My first comp entry on this site. Wasn’t easy to fit it into 5k words, hope you’ll still find it enjoyable. Special thanks to Drew for editing help and to Quinn for ‘scene’ suggestion and inspiration (your one track mind is amusing).

Suddenly all the lights went out in the house and the girls broke out in fits of fake screams and laughter. I didn’t join in for either. Instead, I decided to sneak out for a quick cig, hoping to skip a round of the silly game we were playing.

Okay, the whole sexy-scary Halloween truth or dare was originally my idea, but I wasn’t planning on playing it with this bunch. I even wrote most of the provoking questions. The ultimate idea was that it would lead to us hooking up with the guys – that’s the aim of this game, isn’t it?

The problem was that the guy I was supposed to be hooking up with didn’t bother showing up. and I wanted to do nothing with any of these boys. They were just that, boys, and… how to put this gently without sounding like a total bitch…? Well, they were uninteresting; lacking any kind of plan, vision or passion, they were sent to this university by their parents just for the sake of getting a degree. I would much rather have hooked up with one of the girls, but unfortunately they weren’t into girls. I’d asked them. The very first week – just as part of normal everyday chit chat, of course.

There was only one person on the whole campus, I was really interested in – and not just in a ‘wow, sexy’ kind of way: Lev Dyachenko from senior year. I ran into him last year, when I was still a freshman, whilst hiking in the Bishtrishko Natural Reserve. I spotted him studying random rocks with some interesting looking geological field equipment and I stopped to see what he was doing. As it turned out we were studying at the same university; him geography, me marine biology. Since then we swapped numbers and met on campus a few times.

He wasn’t your typical heartthrob; his dark brown, curly hair, when he had it cut short, often with an undercut, intensified his strong, defined jawline, giving him an edgy, almost sinister look. This, combined with his dark eyes and heavy eyebrows all suggested that one didn’t want to get into his bad books, but here was something in him that made me want to get to know him better, a connection I couldn’t quite explain.

However, every time we met he was with his sidekick, Andriy; they were like conjoined twins. One could have easily mistaken them for a gay couple, if Andriy hadn’t been a known womaniser. He was the total opposite of Lev, an irresistibly handsome, always smiling face with blonde hair and playful azure eyes.

As the girls quieted in the pitch dark living room, one of the guys raised his voice, “Very funny, Milek, you went to the toilet five minutes ago, everyone knows it was you playing with the lights.” A reply came from another dark corner of the room,

“What are you talking about, mate? I’m right here.” Another chorus of screams and laughter followed. Maybe more screams than laughter this time. That made me stop in my tracks for a second. I was just about to reach for the door handle, which was barely visible in the darkness.

I shrugged my shoulder and stepped out into the night. If there’s a terrible, ferocious monster out there I’m ready to be mauled, I thought. Anything is better than this boring party.

It was a cloudy night with only a few stars shining, but my eyes were already adjusted to the dark and I could easily make out the front garden path leading to the street that was just a muddy dirt road. Whoever had the idea to build a university in the middle of a forest with just this tiny village nearby was probably on dope. On the flip side, accommodation was dead cheap.

I lit my cigarette and inhaled the smoke together with a punch of fresh forest air. I decided to walk down the road and see if all the other streets were dark. They weren’t. I quieted my steps as I returned to the house, from which muffled laughter and faint light seeped out; they must have found some torches or candles. As I walked towards the right side of the house I heard a strange noise, a low squeaky kind of sound.

I wasn’t scared, but truth be told I never liked being in the dark alone. When I was little, we had to spend some time at our grandmother’s during the summer holidays. She had heavy wooden shutters completely blocking out any speck of light. I was sharing her large double bed with my two elder brothers, and I often woke in the middle of the night feeling a presence in the room looking over us. My brothers just laughed at me and said it was the ghost of grandpa, who had passed away when I was three. 

As I got to the corner of the house, I put my good leg forward, ready to flight or fight whatever or whoever was lurking on the other side of the house. Slowly pressing my face to the wall, the scent of half-decade-old timber and rotting leaves filling my nostrils, I peeked cautiously around the corner.

Then I saw them: two terrifying, grotesque monsters, the first a werewolf with dark grey hair covering its head, huge blood stained teeth, long claws – fumbling with the lock of the meter cupboard on the wall. The other one, a grey demon/ zombie with pointed ears, terrible, wrinkly skin and a morphed mouth was holding a torch shining light onto the keyhole. Even with the cheap rubber masks covering their whole head I instantly recognised Lev and Andriy.

