Celadus moved his kiss from her sweet mouth to her neck, then to her chest, working his way down to her heaving, eager breasts. Selassie moaned and squirmed under him as his kisses burned a fiery trail down her body. 

When he reached her breasts with their dark brown areolae and hard stiff nipples, he licked a small circle around the near one as his hand moved to cup its sister on the far side. 

“Ohhh…” Selassie moaned, arching her back and thrusting her breasts up for him to feast on.

“You like that, do you?” he asked, teasing her.

“Oh yes, very much,” she said, throatily. 

He smiled and made a mental note that her breasts and nipples were sensitive to kisses and licks. Then he went about seeing just how sensitive they were, licking and sucking and gently biting them. 

Selassie moaned and writhed as he played her hard, aching nipples, his mouth working one while his fingers toyed and teased the other.

Her hand went to the back of his head, her fingers running through his dark shoulder-length hair while holding his head in place, locked on her greedy nipple. Her other hand, meanwhile, was stretched out, tightly gripping a fistful of the bedsheet as she tried to keep the room from spinning.

Selassie wasn’t used to being the one who received the pleasure–she had always given pleasure to the guy she was with. After all, she was just a whore, she wasn’t supposed to enjoy the sex. 

So these sensations were unusual and took her by surprise. Celadus saw that she was caught up in her lustful passions and it pleased him that he could please her. 

He thought that he must be pretty good if he could make a whore moan, not even considering that Selassie had been forced to be a whore. It’s one thing if a woman truly loves sex and decides that’s how she wants to earn a living. 

It’s a whole different matter when she is forced to have sex because she is a slave and could be cast out to starve or just flat out be killed for refusing to perform. Having your life on the line kind of takes the enjoyment out of the whole experience!

Selassie didn’t fully realize it yet, but she had nothing to worry about with Celadus. That part of her life was now over, and she never again had to fear that she would be cast out or killed for not giving her body to her man… or her man client!

Celadus licked and chewed on her nipple as Selassie’s arousal grew. Before long, she was moaning loudly and writhing like a snake on a hot skillet.

“Oh, Celadus! Oh please! Please take me! Take me now and show me I’m your woman!” She begged him. 

This was a new twist as well… Selassie had never had to beg a man to have sex with her! 

There was something about Celadus that was incredibly sexy, and she had never been so turned on in her life! Maybe it was the fact he was a gladiator, a warrior. Maybe it was that he was so much older than her. Maybe it was his physical size. She didn’t know–all she knew is that she wanted to be his… in every conceivable way!

Celadus went to move around to get between her legs and get into position. But Selassie quickly rolled over onto her knees with her ass up and her head flat on the bed. She spread her legs and started begging him. “Take me, please take me now, Celadus!” she cried.

“What are you doing, woman?” he asked. Her move puzzled him.

“I’m getting ready… don’t you want to have me?” she asked, looking back at him.

“Why are you on your knees?”

“This is the way I’ve always done it. This is how I was taught. The shopkeeper said that because I was a whore, I didn’t need to see what was happening – and no man wanted to look and see himself with a dirty whore so I was to face away from them,” she said.

“Turn around and sit, Selassie,” he said, patting the bed. She turned around, worried she may have somehow upset him.

“Selassie, you are no longer a whore. The days of going hungry and the shopkeeper – or anyone else making you sleep with strangers is finished. You belong to me now and you do not have to abide by any of those old ways anymore. 

“Now you will be required to keep my house and do all the things that any regular wife would. As for the bedroom, we will enjoy each other as man and woman, not as a whore. Do you understand?” he said.

“Yes, but…” she started to say.

“No buts. Now I do have certain things I like, but I’m sure you do as well and we will try to combine them both in our activities here. One of the things I enjoy is watching your face as I enter you. Would you deny me that pleasure, Selassie?” he asked.

“No, Celadus, of course not!”

