This is true-ish. I have exaggerated the numbers here a bit, but the story is based on fact. I know the lesbian couple involved.

To borrow a phrase from Jeff Foxworthy, “I live in a Sea of Estrogen.” My story seems strange to me, even though I’m living it. The interesting thing is how I got here. It all started with my divorce.

My name is Tau. Don’t ask, my parents were on a strange kick that I never did understand. The story kept changing over the years, so no laughing; it is my name. I’m just a little past forty and was married for just over twenty years. We simply drifted apart in many ways and once my younger daughter graduated high school, my ex and I decided we had enough. The divorce wasn’t as bad as many I had witnessed over the years, but between alimony and college, I was pretty strapped from month to month.

I was talking to a friend of mine, a former co-worker who had moved out of state. No, not an ex-girlfriend, just a good friend for many years. I was telling her of my predicament about looking for a new place to live and she offered me a suggestion: one of her daughters.

Let’s be clear, I knew her daughters pretty well and also knew the one she was talking about is a lesbian and in a relationship. Quite a few years back, she was a pretty constant visitor to my house, as she was school friends with one of my daughters as well. So I was a little hesitant, but I was also getting desperate. She paved the way for me with her daughter.

The daughter, Sabrina, and her, I guess, ‘partner’ is the politically correct term, Nichole, had rented a large house. Originally they lived there with Sabrina’s four-year-old-daughter, another couple, and one other girl. The one girl graduated from college and moved away. The couple had decided to get married and start a family, so they were looking for a place of their own. That left Bri and Nicki trying to figure out how to avoid defaulting on their lease. I guess they were desperate as well.

I met them at the house and saw they were looking to rent me a section in the house that was built as a ‘mother-in-law’ apartment. It had a separate entrance, a small (read minuscule) kitchen, a sitting room, a large bedroom with its own bath. In all honesty, it was perfect for me. We agreed on the numbers and I moved in.

For the first couple of months, we didn’t interact much, but we did get a little closer. Bri’s daughter started visiting me and she was a real doll. Even the few times my two daughters came over, they thought little Layna was adorable. I started doing some baking to have fresh cookies around for her visits. One of my hobbies is cooking. I was doing bread one day and the smell permeated the whole house and brought all three of them into my area. They invited me to use the main kitchen whenever I wanted, as long as they could share in the results.

That really started things. I loved to cook and neither Bri nor Nicki really did. So, as a result, I started spending more time in the main part of the house and we often ate dinner like a real family. Slowly over the next year, that’s what we became, a family. Laugh if you want, but it’s true. I even baked the cake for Layna’s fifth birthday party!

No, nothing sexual was going on, after all, I was much older and they were gay and devoted to each other. Then Michelle, Bri’s Mom came in for a visit from out of town. Michelle is my former co-worker, the one who set me up with this living arrangement. The second night she was there, she came to my bedroom without too many words joined me in bed.

I always liked her, but I hadn’t really thought of her sexually before. I mean we worked together and maybe you know the adage: ‘Thou shalt not dip thy quill in the company ink’? I had seen so many workplace relationships cause professional and personal issues that I never gave Michelle a thought along those lines. However, when she came into my bedroom, slipped off her robe, and then slid under the covers, I found being divorced wasn’t so bad! That night was also my first night with a woman since my divorce. It was terrific and I would like to think I gave as good as I got. Unlike my ex, Michelle was smooth-shaven so I got to spend lots of time between her legs. I also discovered that not every woman hated the idea of sucking a cock. Sixty-nine was apparently one of her favorite numbers.

I was a little worried about getting her pregnant, but we were extremely careful, although there were a couple of times pulling out before cumming all over her back or belly was challenging. She felt so incredible and was an amazing lover. She stayed a week and promised to return in a few months. When she left, I really missed her as much as Layna did, just for obviously very different reasons.

But, life went on. I got to take Layna trick-or-treating for Halloween while Bri was working and Nicki was setting up for a small party. It was funny, Layna never called me by my name or really any term. I half-expected an ‘uncle’ label, but she never did. I was just one of her friends and watching her face light up when I would pick her up from school always brought a smile to my face.

Okay, background laid. You can see I lived in an estrogen-heavy environment, but not to the point it was going to become. Michelle came back for another visit and that first night things started spiraling out of control. We were sitting on my couch getting each other worked up. God that woman loved to kiss! We finally made it to the bedroom, minus most of our clothing.

