It had been almost three months since I’d had sex with Kellen, the guy I’d had to the house so he could cuckold my husband, John. John had been all for it and had even masturbated while I fucked Kellen. But that had been just about it for sex and three months is a very long time. I’d spent a lot of that time thinking and masturbating about who I wanted next. I would have been happy with John, but he just didn’t want me.

“I’d like us to invite another couple over for sex,” I told him. Our son was in bed, asleep. “What do you think?”

“Well, maybe. Do you know what they look like?”

“Actually, I do and so do you. I’m thinking of the Presleys.”

That stopped him for a minute. While they weren’t close friends, they were more than acquaintances. We’d had them over for dinner as part of a bunch of people and we’d been to their house, once. They were younger than we were by about five years, maybe twenty-five years old, about as old as Kellen. They were both good looking, even kinda hot, and very friendly. And Kellen had been very good for me.

“What makes you think they’d be interested?” John asked. He wasn’t exactly salivating, but it was close. He was actually paying attention. I knew he was attracted to Annette, like most men are to most women, but I hadn’t expected him to figuratively cum in his shorts at the idea of sex with her. I suspect I should have, but I didn’t.

“Annette all but told me. They’ve been with other couples and she sounded sort of eager to do us. So, if you’re interested…”

“Yes, I am,” he said. And he had a bump in his shorts to prove it.

The following week, we went to the Presleys’ house, about three miles from where we lived at the time. Scott met us at the door and minutes later we were all seated around the coffee table, sipping wine, red for me and white for John.

“You guys haven’t done this before, right?” Annette asked. “We’ll be your first?”

“Maybe you’ll be our only,” I said. “I’ll admit I’m a little skittish.”

“I’m not sure we’ve been with wife-swapping virgins before. Or whatever you call it,” Scott replied.

“Well, full disclosure, we did have one guy do me not that long ago. But just the once and it’s not the same, really, at all,” I replied, unsure about what I was saying.

None of us but John were actually sipping our wine. The other three of us were leaning forward, talking, engaged.

“I’ll tell you what,” Annette smiled, “I’ll start.”

With that, she stood up and took off her blouse and bra. Her breasts seemed spectacular to me, although they were pretty small. They hooked up a little at the ends, a stunning effect that ended with hard nipples. I looked into her eyes and saw what looked like lust as she looked back at me, which took me aback at least a little. Her eyes were green, or maybe hazel, and she had shoulder-length blonde hair. She was quite lovely. I’m sure she still is.

Annette sat back down next to me. I was very conscious of her skin, which was perfect. She had on very light perfume (as did I). I reached out and touched her back, then started to rub it, her warm, bare back.

“That feels nice, Lauren,” she said. “Why don’t you get a little more comfortable, too?”

So, I did. I took off my top and bra and sat back down next to her, bumping shoulders in camaraderie. She began to massage my breast, her fingers starting with the bottom and moving their way across my nipple and to the top, then back down again. I turned toward her a little and she used both hands to do both my boobs.

While she leaned over to lick a nipple, Scott got completely naked, taking off all his clothes. His dick was half-hard and, of course, I stared. I felt his hands on my back. With four hands attending me, I was quite relaxed and much of my nervousness had vanished. I stood, quickly took off the rest of my clothes, and resumed my position between two sets of hands. A little nervousness returned.

John still hadn’t moved and just sat in his chair, watching us. Well, he was mostly watching Annette, who had spread her legs toward him, and somewhat looking at Scott, but he wasn’t doing anything besides sipping wine.

“Care to join us, John?” I asked.

He finally put down his glass and took off his clothes. John was hairier than Scott, perhaps a little leaner and a bit more muscular. But Scott smiled where John had a frown, and that said a lot. John walked over and stood by Annette, his familiar dick semi-hard.

Scott strode over to his stereo and started his iPod, which was jacked in. First up was “The Only Exception” by Paramore. He came back and took my hand, pulled me up and put his hands on my ass. He rubbed my butt lightly and my knees began to shake a little. We started to dance, sort of, basically swaying slowly to the music. His cock started soft and got harder as the music went along, although it was totally my pussy and not the music that caused it. He was squeezing my ass. At one point, Scott stopped for a second and pulled his dick straight up between us, then pulled me in close. It was intensely erotic swaying together with his hard cock rubbing against my skin, his strong hands holding me tightly.

John and Annette were chatting. He was still standing and she had begun to rub his cock. His very hard cock. I thought about how I felt about that and realized that I not only didn’t mind, I didn’t care. He could, and undoubtedly would, fuck her at some point. Yes, that was part of the point of our visit, but now I had internalized it. My husband would fuck another woman and I felt fine. I stopped swaying and got on my knees, taking Scott’s cock into my mouth.

I looked up at Scott and watched him watch me. Stroking and sucking his dick turned me on. I looked at John and he was totally caught up talking to Annette. I felt my cunt, how wet it was, how ready it was. I moaned just a little bit.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Scott suggested.

