An Erotic Interlude at the Beach

This story describes a real life experience that I had at the beach one day.

I walked from the highway down the trail that leads to my favorite beach.  When I was far enough down the trail to be out of sight from the highway, I took off my clothes and put them in my backpack.  Walking with nothing on but my running shoes, I felt immersed in nature, in my element, fully alive.  I saw a beautiful hibiscus with pink flowers and I stopped to pick one and put it in my thick, black hair.  When I reached the beach, I saw that there was no one there. 

I went for a swim, letting the cool water caress my naked body.  I lay down on a towel to dry myself in the sun.  I rubbed coconut oil on my body to keep my skin from drying.  As my fingers reached my nipples, I felt them start to swell and I let my fingers linger there.  With the tips of my fingers, I made little circles around my areola, imagining that they were his fingers.  I felt the heat building in my body. My hands cupped under my breasts and I squeezed them.  Then my oily hands slipped down across my stomach, across my smooth mound, and down to feel my wetness.  I spread my legs, feeling the sun warm me there.  I made little circles with my fingertip around my clit, feeling the urgency build in it.  I inserted two fingers inside me, imagining that they were his beautiful, hard cock.  Then I suddenly realized that I was not alone.

He was standing there watching me.  When he took off his clothes, I could see his desire for me.  he stood there for a while, letting me take in the sight of his nakedness,  He wasn’t ashamed to be fully erect in front of me.  And I wasn’t ashamed to be touching myself in front of him. Then he lay down on his back, his manhood pointing toward the sky, and he stroked it gently with a thumb and two fingers.  Without either of us saying a word, I walked up to him, gave him a smile,  and put some coconut oil in the palm of his hand.

We lay there pleasuring ourselves, oily erogenous zones glistening in the sun.  We were each watching each other.  I saw the hunger, the want for me, in his eyes and that magnified the intensity of my pleasure.  I started rubbing myself harder, breathing heavily, and then slowed down again, wanting to prolong the experience.  He was pumping harder too, a drop leaking from the tip. But he would slow down as well, not wanting the feeling to end.  I don’t know how long we stayed that way.  Time was irrelevant. I was totally focused on the immense need building up in my body.

Without warning, a fountain of cream erupted from him, splashing down onto his chest and stomach. 

I felt his surge inside me. 

A powerful orgasm flowed through my body like an ocean wave washing over me.  

I looked over and he was gone.  

“You are with me, my love,” I told him.

“Even though you are many miles away.”


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