“Good. Then be a good girl and lie back and let me see you as I take you this first time. Not as my whore, but as my woman,” he said.

Selassie smiled and laid back, spreading her long dark legs for him.

Celadus moved over top of her, getting into position. With one hand, he gripped the base of his hard, ready cock and began to rub the tip up and down her wet slit, lubricating his cockhead and getting ready to enter her. 

Selassie moaned and put her arms around her gladiator’s neck, looking into his eyes as she enjoyed what he was doing to her already.

“Mmm, that feels so good, Celadus…” she purred as his cock ran up and down her slit, pushing her pussy lips apart. She could feel him push into her just a bit until his cockhead seated itself against her inner opening.

“Now, Selassie, I’m going to push into you. I want you to keep your eyes on me. I want to see the expression on your face. I will judge how far and how fast I go on your expression, so watch me,” he said.

Selassie nodded in understanding and bit her bottom lip, preparing herself. Celadus began slowly opening her up. This was their first time together, and he wanted to make sure he took his time. From what she had said when she undressed him, he was bigger than what she was used to, so he wanted to be careful not to hurt her.

Selassie’s eyes began to grow big as she felt him opening her, stretching her pussy wide as he pushed into her tunnel. 

“Ohhh, Celadus! Ohh you… you are so… big!” She spread her legs wider and adjusted her hips so it was more comfortable as Celadus continued pushing deeper into her. 

Selassie’s mouth dropped open in astonishment, not believing anyone could stretch her so wide and wondering how much more she could take.

“Oh, Celadus! You’re going to… tear me! Ohh, I don’t know… I don’t know if I can take you!” Ohh…” she moaned.

“Just relax, my whore. You can take me, of that I’m certain!” he said calmly.

Just when Selassie was sure she couldn’t take another inch, he stopped. “There, you see, I’m all the way inside you now. I knew you could handle it,” he said confidently.

“I have all of you? You are completely in me now?” she asked him again.

“Yes, my dark beauty, you have taken all I have to give you. You have done well,” he said, smiling. 

Even though Selassie had taken all of his cock, he still gave her a couple of moments to get used to his size before continuing.

When she looked comfortable with him inside her, he spoke again. “Now, I am going to begin. But I want you to continue watching me and let me know if I hurt you. And if you want to move faster or slower, tell me so I can adjust.”

“Yes, Celadus,” she said softly. “Thank you.”

He began pulling out of her slowly until just the head of his cock remained inside her vaginal ring. Then he pushed back into her, a little faster this time since she was stretched a bit and he was more lubricated. His rhythm increased a little at a time until he was moving in and out at a good pace.

“Ohh Celadus, Oh, I can feel you inside me! Ohh, it feels so incredible! Your member… inside me… soo big!” She moaned. 

Despite what he told her, she couldn’t help but close her eyes relishing in the feeling of her gladiator pounding away at her, driving himself deep into her only to pull back and drive back into her again.

Over and over, he plowed into his dark-skinned companion, each time causing her to moan until her words became nothing but animalistic grunts and gibberish. Selassie was lost in her own lustful desires and wanton need.

He continued fucking his woman for all he was worth, knowing now that he didn’t have to be so gentle with her–this former slave woman and whore could take his abuse! He increased both in speed and power until he had brought her to the brink of herself.

“Oh, Celadus, Yes! Oh, please take me! Take me and make me your woman… your whore! Please, please take me hard and make me yours, my strong warrior!” she moaned, arching her back and gripping the bedcovers tightly in her fists.

Then after a couple more powerful thrusts of Celadus’s cock, Selassie gave a scream of pure unbridled pleasure and exploded, her juices rushing out in a torrent to soak both her and him, as well as the bed beneath them. 

She clawed at the bed, and when that didn’t seem enough, she raked her claws along his back as she bucked and pitched in complete abandon.

After what must have seemed like ages to her, Selassie finally collapsed on the bed, panting and covered in a glossy sheen of sweat.

