By the time Jazzy managed to drag her ass home Wednesday evening, all she could think of was a hot shower and bed. One more day, and then I am off Friday and Saturday. I cannot wait. Today seemed like everyone had to visit the emergency room. As Jazzy walked through the lobby of her apartment building, she stopped to check her mailbox before heading to her apartment. It had been a few days since she checked it, and she figured it would be full of junk mail that needed to go into the recycling bin. When she opened the door to her mailbox, she saw a few envelopes and a box wrapped in plain brown paper.

Laughing softly, she thought, That looks like something from a sex store, sent in brown paper wrapping, so no one will know what you ordered. It must have been put in my box by mistake because I did not order anything. She turned it over to check the address, shocked to find it was her address but no return address. Jazzy shook it but could not hear anything rattling. She headed for the elevator, the package in one hand, and the rest of the mail shoved in her purse.

Jazzy opened the door to her apartment and went in. As she passed the entrance table, she dropped her keys on it and her purse on the floor under it. She carried the package and her phone with her to the kitchen and put them on the table while she got a glass of water. After drinking about half of it down, she put the glass on the table and reached for the package. Just as she did, her phone went off.

“Hello,” she said, taking a seat at the table, moving the package around gently as if whatever was in it would tear the wrapping off and get her.

“Hi Jazzy, this is John. Are you home?”

“Yes, but I just had a super long day at work and do not feel like company tonight, sorry,” Jazzy told him, figuring that he wanted to come over even though they had a date on Friday.

“No, that is not why I called. Did you get a package in the mail today?”

“Yes, but how did you…” she started to ask when it hit her that it was he who sent it.

“Good, now when you open it, you are to follow instructions exactly,” John instructed her. “Deviate from the instructions in any way; you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand, John,” Jazzy told John as she started to tear off the brown wrapping.

“Excuse me?” John said.

“Excuse you for what?“

“Not excuse me for anything, but I meant is that how you answer me,” he explained. “You are to answer me as Sir.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jazzy asked

“No, I am not kidding. I will give you a pass this time, but from now on, it is Sir.”

Jazzy became silent as she continued to unwrap the package to reveal a sex toy, a Control Panty Vibrator. Her eyes flew open in amazement. Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into? He expects me to call him Sir, and he sends me this type of sex toy. Jazzy was torn between telling John she was not into this and throwing the gift away and doing what he was asking. Damn, what do I do? He helped me explore my kink and will again if I just say yes.

After a few moments of silence, she heard John ask, “Are you still there, Jazzy?”

Jazzy, with the phone still to her ear, heard him asking her something, and then it hit her; she needed to reply. “Yes, John, oh sorry; yes, Sir, I’m still here.”

John couldn’t help but smile on his end. It always took a new girl time to get the Sir part down. He then asked, “Did you see the instructions in the box? I heard you tearing the paper off.”

“Mmmm, yes, I did.”

“Good, now follow them exactly, or you will be punished. Where do you work?”

“I am an ER clerk at Midtown Hospital, Sir.”

“Perfect. I will be there in the waiting room at 10 a.m.,” and then he hung up.

Jazzy laid the phone down and opened the box to see the instructions. After looking at everything in the box, she realized that the remote control was missing. Digging in the box again, she saw on the instructions a note that read, It has no remote control. It is activated by an app of which only I know the password.

She left everything on the table and fixed herself a bologna and cheese sandwich, taking it into her bedroom along with a bottle of beer. Finishing her sandwich, she took a quick shower and crawled into the bed after drinking the rest of her beer. She settled down, falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.


As she sat there eating a bowl of cereal, Jazzy re-read the instructions, feeling silly for putting something like that in her pussy and working all day. She almost left it in the box but decided at the last minute to comply with what John had asked of her.

Almost from the moment she clocked in for the day, she was busy. She was coming back from the bathroom and was almost to her desk when she felt the vibrator buzz inside of her. It sent a wave of pleasure tearing through her. It was so unexpected that she almost sank to her knees in the middle of the hallway. Jazzy leaned against the wall, taking in several deep breaths. Suddenly another intense buzz hit her; this one a bit stronger than the last one. All Jazzy could do was stand there waiting for the sensations created by the vibrator to subside as it did with the first one. Yet this time, it didn’t stop but kept going on and on.

Jazzy knew that she could not spend all day leaning against the wall, so she took a deep breath and took a step, then another one as the vibrator was working on her G-spot while the other part rubbed against her clit. She slowly made her way toward the desk, the sensations just intensifying the longer it went on. Just as she reached her desk, the toy stopped, leaving her pussy throbbing and her body on the edge of having an intense orgasm right in the middle of the emergency room.

Glancing down at her watch, she saw it was 10:05. Shit, I’m supposed to meet John in the waiting room now. As she sat down behind her desk, the intense pleasure shot through her pussy again, making her sit up straight and grab tight to the arms of her desk chair.

“Are you okay, Jazzy?” the other ER clerk asked, “Do I need to find a doctor? You just tensed up and had this weird look on your face, like you were in pain or something?”

Although she and Elaine were friends, Jazzy could not imagine telling her that she had a sex toy shoved up her pussy and on her clit, and she had been on the verge of having an intense orgasm. That would really go over well. It would be all over the hospital by shift end that I was playing sex games at work.

