Mom came into my room a little after 9 pm. I’d been texting two friends, but I stopped and told them to have a good night.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Mom was just in her robe, which was totally normal for her after dinner and dishes and a little TV. Her hair was mussed up, but she looked lovely, with a big smile. She had an open box with her, which she put on the floor by the nightstand. She sat on the bed, by my shoulder.

“Nothing much, honey,” she said. “I just thought I’d check on you.”

OK, that was unusual. Mom and I seldom talked to each other in the evenings. I would do my thing and she would do hers. No need to check on me.

I was in my pajamas, nothing special, just solid pink cotton jersey. Like my mom, I had got ready for bed early, assuming nothing else was going on. I was sixteen at the time, twenty-one years ago. And I’d recently had sex with my dad and more recently had sex with both him and mom. These had been great experiences, the only real sex I’d had in my very limited life to that point, but they hadn’t been life-changing or anything. Just fun, you know?

“Well, I’m fine, thanks,” I said. And I was fine, basically. A couple of classes weren’t going quite right, but that was normal. I didn’t have a boyfriend, which was no big deal. I felt a little fat, and my boobs were too small, and my face wasn’t quite right, but all in all, yes, I was fine.

“Turn over, honey, and I’ll rub your back. You always used to like that, remember?”

Yes, I loved having my back rubbed. Mom hadn’t done it in about three years, though. So, with the recent sex we’d had, it was hard to not be suspicious. On the other hand… back rub!

I turned over on the bed and felt mom’s hands begin to stroke my shoulders through the pajama top. She just used her fingertips, very light, long motions that went all the way down my arms and back up again. It felt just the other side of being tickled, almost, but not quite. Mom smelled like soap.

She was up to something, I was sure of that. Maybe she wanted to have sex? Probably, I guessed. I thought about that and shivered a good shiver. I’d had my first real orgasm with mom the other day and I was totally ready to have one again. I’d licked her clit for a while and, I’ll admit it, I enjoyed it, giving my mother pleasure.

Her fingers met at my neck and, together, stroked down either side of my vertebrae, again very lightly. She used all her fingertips and stroked me up and down both sides of my back. I sank a little further into the mattress.

I felt the back of my pajama top being pushed up and my mom’s fingers on my bare skin, still caressing me lightly. The light touch was totally the best. She stroked for several minutes, then her fingers worked their way under my pajama bottoms. At first, she rubbed the top of my ass, but she eventually went lower. And lower. Still a light touch, but on my butt. She pulled my bottoms off and I was half-naked. I thought about complaining, but it would have just been for form. I was really quite happy with what was happening.

Instead of her fingers, I felt her lips on my lower back. Gentle kisses. They might have been gentle, but they were also erotic. I could feel myself getting wet. I still said nothing.

Mom’s lips kissed the top of my butt. She kissed me all over my ass. Her hands caressed the insides of my thighs. I spread my legs a little further and my mom’s fingers brushed my legs to within an inch of my pussy. Her hands came up and fondled my ass, her kisses now along the crack of my butt. She pulled my cheeks apart slightly and I felt her tongue on my asshole.

I moaned, I know I did. Apparently encouraged, my mom’s tongue licked around my asshole, then plunged into the hole itself. Another first for me, a tongue where no tongue had gone before. And it felt delicious. I moaned again. She must have licked and tongued my asshole for two minutes.

“Roll over, honey,” mom said. So, I did.

I felt exposed, naked from the waist down. And then mom unbuttoned my pajama top, took it off, and left me completely naked.

She leaned in and kissed me, again very softly. Her lips moved over my face, quick kisses, until she came back to my lips where she lingered. I felt her tongue and I opened my mouth, letting her tongue ease between my lips. She explored, circling my own tongue, and the two tongues engaged, friendly.

I felt her hand touch my nipple and fondle a breast. Our lips pressed together more tightly. She squeezed my nipple and her hand moved to my other breast. Suddenly, discordantly, her lips left and she slid down between my legs. She kissed my neck and began to suck at a nipple, licking it, teasing it with her teeth. Mom licked my breast using the end of her tongue, then the flat of her tongue slurped at the bottom of my boob and I took a deep breath. An erogenous zone for sure.

She licked me there for a bit before switching to my other breast, which got similar mouth and lips and tongue attention. In particular, she kissed and sucked at my nipple, swirled her tongue around it. And then she went lower.

Kisses on my tummy, on my abdomen, and on my clit. Oh, my. Her first kiss on my clit caused ten thousand volts of electricity to jolt through my body. But she kept on going, kissing my labia, kissing my thighs, then kissing my hips and back to my clit.

“Oh, mom, that feels so good,” I whispered and I meant it.

