He was silent for quite some time, then leaned down and kissed me, softly pushing his tongue into my mouth. I welcomed his tongue with mine, shivering all the while. He broke, pulled back, and whispered, “You may cum now…”.

Climax: Sir

Her body went rigid in my hands. Her legs, which had been apart and bent at the knees, came together, like a vice around the hand I had in her cunt, crushing it, and her legs straightened. She threw her head back and gave a moan from deep in her throat that went on and on.

I pushed her thighs open again with my other hand, and propped them open with an elbow, all the while continuing to gently massage her G-spot, while she pushed her pubis against my hand, trying to increase the pressure. She stopped to breathe from time-to-time, but seemed to have a hard time inhaling, until it came as a gasp. Once she had inhaled, she continued her deep-throated moan, and now her body was quivering.

She rocked lightly from side to side in my arms, and started shaking her head, as if she were dancing to loud, fast music. Her body was now shaking, and she started breathing hard, like very heavy panting, long, slow deep breathes in then out.

This went on for minutes, although I absolutely lost track of time, her orgasm not peaking, but sustained and apparently all consuming.

I was beginning to get concerned that she would wrench her shoulders as her hands were still bound behind her, and draped over the arm of the chair. I withdrew my hand from between her knees, moved her up slightly to take pressure off her arms, and decided to take it one, final step further.

Reaching down the hand not massaging her G-spot, I lightly, but firmly, started caressing her clit.

If I thought she had been rigid before, now she started bucking. And instead of moaning, she started a shout that started at a low pitch, and rose until she threw back her head and screamed.

Now I really worried she might dislocate her shoulders, and wondered if I’d gone too far.

Climax: Marta

As soon as he gave me permission, a prickling feeling swept over my body and I climaxed. It wasn’t like other orgasms I’d experienced – rather than a fireworks-exploding feeling, it was more like a rush that keep on and on, not painful, not extreme, but more like a continually growing, tingling sensation pushing out towards my hands, my fingers, my toes, like fire, but not hot, although I was sweating. Indeed, it didn’t – or rather, I didn’t – come in waves, but like a persistent, but intensifying, psychedelic experience. I had never experienced the phrase “seeing stars” before, but now I did, like tiny points winking on and off in my field of vision.

I had trouble breathing, in getting my breath, in keeping my breath.

Then he started massaging my clit – and now it felt as if fireworks were exploding inside my body. I climaxed again, but in a very different way. It felt different, but like it somehow went with the other sensation. The words really don’t exist to describe it, but it was like rolling thunder, building and building as the storm grew closer, and then the release of lightning, in a massive, overwhelming crash.

I don’t remember what happened after that, but when I regained awareness of my surroundings, he was holding me in his arms, gently brushing my hair, and kissing my forehead, my nose, my ear, and then my lips. When I was able, I kissed his lips back. Then the kiss built into something of overwhelming sweetness and passion, at the same time I felt another climax rising in me. This was slower, gentler, and persisted, like the tide coming in; irresistible, relentless, right.

When we finally broke the kiss, I hung my head, spent, then raised it, looked him in the eyes and said, “Oh. My. God.…I have never…ever…felt anything like that. Thank you.” And I leaned forward and kissed the hand he had on my shoulder.

Aftermath: Sir

Again, I felt an overwhelming tenderness towards this amazing, brilliant person, this magnificently beautiful woman whom I had admired for so long. And I once again could not believe I was here, doing this, with her, now.

“I am immensely grateful you came with me last Friday,” I said. “And it was my pleasure to do this for you and to you.”

I bowed my head and kissed her gently and lightly, and she responded in kind.

We cuddled after this for an unmeasured time. Finally, I said to her, “You must be getting stiff and cold, yes?”

She nodded. “Yes, I am. But I love being naked and helpless in your arms. I love that you can do anything you want to me. I love being completely vulnerable to whatever you wish. I love being your slave.”

She dropped her eyes, bowed her head, and said, “I beg you, please use me for your pleasure, Sir. Anything you wish.” She looked up into my eyes, “Anything at all.”

Her words, and her change in manner, triggered something in me, and the troll whispered to me, “It my turn!” while my cock, which was already semi-stiff, went hard.

I stood up, and swung her feet down. “Stand up,” I ordered, the iron returning to my voice.