After a few moments to regain enough air to talk, she turned to look at the man who took her breath away. 

“Celadus… that was wonderful! I’ve never felt anything like that ever!” She said, giggling. “Mmm, gives me a nice buzzing feeling down there!”

“I am glad you enjoyed it,” he said. Selassie turned on her side facing him. She put her hand lightly on him, stroking his large, well-muscled chest. 

“Oh, I did more than enjoy it, my warrior hero, much much more. You are the best I have ever had!” 

Her hand traveled down his body, intending to thank that part that had her buzzing “down there”, but when she got to his cock, she found it still hard and throbbing. Then she realized he hadn’t cum yet!

“Oh, Celadus! Oh, I’m so sorry! You haven’t had your pleasure yet! And here I am being so greedy! Please forgive me! Would you like me to please you with my mouth? Or perhaps something else?” She said, upset that she had only been thinking of her own pleasure.

Blowjobs were practically unknown in ancient Rome at the time, so when she asked if she could please him with her mouth, he didn’t quite know what to say. He looked at her puzzled and unsure how to respond.

“Relax, my brave man, just lie back and let Selassie, your whore, take good care of you,” she said, smiling.

He did as she said and lay back on the pillows to watch what his dark-skinned woman was going to do. She laid down on her stomach between his legs with her face just inches from his hard throbbing manhood. Using one hand, she held it lightly and kissed the shaft. Then she kissed the tip and looked at him to see his reaction.

He didn’t seem to mind, so she kissed her way down the underside of his shaft, lightly and lovingly. Once she reached his balls, she gave them a long slow lick. This did elicit a reaction from Celadus – a surprised moan of pleasure!

“Oh, you liked that, did you?” she said with a smile.

“It was… nice,” he said.

She began to lick his balls some more, making sure she completely coated them with her saliva, then sucking one at a time into her warm mouth. 

When she had finished, she moved up his shaft, giving it a long, slow lick with the flat of her tongue. Then she circled the head of his cock before licking all around the mushroom head.

Celadus had never felt anything so incredibly pleasurable and moaned despite himself as she worked.

She hovered over the tip of his cock for a moment, looking at him. “Now, just relax, Celadus, and let me pleasure you,” she purred.

With that, she put the tip of his cock to her mouth and parted her soft full lips taking him in very slowly, letting him experience her oral skills as she pushed down on the hard, thick shaft.

Celadus cock was not only the biggest thing she had taken in her pussy but it was also the biggest cock she had ever taken in her mouth as well. She had a bit of trouble stuffing the man meat into her mouth, but she did and she took him down a little at a time as far as she could until he touched the back of her throat.

Celadus eyes grew large as she started swallowing his cock, but now he closed his eyes and gave himself over to her ministrations as she began to bob up and down on the meaty cock in her mouth.

Mmm…” she hummed in her throat as she moved up and down, the vibrations causing him even more added pleasure. 

He had never felt anything like this before, and it caught him off-guard. Before he knew it and long before he wanted to, he was at his crest and plunging over it.

With a mighty groan, he came, still deep in her mouth. But Selassie knew what to do, having had a lot more experience. She swallowed down his huge load, totally draining him and then sucking the last drops from his rapidly-deflating member.

Celadus lay there gasping for breath as Selassie lay down next to him, her head on his chest. He put one arm over her as she lay there. When they had recovered and could hold a normal conversation, Celadus sat up. 

“Selassie, I do not have much experience with women… a gladiator’s life doesn’t usually include women, and I have been fighting for a long time. So being with a woman is still new and strange for me. I am not sure what to do or how to…” he said.

Selassie put her fingers on his lips to hush him. “Celadus, my hero, do not worry. I am your woman, whatever you do is enough for me. And as your whore, I will teach you the tricks and techniques I know, and perhaps we can make a few new ones as well. 

