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I look around my studio taking it all in. I had converted my living room into my art space. It’s the best room with natural light. I share a two-story house with my brother and his wife. They’re upstairs and I’m below. But this week I get to enjoy the quiet without them coming downstairs and meddling in my life. I love that they check up on me but they are always trying to set me up with someone. Thankfully they’re off on a cruise. 

There’s a big dog bed in the middle of the room. I see Sagan sleeping sweetly. The most spoiled dog in the world. I get up to play some music and water my plants. Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother with them, I’m just going to murder them anyway. I start to turn the volume up louder and dance around to my new found obsession in soul music from Jessie Reyez. Swaying my hips and belting out the words I close my eyes losing myself in the music. I’m oblivious as fuck to who’s watching me. I feel someone grab my hips and hold me. 

He says, “Hey little one!” I let out a scream, pushing back, and fall on my ass. 

I look up and all I can see is Alexander grinning at me. My brother’s best friend from childhood. The sexy bastard. From the corner of my eye I spot a duffle bag by the door. 

“Jesus, Alex, are you trying to scare me to death?” I can’t help but laugh while I rub my ass. 

“Are you okay, Ally? Want me to rub it for you?” He says, mocking concern with a wink. 

“So what are you doing here? Planning on staying a while?” I ask while he helps me up and we hug for a little bit. Breathing him in. He always smells so damn good. This crush never seems to go away. 

“It’s over between Jenna and me. I found her sleeping with her boss. I’m going to pick up my stuff later on this week. Liam said I could stay here with you while they’re away. I promise I’ll behave, wash up after myself, and help out until I get a new apartment.” He smiles and rubs the sleeping Sagan’s head.

“So my big brother decides to give you my house keys instead of his without even telling me! That’s just perfect. I’m sorry about Jenna. She’s such a twat,” I mutter softly, looking up at him. 

“Look, I won’t intrude, if you don’t want me here. Just figured we could hang out like the old days,” he says looking all put out. 

We both go to the sofa to sit down. “It’s not that at all. I love having you here. I just wish Liam would tell me shit first before deciding things for me. I think he okayed you being here because he was worried about me being alone. He worries way too much. Are you okay though? I know you guys lived together for a while. You really cared for her.” I can’t help but make a scrunching face. 

“You probably love knowing we’re done. Don’t you? You never really took a shine to her.” He laughs but looks intensely into my eyes. 

“I told you I didn’t think she was good enough for you. Besides, now you know you deserve better. Someone that laughs at your terrible dad jokes, and takes advantage of your giant ass. Who wouldn’t want someone that can reach the top shelves?” We both laugh at that. “Come here,” I say while I move in for the hug. 

We hug for a while now and I swear I feel whole with him just hugging me like this. The air begins to feel heavy around us. I try to break the tension and I start to tickle him. We’re both squirming around tickling one another and laughing at each other until he overpowers me and grabs both of my hands above my head with his one large hand. 

I’m so aware between my legs now of him being on top of me. Fuck… am I aware! I start to lick at his face to get away but he’s holding me down with his hand and he tickles me with the other. I’m laughing but I can’t help instinctively wrapping my legs around his waist. I do the unfathomable and I kiss him hard. I stop myself so I can take him in. We’re both in shock and he can’t take his eyes away from my lips. 

I whisper so sweetly, “Just go with it.” I kiss him again. 

I’ve been carrying this little torch for him the past ten years and now we’re making out on my sofa. How fucking unreal is this? I feel his hands under my t-shirt now, touching and cupping my breast. I’m moaning into his mouth while he’s sliding his tongue against mine. He’s grinding his cock against me while I push my hips up meeting his grinding thrust. Why the hell are we wearing so many clothes?

I can really feel my wetness now. My panties are drenched. All of a sudden Sagan starts to bark like mad at something outside and the spell is broken. Alex withdraws from me so fast. We’re both breathless and just sit in wordless quiet. 

“I shouldn’t have taken it that far. I’m sorry Ally. Don’t know what got into me. Liam would kill me if he knew,” he says looking at me like he’s yearning for more. But he just stays stone still. 

“Don’t worry about it. We can just forget this happened. Let’s just leave it, alright. I’ll get started on dinner,” I say with a smile but I’m really dying inside. ‘Fuck Liam,’ is all I can think as I leave the room. 


The evening went off without a hitch between us. We ate and joked around. Gave Sagan a few scraps of our meal even if he was such a cock blocker today. It was a really nice day; we just talked a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. I made up the guest room for him which was right next to mine. Having him situated, I went to my room to get ready for bed. 

I put on my favorite hockey jersey. The house was a bit chilly. I went to get some more blankets from the supply closet but they were way up high. I was stretching to get them, my jersey riding up a little higher so you could see the bottom of my cheeks. I heard his breath hitch behind me and I froze. He stepped behind me pressing himself against me. Felt like he was moving so slowly. He reached up and grabbed the blankets for me. 

I turned around and said, “See, this is why you’re perfect.” Realizing what I said I added, “Perfect giant to get me things.” I laughed nervously and went into my room. “For fuck’s sake, why am I such a dork?” I muttered to myself. I heard him go into his room and close the door. Left the door a little open so Sagan could have access to his food, water, and big bed. I got into bed and dozed a little bit but mostly all I did was toss and turn. I woke up to complete quiet. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. I pulled the covers off me and took off my panties. 

Started to edge myself slowly. Wondering what could have happened. Moaning, not caring if he heard me. Closing my eyes I just imagined him kissing my neck and putting his big meaty hands on and in me, fucking me with those big fingers. I heard the door creak open but I kept my eyes shut still. I started lifting my jersey off.

I was fully exposed and I could hear his labored breathing. I played with my breast and pulled on my nipples slowly, wanting to tempt him even more. I opened my eyes and I saw him at the foot of the bed. We both stared at one another, his hand on his cock, stroking away. And my two fingers deep in me and I just stopped.

He whispered, “Just go with it,” a subtle nod to earlier.  I moaned and we watched each other. I watched him play with his balls and stroke his big cock. I always wondered how it would look. I wish I was on my knees worshiping it. I could see the pre-cum on it and it made me lick my lips. I was way too glued to the bed and afraid if I moved this would stop. I fucked myself faster. You could smell my sex in the room, hear the gushing sounds of my fingers going in and out of me. He started to stroke quicker. 

We were both a fucking mess, watching each other. It was madness. He came close beside me, looking down on me like a possession and that just made me cum so hard. He came all over me at the same time. Strings of his cum just splattered all over my chest and stomach. I slowly took my two fingers that were inside of me and dipped them into his cum and sucked on them while he watched me. He stood there in awe of me. 

He left the room shortly after and changed into sweats and went to retrieve a wet handwash towel to clean me up. He tossed it in the hamper after and put my Jersey back on me. Moved me to the other side of the bed and held me. I was the little spoon to his big spoon. All I could think was this was going to be a hell of a week.

I woke up the following morning to find a little post-it from him on my other pillow saying we would talk later. Anxiety and dread filled me.

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