“I’m fine. I slipped in the shower this morning and twisted the wrong way to keep from falling. I just had a sharp pain when I sat down, but I’m okay,” she lied as the pleasure started to ripple through her pussy and into the rest of her body. Her phone beeped, indicating an incoming text.

It read: Meet me in the lobby as soon as you are free but do not make a fool of me and deliberately make me wait.

Jazzy didn’t want anyone to know what was going on, but she had just gone to the bathroom and didn’t want to leave her desk again, and she wasn’t certain what he would do if she didn’t hurry out to meet him. She was thinking to herself, He’d probably make me cum right in front of everybody as punishment.

“Elaine, I need to stretch my back a minute. I’ll be right back,” she lied and hurried out to meet him before he did something drastic.

When Jazzy walked into the waiting room, it was almost empty, so it was not hard to spot John; he was also the only one in the room holding up the phone in his hand. When she walked up to him, Jazzy tried to snatch it out of his hand, but he quickly pulled it away and gently smacked her hand.

“You do not try to grab something out of my hand,” John said softly, patting the seat beside him.

As she went to sit down, John hit the low-speed button, causing her to gasp. “Stop it,” she told him. “This is not funny. I am done. I am taking this out and throwing it away. Elaine has already noticed me acting strangely, and I had to lie and say I twisted my back.”

“Are you done with your rant, Jazzy?” he calmly asked

“Only if you turn off that damn app and remove it from your phone,” Jazzy said. “You either do that, or this whole charade is over with. Do you understand me, John?”

John leaned over and lightly kissed her cheek. “I think I will just keep the app on,” as he stood up, pushing the vibrator up to medium, smiling as he watched her clench her legs together, her face flushing red. “You are not done with this charade, as you call it, because you love what I do to you. Now there is a change of plans. I will meet you at your apartment. What time do you get off work?”

“Five o’clock, but it takes me about thirty minutes to get home,” she said through gritted teeth.

John kissed her lightly on the lips, whispered, “Enjoy,” as he turned the vibrator up to high, smiling as he watched her body start to tremble before he went out the door.

“Asshole,” Jazzy muttered to herself. She wanted to get up and go to the bathroom, but she was not sure she could make it before falling over in the middle of the floor and having an intense orgasm that some might mistakenly think was a seizure.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly pushed herself to her feet, the pressure almost unbearable as it worked her pussy into a frenzy, slowly edging her closer and closer to an orgasm you only read about in sexual forums. Damn his ass! Well, the joke is on you, mister. As soon as I can, I am ditching this vibrator and the hell with the consequences.”

Jazzy slowly made her way to the women’s bathroom, her juices slowly dripping out of her. Fuck, I hope I’m not leaving a trail as a damn snail does. Once in the restroom, Jazzy locked herself in the first unoccupied stall, raising her skirt before sitting down on the toilet. Jazzy pushed her hands under her shirt to her nipples, pinching them hard as she let the orgasm take her over the edge. Clamping her mouth tightly shut to keep from screaming out, her body twitched and twisted as her orgasm consumed her body. Her eyes rolled back in her head, lights flashing. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

After what seemed like an eternity but had been no more than five minutes, her body slowly started to relax, her panties soaking wet, sweat covering her face. Jazzy opened her mouth, taking in gulps of air, trying to get her breathing under control. As she calmed down, she realized the toy was no longer hammering at her pussy and clit. John must have turned it off, assuming he’d pushed her to an orgasm, or at least she hoped he had.

Slowly she got to her feet, rearranging her blouse, her nipples slightly sore from her pinching them. Fuck, she moaned. I cannot go through that again. As she reached down to pull it from her pussy, she stopped her hand midway down. Shit, I can’t just pull it out and leave it in the trash, and I can’t carry it back to my desk for all the world to see. Guess I’ll have to take my chances and leave it in until I take lunch. I can put it in my bag then.

Stepping out of the stall, Jazzy was glad no one was in the restroom. It would have been hard to explain the moans that escaped from her clenched mouth. She made her way to the sink, where she quickly splashed water on her face. As she walked into the waiting room to get back to her desk, Jazzy let out a low sigh when she saw John sitting back in the same seat he had been earlier.

“I thought you had left,” she said softly, walking up to him, looking down into his face.

“Have a great orgasm?” he asked, venturing a guess she had by the flush still on her face and the way she was walking. “Are you ready for another one?”

At this point, Jazzy wished she had pulled it out and put in the trash. “No.”

“No, what?” John asked, giving her a light buzz.

“No, Sir,” she said softly. “Turn it off…Sir. I have to work and cannot take any more distractions.

“That’s better,” John told her, standing up and kissing her, clicking the off button to the app, holding it so she could see it was off. “Do not take it out because I will know and will turn it back on. I will see you at home,” as he once again left.

Jazzy stood there, waiting for him to give her another buzz, but there was nothing, so he must have been honoring his promise to keep it off as long as she did not remove it. Slowly she made her way back to her desk.

“Well, I was just about ready to send out someone to look for you,” Elaine said when Jazzy walked up to her desk. “Are you okay? You look kind of flushed.”

“I’m fine now,” Jazzy said, slowly sitting down, her pussy still throbbing.

All afternoon Jazzy kept wondering in the back of her mind whether John would come back and set the vibrator on high again, but he didn’t, to her relief. At shift change, Jazzy grabbed her bag, told Elaine goodbye, and headed for her apartment to see if John would be there. She wanted nothing more than to take the sex toy out of her pussy and take a nice long bubble bath.


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