We all went, not just the two of us. Their bed had been made for company with the bedspread and top sheet pulled down, leaving just the bottom sheet and pillows. I stood at the edge of the bed, uncertain as to where I belonged in this mix of people. Annette and Scott climbed into bed together, so I followed them. This resulted in Annette between Scott’s legs, bending over and licking his cock while he lay on his back, and me by his hip, wondering what I should do. John was simply standing by the other side of the bed.

Annette stopped sucking and gave me a kiss. I jerked my head back in surprise, then leaned in tentatively and kissed her back. I hadn’t really thought about Annette being part of the package for me. But her lips were soft, her breath was toothpaste minty with a hint of Pinot Noir, and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. At first, I just let her do this, not reacting much, but I felt myself enjoying it, being drawn to it, and soon my tongue was as active as hers.

Her hand was still on Scott’s dick, but it was barely moving. I put my hand behind her head and pulled it a little tighter. Our mouths were open, our tongues twisting. I was almost breathless. Suddenly, Annette pulled away and began to lick Scott’s cock. I lay down and started to lick his dick, too. We timed it so that we would reach the top at the same time and kiss, then lick the length of him down and back up again. Kiss. Fun!

Annette’s tongue slurped down his cock and continued to his balls. My tongue went back up his cock and I took it into my mouth. I could just about see John and while he was masturbating, not a big surprise, he was also licking Annette’s pussy, something he hadn’t done for me in far too long. Good for him, I told myself, and I almost meant it. John was bent over, though, and didn’t keep at her pussy for very long.

We rearranged ourselves. Well, three of us did; Scott excused himself for a few minutes. Annette enticed John to lie on the bed, where his hard cock made an attractive target. She climbed on, cowgirl style, and eased her pussy down over his cock. This left me with the option of masturbating, but instead I decided that since John was my husband, after all, he could certainly eat my cunt for a little while. I positioned myself over his face and felt his tongue on my labia, searching for my clit.

Annette was bouncing steadily on his dick. I had no idea how long John was good for. When we fucked, he usually came in just a few minutes, although on rare occasions he took ten minutes or longer. My best guess was that he’d want to impress another woman by lasting a long time and, in wanting that, cum that much sooner. Annette reached out and touched my breasts. The combination of her hands and John’s tongue was pretty nice.

Scott returned to the room and some sort of hand waving occurred between him and Annette. She climbed off John’s cock, but immediately began to stroke and suck it, which seemed to keep him happy enough. Then Scott knelt over John’s cock and his mouth replaced Annette’s. My husband’s cock was being sucked by a guy!

Even with Scott doing the sucking, Annette kept stroking him. I wasn’t sure what I should do. My cunt was covering John’s face; he couldn’t see. It seemed dishonest, somehow, for Scott to be sucking his cock, at least without permission. On the other hand, I thought John might object and I was watching wide-eyed and wholly aroused. That Scott’s cock was hard at the same time he was sucking John I saw as a bonus.

Annette stopped stroking John’s dick and Scott swallowed the whole thing. Entirely. His lips must have touched John’s balls. And John, for his part, moaned beneath me. When he moaned a second time, I knew he was enjoying what Scott was doing, although I assumed he figured it was Annette. Enough was enough. I got up from John’s face, rubbing myself as I did that, and John lifted his head to watch.

“Shit!” John said in a soft, shaky voice, moving his hand to his throat.

Scott’s head bobbed down on John’s cock and stayed there. John’s eyes were wide open and not blinking. I was rubbing my clit, watching John’s face for one second and looking at his cock and Scott for ten. I noticed that he clenched his fists, but then he relaxed. His head fell back and he closed his eyes. Scott continued to suck his cock much more aggressively than I ever did until John came.

I knew that he came because Scott’s eyes bulged and he swallowed suddenly. He quickly jerked his head away and what I assume was John’s second spurt shot wildly into the air. I masturbated quickly. I loved seeing John cum. A spray of white dots, some quite large, streamed onto John’s body as Scott jerked him off. Annette watched almost impassively. A final drop squeezed from the end of John’s dick.

“That was amazing!” I said. I stopped masturbating, although I had been closing in on cumming. “What do you think, John? Amazing? Did you like Scott sucking your dick?”

John flushed red, although part of that might have been due to his orgasm.

“Well, I’ll say I would have preferred that Annette had sucked me off, but, um, Scott did a good job. To tell the truth, I could hardly tell the difference. I’ve never had a guy… do that to me, but it felt pretty good. I guess that’s obvious, huh? Uh, thanks, Scott.”

Scott just smiled and said, “Scoot over on the bed, John, if you don’t mind. I think it’s Lauren’s turn.”

I was still thinking about John cumming in Scott’s mouth. Neither of them was gay, and Scott was obviously bisexual, but John? I’d have said John was borderline non-sexual until a minute ago, whatever the word is for someone who masturbates a lot, but doesn’t do much sex. He did tend to shoot a pretty big load, but tonight’s was something special. His face was still pink.

I lay down next to John, my head on a pillow, and spread my legs. I was totally ready for Scott to fuck me and I guessed he was more than ready at this point. So, I was surprised when Annette lay down between my legs, her face over my cunt, and inserted two fingers into me. I was incredibly wet.

