Being a newly divorced guy in a huge house with a pool and a hot tub has its rewards. I did not intend for the casa to become a party haven, but that is exactly what happened a while back.

Jack was a work buddy and he too was divorced. He suggested we throw a naked hot tub party and invite some girls from a nearby college. I told him he was nuts if he thought any college coeds would want to come and party naked with a couple of middle-aged guys, but he only laughed and said, “Leave it up to me.”

Jack called me from a worksite and asked me if I had any Friday night plans for the hot tub.

“No,” I replied, “Why?”

“Well,” Jack replied, “I have three cuties willing to party if we supply the beer, and don’t worry, they are all legal enough to drink.”

I had seen the women that Jack dated, so I was a bit skeptical.

I was surprised when I opened my front door and there stood a beaming Jack Warren and three very lovely college-aged coeds. I welcomed them all into the house and told them to make themselves at home while I got everyone some beer.

Just to be on the safe side, I asked them if they were old enough to drink and all three said they were.

So, over the course of the next half an hour and a case of beer, I learned their names, their college majors and that they were party girls.

“So, what do party girls like to do to party?” I asked bemusingly. There was some talk about things that were illegal, so I will not go there.

With a light blue haze and a sweet aroma filling the air of my house, someone decided we should play “quarters.”

It didn’t take Jack or me long to get down to our boxer shorts, or for our three very attractive and vivacious party guests to be sitting in front of us, completely topless.

Then, one of the ladies said Jack had mentioned something about a hot tub. I looked at Jack and he simply smiled.

So off to the hot tub we trekked. All three of the ladies quickly shed what remaining clothes they had and unabashedly slipped into the hot tub. Jack followed while I grabbed my cell phone to take some photos.

Two of the girls got a little handsy with each other, much to my delight and that of Jack, who decided it was time to take things to a different level.

I was a little taken back by Jack’s brashness when he boldly asked who wanted to give him a blow job. Although we were all feeling the effects of the beer, no one up and volunteered.

“Damn Jack,” I said, “You just crashed and burned big time!”

One of the girls asked for directions to the potty and I told her to simply follow me. I stood by the bathroom door waiting on her to come out. As she exited the bathroom, she saw me standing in the hallway. She peered around the corner towards the hot tub and then she turned and grabbed my hand, silently pulling me down the hallway towards one of the bedrooms. She pushed me up against the wall and planted a huge, tongue probing kiss on me that signaled to me that she wanted to have a little “fun”.

“I don’t have a condom,” I whispered.

“I’m on the pill and clean,” she whispered back, shoving her hand in past the waistband of my boxer shorts to cop a feel of my semi-erected cock. Holy cow!

So, I led her into my bedroom and closed the door. She quickly settled onto my bed and rolled on to her back, spreading her legs and patting her shaved private parts. There was no way to turn her down. She was such an oral delight. Then she crawled onto her hands and knees and begged me to, “do my thing.”

I stared right at her little starfish of a tight little sphincter but decided to pass up on it. I jammed my eight and half-inch steel rod into her tight little shaved pussy and she let out a small whimper and my pelvis met her cute and firm ass. I slapped her hip and she damn near passed out, begging me to not stop. I shot my load deep inside of her as she cried out, “Don’t stop! Give it to me!”

It was a quick down and dirty couple of minutes. I left her lying on the bed, trying to catch her breath. I headed back out to the hot tub to find her friends sixty-nining each other on the pool deck, with Jack sitting in the corner, watching, and stroking a hard-on. Seeing me approaching, Jack quickly covered himself with a wayward shirt that had been tossed to the side. I am assuming he did not want me to see his junk.

I slipped back into the hot tub, totally naked. I had no issues with being naked at that point.

“Where is Jane?” one of the girls asked, taking a momentary break from eating her friend’s pussy.

“She’s passed out on the bed,” I replied.

“Is she OK?” the other girl asked.

“I think so,” I added, “Maybe you can check on her.”

So, the two of them made their way back into the house. I was right behind them. I peered back at Jack and said, “Lock the door on your way out.”

I don’t think Jack was super happy, but hey! It was my house and my hot tub.

I texted Jack a few hours later, with some rather risqué photos.

“You’re mean,” he replied.

“Yes, I am,” I texted back, “but I am happy.”

Jack never got over that night and he never let me forget about it. It was a night to remember.

I owe ya’ buddy.

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