try to control myself, there was much to do before that.

I returned to the suitcase, searching for my new pair of sparkly stripper heels, pulling them out and setting them aside.

‘Only a real fucking slutty bitch would wear shoes like that!’ I heard my inner voice say.

Continuing to search through my bag, I found the sexy wet look mini dress I had bought a few days earlier. Eagerly pulling it out of the packet and holding it up against my body, feeling the fabric cling to my slender frame.

I desperately wanted to flaunt myself and hurriedly slipped it on, stretching the new wet look material and hearing it crackle tight against my ass.

As I appreciated the feeling of the dress tightly rubbing against my body, I adorned my long brown curly wig and stared at myself in the mirror.

“Mmm look at you. You fucking nasty slut!” I said to myself, mouthing the words, “Fuck me,” aloud.

I could feel the blood rushing to my penis, quickly turning me into a horny little slut as I rushed over to set up my camera. I carefully tiptoed around the room in my ridiculous heels as I erected the tripod and set the camera to self-timer.

Quickly, I moved the suitcase off the bed and sat down cross-legged on the edge, looking at myself in the mirror as I picked up my new heels. I couldn’t wait any longer, slipping on the five-and-a-half inch high heels and fastening the straps around my ankles.

I stood up, feeling my whole posture change as I slowly became more effeminate. Confidently strutting around the room, taking pictures of myself in various slutty poses on the bed.

My tiny cock had become rock hard, pressing tightly against the sheer lace stocking under my dress.

“I wanna suck your cock,” I moaned, reaching back inside the suitcase and pulling out a brand new eight-inch realistic cock with a suction cup. Quickly I jumped up, ran across the room, and changed the camera setting to record. If I was going to do this, I wanted to capture every moment.

Within seconds, it was stuck to the mirror as I began licking and kissing the head. I couldn’t believe how wobbly and real it felt, sucking the tip and letting it spring back and smack me gently on the lips.

‘You fucking slut!’ I thought staring at my reflection, appreciating the stockings, heels, tight dress, and pretty girl I saw sucking cock in the mirror. ‘Who wouldn’t fuck her?!’ I thought.

For several minutes I practiced my cock sucking abilities. Making sure not to use any teeth, just my mouth, lips, and plenty of tongue. Taking it as deep as I could, all the way to the back of my throat. Making me gag and choke as I bobbed my head over the cock while it dangled from the mirror.

My boy pussy was beginning to ache for something hard, reaching back for my six-inch vibrating cock and a bottle of lube. Thirstily soaking it in lubricant before switching it on and searching for my aching hole.

“Mmm,” I moaned, “you’re such a dirty little slut!” Squealing softly as the tip penetrated me and began vibrating against my g-spot.

Staring in the mirror at this filthy little whore, I was more turned on than ever! ‘I fucking love this,’ I thought to myself, continuing to suck the realistic cock and bouncing in my heels as I slowly rode my vibrator.

My moans became more frequent and precome began to drip from my tiny cock as it flapped between my legs. ‘Mmm’, I moaned like a girl.

The camera was still recording as I began to shudder and shake, feeling the beginnings of a sissygasm stirring deep inside my tiny balls.

‘No, not yet!’ I thought, stopping and stepping up as I wobbled in my heels and pulled the 8″ cock off the mirror. My ass was gaping now and I knew I could take a bigger cock, laying down on the bed flirtatiously.

I slowly removed the vibrator, switching it off and leaving it on the side, shifting my position on top of the realistic cock while I searched for my boy pussy.

As I tried to take it in, I realized how big it actually was. Not just the length. But also the thickness. After a quick failed attempt, I grabbed the bottle of lube and applied a generous amount over the tip before lowering myself and trying again.

The lube helped make it slide in, as I lowered my whole weight onto the bed, feeling a few inches penetrate my boi pussy. I moaned girlishly as my body trembled.

“Fuck,” I squealed. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. Rocking my body onto the mattress and touching myself as I rode the eight-inch cock. I had just begun to build to an orgasm when I was disturbed.

A loud noise made me stop and freeze on the bed, the dildo still inside my ass as I paused to listen. Distracted by voices I quietly got off the bed. Carefully, creeping across the room trying not to make too much noise, and put my eye to the door.

Standing in my slutty five-and-a-half inch heels, dress halfway up my ass, I peered through the peephole. Less than three feet away, two businessmen walked loudly past my door.

‘If only they knew how close they were to a tranny slut,’ I thought, running my hands over my stockings and smiling to myself.

My whole body lusted for cock. I wanted to be used and degraded right then and there. If anyone had come into the room at that moment, I would have bent over and let them fuck me like the nasty little sissy slut that I was.

The thought instantly turned me on, making me jump back on the bed and ram the dildo back inside my hole. Pushing down harder onto the cock, I began bouncing faster, riding it deeper and deeper. I watched myself in the mirror, dressed like a slut, riding cock in a hotel room like a cheap prostitute.

I wanted to be fucked like a porn star, trying to take as much as I could. Before long I looked down, realizing I had taken every inch of cock! Now only able to see the realistic balls poking out between my legs I rocked back and forth.

‘Fuck!’ I thought. ‘I can’t believe I can take eight inches!’

Turned on more than ever, I started riding faster, lusting over every thrust. My hair swishing around as I brought myself ever closer to climaxing.

“Don’t stop until you make me come, baby,” I screamed, my whole body shaking uncontrollably as I continued riding the dildo.  I could feel my orgasm about to blow, sliding the cock out of my ass and frantically shifting my position.

This was the closest I’d ever been to sex with a man and I wanted to make the experience feel as real as possible.

As I leaned over the bed, I jerked my tiny hard cock. My vision blurred, trying desperately to aim as I began shooting streams of thick come all over the dildo.

There was come was still pumping out of my throbbing penis as I quickly bent over to wrap my lips around the dildo. My tongue lashed around feeling every vein on the realistic cock, enjoying the taste of my own come in my mouth as I continued to leak from my clitty.

After a few intense orgasms shuddered through my body I began to feel normal again. The blurry haze had cleared from my mind and I now realized what I had just done. Looking ashamedly at my reflection I rushed to strip off and clean up my mess.

‘What I am doing?’ I thought. ‘What kind of pathetic loser dresses up and does shit like this!’

I felt so degraded and ashamed, quickly removing my come soaked stockings and dress, racing back to the shower. I was all sweaty and felt super dirty both inside and out. I didn’t understand this fetish or what drove me to do it.

Was I a freak? Was there something wrong with me? How could I stop doing this! Dozens of questions ran through my mind as I tried to wash away the feelings of guilt.  

I finished my shower, dried off, and sat back down on the bed. I’d packed everything away and was considering throwing out all my sissy items first thing in the morning. For twenty minutes or so, I tried to distract myself, watching TV, and drinking wine from the mini-fridge.

But, as time went by, I began to think about all the other items just waiting inside my bag. Looking over, I noticed a suspender strap dangling through a gap in the zip, instantly feeling an overwhelming urge run through me.

That was all it took. Despite all my previous feelings of shame and remorse, I knew who I was and what I was going to do next.

‘I was going to dress up again, wasn’t I? Yeah,’ I thought, ‘I was going to dress slutty and then suck and fuck cock all night long because that’s whats sissies do, and that’s what I was.’

A naughty little sissy… all alone for the night.

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