Annette had a knowledgeable tongue. She licked me slowly, up and down my labia for at least a minute. She plunged her tongue into my cunt and while it didn’t go in very far, I could feel it. I especially felt it as it slowly came out and touched my clit. For long minutes, Annette licked my clit, both directly and the general neighborhood, driving me to distraction.

She climbed to her knees and all but fell atop my body. Our breasts rubbed together and she kissed me again, something I really liked, and I kissed her back. Meanwhile, Scott had clambered his way between Annette’s legs, which were between mine, and inserted his cock in her pussy. He paused for a second at the entrance, and slid it in smoothly. I could tell from the motion of her body on mine that he was fucking her.

I reached down to masturbate. It seemed to me that maybe I wasn’t going to cum as a result of this particular get together, although I was having a good time. I massaged my clit, sending jolts of electricity out from my cunt. My lips locked onto Annette’s, our tongues prodding each other. I felt one of her hands on my breast.

She surprised me by moving her body forward to kneel over my face. She was facing the wall behind me and her cunt was at my mouth. Scott’s cock, whether he wanted it or not, was suddenly alone and I felt the tip of it touch my hand, which was masturbating furiously. I took his dick in hand and steered it to my cunt, feeling it slide in easily. He began to fuck me at an angle that included my clit.

It was as though I’d been made whole. While I hadn’t felt empty before, I now felt full; things were the way they should be. With every stroke, Scott’s cock filled my cunt and pressed my clit.

“I’m going to cum soon, Scott,” I said.

“Do it, Lauren, cum for me. I want to feel it, I want to feel you cum. Cum on my cock. Cum for me and I’ll cum for you.”

I pulled his ass even tighter toward me and I came. I would have rolled back and forth but he had me pinned. My tummy clenched tightly and I yelled. While I was cumming, I felt the sudden warmth of Scott’s explosion inside me, so warm it momentarily felt hot.

“Oh, my god! Scott!”

He just grunted as he jabbed me with his dick, shooting cum into me. I’d completely forgotten about Annette’s cunt right in front of my face and, after another minute, began to lick it again absent-mindedly.

“That’s OK, Lauren, just lie back,” she said. She climbed off me and Scott pulled out his cock.

We lay together on the bed, Scott between Annette and John and me at the end next to Annette. We just chatted for a while, with lots of quiet silences. Annette turned to me and kissed me. Her lips were soft and gentle, but the kiss gave me a sudden start, like the click of a lighter igniting a flame. I kissed her back hard.

And I heard John tell Scott, “I could fuck you in the ass.” Holy shit!

“Do it, buddy.”

I was now only half kissing Annette and half watching my husband. Scott got some lube. I saw John’s dick disappear inside Scott’s asshole. Scott was on his knees; they were doing it doggy style, and Scott just made a face for a second, then began grunting along with John.

Annette moved her thigh between my legs, rubbing my cunt. But I was really more interested in watching the boys. It was pretty much just one thing, John’s cock going in and out of Scott, although I saw Scott’s cock harden up. With every forward thrust of John’s cock, Scott’s would bounce up and his balls would swing wildly. Scott reached down and began to masturbate. I’d never watched two guys fuck before and it was interesting.

They were both grunting louder and John began to fuck Scott more quickly. Neither one said anything; they just continued to grunt like cavemen. Scott was masturbating faster, too. After another minute, John came in Scott’s ass, slamming his cock forward. Scott’s own hand was moving too quickly to see and he came, too, not a lot, but still. More cum on the sheets.

I kissed Annette on the nose and fell back on the bed. I’d watched my husband have his cock sucked by another guy and I’d seen him fuck the same guy in the ass. I couldn’t remember if he’d fucked Annette at all. It was a lot to take in. I was looking forward to the drive home, although I wasn’t certain we were done here yet.

“Did you cum at all, Annette?” I asked.

“Almost,” she said. “I’m fine, Lauren, thanks.”

Well, she might have been fine, but I’d see if I could make her even better. My hand went to her pussy, which was more than a little damp, and I kissed her neck. I kissed her nipple. Actually, I kept kissing her nipple for a couple of minutes while my hand rubbed her clit. Her hips moved back against my hand and she spread her legs a little.

I licked her breast, got a good response, so I licked the other one. My hand moved faster. My lips embraced her nipple, kissed it, sucked it. My hand was moving really quickly now and Annette had begun to moan a bit. I put my other hand on her other breast. I inserted two fingers into her pussy, but quickly decided that was more of a porn move, and returned to applying my fingers to her clit. I rubbed her as fast as I could. I sucked her nipple, teasing it with my teeth. I squeezed her other breast hard. I felt her come.

My hand gripped her cunt, fingers over her clit, letting her own movements dictate how much friction her clit got. My hand and mouth remained firmly attached to her breasts until she moved her pussy away. She actually said or grunted or moaned little.

Her shoulders slumped and I knew she was done. She kissed my lips lightly. We were all good.


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