There we were, in bed, Michelle was sitting on my face when I felt her hand hold my cock. No biggie, then some shifting, and I felt what could only be a pussy descend on it. It was hot, wet, and tight and it wasn’t the one I was looking up into at that moment. Then Michelle started talking.

“You know Bri and Nicki want another child, a brother or sister for Layna. They decided of all the men they knew, you were the best possible candidate. They kept trying to find a way to ask you and then talked with me about it. If you say no, she’ll get off of you, and nothing will ever be said about it. But if you agree, they’ll come in here for the next week and try to get pregnant.”

Whoever I was inside of pulled herself up and sank back down on me, sweetening the deal, as it were. But my divorce did leave a few rough edges. “I won’t be just a sperm donor!”

“They wouldn’t do that. You will be the baby’s father and this unusual family will become more of one.”

While shocked, I found the idea appealing. I loved being a dad and once my kids grew to teens, I missed much of the interactions from when they were little. The idea of being a dad again wasn’t at all objectionable. I wasn’t thrilled with being set-up by Michelle, and that’s exactly how it felt. But then that pussy slowly moving up and down started getting to me. What was weird is I had no idea whose it was, Bri or Nicki? They had both mentioned wanting more kids, but it never crossed my mind that I might be intimately involved.

Now, I would love to tell you I thought all this while that tight, wet, and hopefully sweet pussy was going up and down on my cock. The reality was I thought all that later. Right then and there a much more primal instinct took over and I groaned into Michelle’s pussy as the other started moving faster and faster on me. Then the bed moved again and I felt a third person straddle my legs, behind the one riding me. Again, later I figured it made sense that it wasn’t done behind anyone’s back, well except for mine. And I wasn’t complaining the closer and closer I got to cumming. Then I heard the third person speak and I knew it was Nicki on me.

“That’s it, baby, make him cum up inside you. You’re going to have a baby with me!”

I also felt Bri reached around and was rubbing Nicki. Michelle stayed right where she was, her pussy an inch from my face, and getting more turned on herself, the scent of her being all excited was all I could smell. I felt her wetness as well. I tried to reach up and touch Nicki, but Michelle took my hands and put them on her large breasts.

I guess it didn’t take long, although it felt like it did. As Nicki came, so did I, I think a bucket full, at least that’s what it felt like. Nicki got off me and then Michelle surprised me by sixty-nining me with my cock still wet from cumming and Nicki. As I slowly got hard again, I realized our audience hadn’t gone anywhere.

When I was all firmed up and thinking of cumming again down Michelle’s throat, she sat up and another pussy came down on me. This one must have been Bri’s because she wasn’t quite as tight as Nicki, but she felt even wetter. I guess she took after her mom in the wetness department. Still, my brain was sort of on the fritz because it never dawned on me they both wanted to get pregnant.

This took longer and Bri was not only being played with by Nicki, but she was following her mother’s directions, in terms of speed and even angle. She came at least twice, although the second was muffled as I guess the two of them were kissing. Bri’s moans were starting to get to me as Michelle got off of me and I could see Bri, with Nicki behind her, straddling my legs as she kissed Bri on the neck and played with her breasts.

I will tell you that the image of one woman reaching around and playing with another can be sexy. When it’s not just happening in front of you, and one is riding your cock, it not only blows your mind but blows something else as well. I started cumming only it wasn’t enough. I pulled Bri down and shoved her over and started fucking her. I don’t know if that was against the rules, but I think I had enough of being used.

I have to say there was no tenderness, no lovemaking. I started cumming and I just fucked the hell out of her. It was only a dozen or so strokes, but I was shoving my cum in as deep as it might go. Nicky laid down next to Bri, stroking her hair and kissing her while Michelle was beside me, watching and playing with herself. Finally, with one last groan, I fell on top of Bri and my cock came out. Later I thought if she wasn’t pregnant, it would be a miracle.

The two left Michelle and me alone. She cuddled with me and we talked, really talked. Once we got a few things settled, she started stroking me again. It took a while, my forty-year-old cock wasn’t used to such treatment, but the trooper that he was, he rose to the occasion, and Michelle and I made slow, gentle love. I even came inside her for the first time. I went to pull out, but sorta said a mental ’fuck it!’