Fucking the Bitch: Marta

I looked into his eyes and said, “Anything at all.”

I saw his eyes change, I’m not sure how.

He stood up suddenly, dumped me on my feet, saying “Stand up,” then had to steady me as I was having trouble balancing, especially with my ankles locked together. He knelt down and unclipped my ankles, then grabbed me by a tit and pulled me towards the bedroom. “OW!” I said, surprised at the unexpected pain.

He turned and slapped my face enough to hurt. “I told you to be silent when I hurt you. Understand?”

I quickly cast my eyes down, and said, “Yes, Sir. I apologize.”

“You’ll do more than that,” and he grabbed my tit and pulled again.

Once in the bedroom, he flicked the covers back, then twirled me around, unclipped my wrists, then pushed me onto the bed. “Crawl into the middle of the bed, and get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you like a dog, like the bitch that you are.”

I quickly crawled into the middle, and positioned myself on my hands and knees, legs spread, head down, waiting.

He quickly shucked off his clothes, especially his slacks, which were soaked in front – by me? – finally dropping his shorts, revealing his cock, hard enough that it was actually bending upwards. Leaving his clothes in a pile, he walked over to the bed, got on, and kneeled by my side.

“I want that butt plug out of you. Drop your shoulders and spread your legs!” I quickly did as he asked.

He roughly grabbed the end of the plug, and twisting it, slowly pulled it out of me. He switched it off, then put it on the side table, then went to wash his hands. I stayed as he had ordered me, with my ass in the air and my legs spread.

When he returned, he said, “I’m going to show you – once! – the position I want you to take when I doggie-fuck you. If you forget, I will punish you. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Keep your hips high, drop your shoulders so they are on the bed, hands flat on the bed beside them. Turn your head to one side. If I had a mirror in here, I’d make you watch yourself being fucked. Now, arch your back, lift your ass, and push your cunt back so it’s ready for me to ram my cock into it.”

I adjusted my position as he said, partly because he was roughly positioning me with his hands.

“Spread your legs more.” I did as he said.

He carefully moved between my legs, so he was behind me. “Spread ‘em more. More! I want your cunt at the same level as my cock. Now, don’t move until I move you, right?”


He positioned his cock at the entry to my vagina, spreading my labia with the tip of his cock, then rubbing it up and down my slit, but not entering.

“You may cry out if I hurt you while I’m doggie-fucking you. In fact, I want you to.”


“Now beg for it, slut. Beg for me to fuck you to within an inch of your life.”

“Please, Sir, fuck me.”

He slapped my ass, hard. “Ow!”

He slapped my other ass cheek even harder. “OHH!”

“That’s not begging, that’s asking. Now beg, slut!”

“Please, Sir, I’m a slut, a bitch in heat, and I need to be fucked, fucked hard.” I babbled, “Please mount me like the bitch I am, ram your cock into me so hard that I feel it at the back of my throat. Please, Sir, fuck me now!”

“If I fuck you, what will you do for me?”

I paused, a little shaken at the cold, harshness of his words, and uncertain what he wanted. “I’ll do anything you ask, Sir, anything at all. What can I do to get you to ream your cock into my cunt? Please tell me, Sir, PLEASE!”

“When I’ve cum, and my cock comes free of your sopping, sloppy slit, I want you to immediately go down, staying on your knees, with your hands clasped behind you, and lick and suck my cock completely clean. I want you to let the cum run out of your cunt and down your legs, like the slut you are. Then, when you’re done, take my cock as deep inside your throat as you can, gagging on it if you want, and wait until I tell you what to do next. Understand, slut?”


He slapped my ass even harder. “Yes, WHAT?”

“Yes, Sir, your cunt understands, Sir.”

With that, he shoved his cock home, driving it in up to the hilt, and banging up against my cervix. I squealed with pain. He moved in and out of me slowly, deliberately, each time making sure he pushed his cock until it was completely inside me, and pushed against me, making sure he hurt me.

It didn’t hurt all that much, but I was surprised at the seeming anger or aggression with which this man, who could show so much gentleness, was acting. And yet, my submissive side welcomed it. I found myself eager to be degraded and sullied this way. My cunt was wet, and I found myself pushing back on him, making the pounding even harder, and hurt more.

With each stroke, I made sure I cried in pain, only partly exaggerated, and wondered how long he could last.