“Just wait,” she replied, and returned to licking my clit.

I wasn’t exactly writhing on the bed, but my hips were moving a little. I spread my legs a little further and mom pushed them apart even more. She took long laps with her tongue, the whole length of my vulva, and I could hear her. Her mouth on my cunt made sloppy, wet sounds. She pushed her tongue into me and shook her head back and forth. Mom then returned to licking and kissing my clit.

“Are you warmed up?” she asked.

“Boy, I’ll say,” I said. “Shouldn’t I…?”

“No, dear, you just relax. And hang on a minute, I’ve got something for you.”

Mom got the box she’d put on the floor and pulled out a wand vibrator, took off the plastic wrap. She had to tell me what it was, it looked sort of like an overgrown microphone, although not exactly. She turned it on and put the end of it just under my nipple.

“Holy shit!” I said.

“I figured since you were having sex with your dad, you should have an alternative. And not just your fingers. I know I enjoy my hand, but I enjoy this more.”

The vibrator shuddered against my nipple, which vibrated along with it. Mom played with my breasts, using the vibrator here and there, then pulling it down my tummy and onto my cunt. It touched my clit and I was jolted again.

“Oh, fuck!” I said. I never said “fuck” in front of my parents.

“Here,” mom said, “you take it.”

She put my right hand on the handle. I tried holding it at different angles and found one that suited me just fine. After that, I simply held the vibrator so the head massaged my clit. It had been a little jarring at first, but I got into the spirit and soon just lay there vibrating my clit, my eyes closed.

I thought about… everything. My mom and all she’d just done to me, especially her licking my asshole. I moaned. I thought about my dad’s cock, how smooth it felt, how sweat-salty it tasted, how it felt to be fucked by him. And I thought about other things as the vibrations continued and I could feel my arousal rising.

I thought about Jessica, my best friend, a beautiful blonde with no boobs, but otherwise a good figure. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her, strip her, lick her cunt, finger her cunt. I thought all that in about three seconds. I thought about Ryan, who had dry humped me and cum in his pants, what his cock would be like, what it would feel like to have him fuck me. Ryan fucking me, cumming inside me…

A sudden surge that started near my clit exploded through my body. I came so hard I had no idea where I was and my mind was both blank and filled with images and I couldn’t tell you what they were. I pushed the vibrator harder on my clit for long seconds, then had to take it off when it became too much sensation. I lay there, spread-eagled, the vibrator humming, juice dripping from my cunt.

I opened my eyes and saw mom masturbating. Her fingers were alternately inside her pussy and on her clit. They weren’t moving particularly quickly, but she masturbated with some enthusiasm. She still had her robe on, open not tied, and she shrugged it to the floor.

“Gimme,” she said, talking about the vibrator. “Please.” She smiled as she said it.

Mom climbed into bed next to me. My bed is a double, so there was plenty of room, but she got close enough that our bodies touched from shoulder to arm to hip. I handed her the vibrator and put one leg over hers.

She turned up the level on the vibrator, I’m not sure how much, but what had been a low rumble became a hum at a higher pitch. She didn’t mess around with her nipples or anything, she put it directly on her clit at exactly the angle she wanted. She’d done this before.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” Mom asked, a dumb question if ever there was one.

“I’m sure you’re not surprised,” I said, a little astonished she could talk to me in a mostly normal voice.

“The vibrator is for you, dear. You were the first one to ever use it. I’ll just use it this once.”

“Thanks, mom,” I said. A couple of minutes of humming vibrator followed.

The near-silence was itself followed by, “What the hell?”

That was my dad asking the question. I looked at him standing in the doorway just as his hand reached down to straighten his cock in his pants. My dad was obviously hard or at least getting there.

“Hi, daddy,” I said. “Mom and I are…”

“Hush, dear,” mom said. “He can see.”

Dad stepped into the room, unbuckling his belt. Unzipping his pants. He pulled off his socks, took off his pants, well, you know, he took off all his clothes. He stood by the foot of the bed, completely naked, his cock completely hard.

“What the hell?” He said again.

“Well, if you have to ask, I’m masturbating,” mom said. That was plain enough, we could all hear the vibrator humming, not to mention what it looked like parked on her clit, her legs spread and raised a bit.

“I can see that,” he said. His expression went from a smile to a grimace to something in between.

“And I’m happy masturbating, I must say,” mom said. “So, if you want to have sex with someone, please choose Lauren.”

“Lauren?” He asked and said at the same time.

I spread my legs a little further. “Yes, daddy?”

He crawled over the bottom of the bed and I moved away from mom. His hands came up my sides, although my leg was still over mom’s, and quickly his hips were right over mine. I reached down and first felt my cunt, which was dripping wet, then

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