The next morning the four of us talked and made a few decisions. For the rest of the week, it was the four of us in bed, as I did my best to impregnate the two twenty-somethings. Michelle was like a cheerleader. It was pretty surreal! I did discover a few things. Both Nicki and Bri liked to be fucked hard. They also had an impressive toy collection which I got to witness, but not use. I think it was also a ploy to keep me overly excited.

Michelle went back home after a week and things settled down to normal. I slept in my own bed and they slept in theirs. The one change was some of the late-night noises. Maybe because I was more familiar with them, or they decided being quiet was a waste of time, I could hear the two of them making love often. While it did nothing for my sex life, it sure fired up my imagination and I sometimes heard one of them cumming in no uncertain terms.

It took about six weeks before Bri announced the news, a positive pregnancy test. A couple of weeks later Nicki announced the same. Once their doctor confirmed it, they told Michelle on the phone and she was ecstatic! I was torn between being very pleased and also a little worried about what my daughters would say.

At about the six-month point, I broke the news to my daughters and found out they already knew. It seems Bri and the two of them were connected on Facebook. They sort of assumed I was the dad since there was no mention of a guy involved with them. They thought it was pretty wild and volunteered for babysitting once in a while. I didn’t ask for my ex-wife’s reaction!

Just past the sixth month, Michelle came back with a few surprises of her own. One was easy, she was moving back. She decided that she wanted to be closer to her grandkids. The other reason for that decision was she was also pregnant. Remember the one time I came in her? I guess it was the golden bullet of sperm. She was as surprised when she realized it as I was when she got out of her car with her belly sticking out. Bri and Nicki knew, but they decided to surprise me! They succeeded.

My daughters found out about that and started teasing me about living with three pregnant women. If any of you reading have had children, you know about the mood swings, cravings, and emotional outbursts — well multiply it by three! My cooking skills also got a workout!

Layna loved it all! She was getting close to six years old and she took to the idea of a little brother or sister as if it was her idea all along. The other thing that happened was an uptick in my sex life again as Michelle moved in with me instead of having her own bedroom. Her favorite position was on her back with me on my side with her legs over mine. We also both enjoyed the noises from Bri and Nicki late at night as well.

I think the nurse and others at the obstetrician’s office were a little surprised when I would bring each of them for their appointments and I know the history paperwork identified me as the father for all of them. But, to be honest I wasn’t worried about that! One of Bri’s friends even made mention of borrowing me to get her and her girlfriend pregnant. Bri and Nicki killed that idea. I would have been against it as well, if they bothered to tell me when it had happened.

The delivery time came around and luckily Mother Nature was kind to me and put a little space in between each one, but not much. Michelle and Bri delivered within three days of each other, Nicki held off almost two full weeks.

Michelle had the easiest delivery, a beautiful baby girl, weighing in at just under eight lbs. Bri had back labor and a pretty long delivery, over thirty hours. She also had a girl, almost nine lbs. Nicki delivered the final bit of estrogen, yes another baby girl and also the largest at a few ounces over nine lbs. The three of them looked only a little alike, but you know how much that will change over their first year. I was thrilled and also kinda weirded out. If you are familiar with genetics, you know the chromosome that determines gender comes from the male. I now had five children of my own and all girls! To be honest, I didn’t think about that for a long time. I think it was my oldest daughter who teased me about it.

But now you know why I refer to my home as a sea of estrogen. Three adult women, one in first grade, and three little ones in swaddling clothes. I was seriously outnumbered! And I love it! You have no idea how much, having three women and myself around with three babies. I cannot imagine how a young couple who have triplets manage. Layna is adorable with them. When we brought Michelle’s little Micky home, Layna was sitting on the edge of the couch and held her arms out to hold the baby! It was the cutest thing. Yes, we allowed it with careful assistance. Layna was a little put out when she realized she couldn’t breastfeed the babies. It was almost funny seeing her pull at her chest, trying to make a breast appear.

This large house suddenly feels more than a little crowded, but I don’t think any of us would trade it. We’re a family and while we get the occasional sideways glance, we tend to ignore it. We figure they are just jealous!

Oh, and one little side note. I am now outnumbered eight to one, as Layna decided the stray dog who moved into our backyard had become a family member. Yes, another female. Am I sad about not having a son? Well, since Nicki and Bri are talking about having another in a couple of years, maybe the odds will even up a little?


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