“It will be all right, my sweet. I am perfectly happy with what we have right here. You saved my life, and you have already treated me better than anyone ever has. Better than I have a right to ask for. I am happy, and I haven’t been happy in a very, very long time.

Celadus pulled her up to kiss her, wrapping his arms around her to hold her while he devoured her hungrily. This new feeling was one he wanted to fill himself with – he couldn’t seem to get enough of this woman and didn’t want to let her go for fear of losing her. 

Selassie, for her part, was also enjoying this new facet of her life and the new man that brought it about. She put her hands on both sides of his face holding him as she returned the kiss with equal passion. 

It had only been a few days since she had been caught by one of the market employees stealing some fruit. She hadn’t eaten that day or the previous one and she was famished. Had she had the denarii, she would have gladly paid for the fruit. 

But the shopkeeper who owned her had turned her out into the streets days ago with nothing save the rags on her back. She had given herself to men for the few bites of food since, but she had no one to feed her now and so she did what she had to.

She had been brought before the magistrate and sentenced to the Coliseum – whores and thieves were of no value except sport and Coliseum fodder. It was there that she had met Celadus who saved her from the beasts about to tear her apart for the pleasure of the Governor and his guests.

Now she lay with him in his bed, his reward for winning his battle in the Coliseum. And while she may well have wound up as his slave, Celadus had told her she wasn’t to be a slave anymore but instead his woman and his whore. She would serve him, but as a free woman, the ancient Roman equivalent of today’s girlfriend. 

Being a free woman now, she could if she wanted to leave Celadus at any time. But to do so would put her back out on the streets with no way to support herself. 

She would be back to stealing and whoring… and if caught this time, there would be no gallant gladiator-hero to save her from whatever the Coliseum had for her!

She had no intention of leaving, however, and hoped she pleased him enough he wouldn’t cast her out. She liked the warmth of the bed and the warmth of the body she shared it with. 

She liked the way he treated her and the way he enjoyed her! Selassie knew that this was the best she had ever had and was in no hurry to see it end.

The only thing that really worried Selassie was when Celadus was called to go to the Coliseum for another fight. She was terrified when he was called there, scared that he might not come back and what would happen to her if he didn’t. 

In between his battles in the Coliseum, Celadus was a guard for the city – a kind of police officer of sorts, tasked with keeping the peace and putting down any uprisings or disagreements between the citizens. 

But when the Governor wanted to put on a special show and wanted his best gladiators, Celdaus was one who would be called in to do battle with either another gladiator or some ferocious beast. And those were the times Selassie was most afraid–for him and for herself.

One day that call came, and Selassie was visibly upset. “Celadus, please don’t go. I am scared, my sweet, scared that this might not go well for you,” she said, holding onto his arm tightly.

“Selassie, I have to go, I don’t have a choice. If I do not go, then I will lose my elite status and will become just another Coliseum slave gladiator. 

We will lose this house and both of us will wind up back in the cells below the Coliseum, awaiting whatever fate holds for us in the next battle. But under the agreement I have with the Governor, this is my last battle. 

After this, I will have completed my obligation to him, and I do not have to fight anymore. If I can just win this one last competition, I will be free to come home to you once and for all,” he said.

“Then I shall wait for you, my brave gladiator, and pray to the gods for your safe return,” she said.

“You do not wish to come and cheer for your hero?” he asked.

“Oh no, Celadus, I could not! Oh, if something were to happen, I could not bear to see you hurt or…” she didn’t dare finish her sentence.

“I understand, my sweet Selassie. The Coliseum is not a pretty place for anyone. I have lost many a good friend in that stadium. I have but one last battle, then I will be yours.”

Selassie went with him to the door of their house, and he picked up his sword shield and helmet. She kissed him goodbye and watched as he walked toward the Coliseum.

Selassie waited and paced the floor nervously as time ticked slowly away. The uncertainty was agonizing. She waited as long as she could, but finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and she went to the Coliseum to see what was happening. 