And, perversely, I found my own recent orgasm had lingered and was now reigniting all over again. I felt hot, and suspected it wouldn’t take much more for me to cum again.

Just then he stopped, leaned over, moving his hands under me and trapping my nipples under his thumbs. Then he started fucking me again, somewhat awkwardly, only this time, when he withdrew his cock, my body was pulled back with him, yanking my nipples.

Now the pain grew, both from my cunt, and my tits. And suddenly, I felt my climax rising again. It was different this time, colored with pain, and I loved it, I reveled in it!

He was fucking faster now, then grabbed my nipples between his finger and thumb, squeezing hard as well as pulling back at the same time as he was withdrawing. The pain in my tits was real, but I didn’t care. I started shoving my body forward as he pulled back, making it worse.

Then, suddenly, he let go of my nipples, used my back to push his torso upright, grabbed my hips and started to fuck much harder, and much faster.

I was lost, and felt my orgasm grab me. I turned my head into the bed and screamed into the pillow, even as his breathing became labored, and he started emitting long, deep groans, spaced apart and matching his inward thrusts. Finally, he stopped and I felt his cock pumping cum into my cunt, spurt after spurt, as he held his body tight against my ass, pushing into me as deeply as he could, arching his back. The cry emanating from his throat was deep, hoarse, and completely unrecognizable. It could have been an animal crying. Perhaps it was.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he collapsed forward, putting all his weight on me, crushing me. My legs were wobbly from all I had endured since I arrived, but I refused to collapse, even as my legs quivered. I wanted to serve him. I wanted to be his slut.

After what seemed like an age of euphoria and pain, he slowly pushed himself upright again, then carefully put his left leg over my left leg, then used his leg to slide my leg towards the center. Then he put his left hand down on the bed, and slowly collapsed, pulling me with his right hand and turning us both onto the left side, so we were, once again, making spoons.

The feeling in my vagina as he did this was indescribable as his cock twisted inside me and pushed again the wall. What I felt wasn’t so much pain as extreme sensitivity and I gave a high-pitched squeal.

“Shush,“ he said, and pulled my body close to his, reaching over to pull the covers over us, then placing his right arm over the right side of my body. He cupped my left tit in his hand, and squeezed gently. I did not squeal, although I was tempted.

We both slept then, for a time, but when he rolled over on his back and slipped out of me, I awoke. I pushed the cover back, slid down his body, got on my hands and knees between his legs, then put my hands behind my back, and nuzzled his wet cock, licking it, and finally taking it into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its length. I had cum on my face and in my hair, but I wanted that. I felt like a slut, and hope I looked like one to him.

My cunt throbbed, both from the fucking, and from a desire for more. I could feel cum – his and mine – drooling out of my cunt, and starting to run down my left leg.

Finally, I stopped sucking on his now stiffening cock, and waited with it deep within my throat, head resting on his abdomen, hands as securely behind my back as if they were still locked together, this time by my desire to please him.

He reached down and stroked my hair. “Come here,” he said, and I was quick to comply, putting my head on his shoulder.

Before he could say anything, I said, “Please, Sir, may I speak?”

He considered, then said, “Sure. What’s up?”

“I am completely your slut. You make me feel like one, and I love it. Thank you, Sir,” and I pulled his hand up to my mouth and kissed it.

He was silent as he reached down and pulled the covers over us again. “You are a slut, and I love using you like one. I am thinking about ways to exploit you, to humiliate you, to hurt you, and degrade you. I want you, I order you, to think about things I could do to you as well. I don’t want to have to come up with all of the ideas, especially as I don’t know how your mind works. Yet. Understood?”

“Sir.” I thought for some time, then said, “I’ve frequently had the urge to masturbate in public, and always dismissed it. I would find that incredibly humiliating, but it makes me wet.” I couldn’t believe I was telling him this, for I knew he would make me do it, somehow. I blushed deeply.

He stroked my hair and thought a while, then said, “Sleep now. I think we’ve worn each other out enough for one night. And tomorrow will be – different.”

He turned his head down and kissed the top of my head. “You have promised to listen to all I have to say tomorrow. Remember that.”

“I promise. Anything you want.” And I kissed his hand again.

I turned away from him, and cuddled like spoons again. I felt his semi-stiff cock pushing lightly against my bum.

We slept.

To be continued…

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