She made her way to the Coliseum, and once she was at the front gate, she told the first official she could find that she was Celadus’s girl. He took her back behind the stadium so she could watch the action from the ground level. 

Celadus hadn’t yet entered the stadium and she watched two other gladiators fight. She saw how brutal and fierce their fighting was and then she saw one of them get the upper hand, knocking his opponent to the ground. 

He stood over his fallen opponent and looked up at the Governor, who then gave a “thumbs down” signal. The standing gladiator did not hesitate, and ran his sword through the fallen combatant, killing him. 

Selassie looked around the stadium floor at the other red patches of dirt and knew that other men had fought and some died there as well. Then she looked up into the seats at the cheering and laughing people. 

How could these people be laughing at this horror? How could they be so heartless as to enjoy this suffering? And what about the families of the slain? Then the gravity of this Coliseum hit her and she had to sit down before she fainted. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by a new and louder roar of the crowd and she looked out to see her Celadus entering the ring. She quickly looked around but saw no other combatant right away. 

She wondered who, or what, he would be fighting and then from the other side of the stadium another man, a huge ferocious-looking man, came out. 

He was dressed in strange armor, covering his shoulder and one arm with a wicked looking hooked sword in it. 

His other arm carried a large shield, and his helmet all but covered his head and face. He was a mountain of a man and even Selassie had her doubts about how Celadus would overcome him.

The two entered the ring and came to face the Governor as Selassie and Celadus had. With salutes to the Governor, the fight began, each man circling and feinting, trying to plan an attack. 

A few false lunges and parries thrown by each man still hadn’t shown either an opening. Selassie was terrified but couldn’t look away–she HAD to watch as her man fought for his… for their lives.

Suddenly the brute charged, and Celadus swung his sword. The man countered with his shield and ran headlong into Celadus, bowling him over in the impact. 

Celadus was sprawled out on the ground and the other man stood over him. The Governor gave the “thumbs down” signal and the man raised his sword to lop off Celadus’s head with a single fatal blow.

Selassie screamed as she saw her man about to lose his life, but Celadus had not gotten this far to lose his last battle before freedom. He still had his sword within grasp and turned it upward to run the man above him through from between his legs, where he had no armor. 

The man screamed then fell over onto the ground, Celadus’s sword handle still protruding from between his legs. Celadus picked up the other man’s sword, looked up at the Governor, and smote his opponent with his own sword. 

With his opponent now dead, Celadus retrieved his sword and walked over to face the Governor.

“My liege, in accordance with our agreement, my obligation to you is at an end. This was my final battle here in the Coliseum, and I hold you to your word that I am now a free man,” Celadus shouted loud enough for the entire Coliseum to hear. 

This put the Governor on the spot – he didn’t want to be thought a liar or a cheat!

“Very well, my fine warrior, I will grant you your freedom. Our Coliseum will be less for your leaving, but others will rise to fill your place. You may, if you wish, you can remain a guard for Rome, but you will not need to fight here anymore. May the Gods look over you, and may you find your way in Rome,” he said.

With that, Celadus knelt and saluted one final time, then turned and began walking back across the stadium floor. 

Partway across, Selassie saw him coming and burst out running as fast as she could towards him. They met in the middle of the stadium, and she threw her arms around him, kissing him in front of the cheering, celebrating crowd.

“Celadus! Celadus! Celadus!” the crowd cheered, but neither heard the commotion… they only had eyes for each other.

“Let’s go home, Selassie,” he said.

“Yes, my love,” she replied. He looked at her curiously.

“Well, I can’t very well call you my gladiator anymore, can I?” she said, smiling.

“No, I suppose not!” he said. He put his arm around her and they walked out the Coliseum and back home.

“So now that you are a free man, Celadus, am I still to be your whore?” Selassie asked.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way!” he said, smiling.

 She lay her head on his shoulder. “Good, neither would I!” she replied softly.

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