They didn’t spot me, so I needed a quick plan to scare the shit out of them as a payback. I remembered the display cabinet with the replica shot-guns. I sneaked back into the house and took one of them out, and asked Viktor if I could borrow his ‘Scream’ mask.

“What the fuck, Leoni?” he stared at the gun.

“I found the vermin messing with the electricity. Going to hunt them down,” I replied, talking to him over my shoulder as I headed out through the door. Viktor followed me and wouldn’t hear it when I tried to talk him out of it. The ‘beasts’ had moved to the back of the house by then; I guess their plan was to knock on the window and look into the house with their scary masks lit by the torch. I caught them just when they were about to tap on the window.

“Hey, you two, jerks,” I yelled, trying to alter my voice, holding the gun towards them closing up with hurried steps. “Hands behind your backs and kneel on the ground!” I shouted. I prodded them with the gun and they reluctantly obeyed. I wished Viktor hadn’t been around the corner pissing himself laughing. I could have had so much fun with those two. Having two men kneeling in front of me was kinda turning me on. “Take your masks off,” I ordered them, “and all your clothes. You can keep your underwear on.”

They bitterly played along and Andriy even seemed to enjoy our little hunting game, as in the faint moonlight I could spot an impressive growing erection in his trousers. The night was finally turning into something much more enjoyable. I marched them into the house and proudly showed off my prey to the others. After I had my fun with them, I let them get dressed.

The girls insisted on continuing with the game of truth or dare, and they unfortunately remembered clearly that it was my turn to pull a card from either pile. I chose truth and I had to reveal my favourite sex toy. It was definitely not one of the questions I’d written. I did own a few toys and by far my favourite was a butt plug, courtesy of my ex girlfriend, Kira. My skin still smouldered as I recalled the last time she used it on me almost a year ago.

She asked me to go on all fours on her bed and, without letting me see what she was doing, she lubed it up and gently inserted it. It was a beautiful stainless steel one with a heart shaped blue topaz jewel. She took some photos of my ‘irresistible bedazzled bum’ for keepsake and she also left me with aching bite marks on my butt and the memory of a huge orgasm on her fingers with the plug in. I blushed at the memory. I couldn’t possibly admit owning a butt plug. I could have lied of course and say it was a vibrator or something dull, but I couldn’t bring myself to lie. Surely that would have defeated the objective of the game.

“I’m afraid I have to pass that one,” I said. It met with a chorus of boos.

“That is surely cheating,” Andriy taunted, clearly disappointed, and Lev was nodding in agreement. The girls told them that according to the rules everyone could pass once.

“I don’t agree with that rule at all,” Lev raised his voice. He spoke little and seldom but when he did he had a certain authority in his voice that held everybody’s undivided attention on him. He could have made a great professor one day, but when I mentioned this to him once, he said he preferred to work out on the field with rocks and not ignorant teenagers. “If you pass that one, you have to accept a challenge from me and join us tomorrow for a spooky cave expedition,” he said, looking at me sternly. I raised an eyebrow as a question mark so he continued. “I’ve read up on the history and geology of the local area and came across a very interesting story. Deep in the Derevach mountain, there is a cave that served as a hideaway for a woman who ran away from her abusive husband in the early eighteenth century. Her name was Lady Petrova. The lord was very wealthy, and owned land near and far. Unfortunately, his heavy discipline sent his wife running for the woods while she was pregnant with their first child. She is said to have lived in the cave for almost two years before her husband found her and set fire to the cave, killing her. According to the local legend she has hidden her jewellery in the cave but it has never been found. Their child, a little boy, disappeared without a trace too. The cave is said to be haunted but I’m going there tomorrow to collect some rocks.”

“I’m in,” I said instantly. It was a gripping tale and I would have done anything not to reveal that I liked girls shoving things up my butt. The game went on and apart from a few exciting bits, like seeing Zoya’s tits in a wet t-shirt (yes, one of my dares) and hearing about Lev’s sexual dream at a summer camp with a girl, that turned out to be not a dream at all, it was beginning to be a drag. We were slowly running out of alcohol and newly formed couples started disappearing into the bedrooms. This gave me an excuse to head outside and light my next cigarette. Lev and Andriy, both smokers themselves, took the opportunity to join me.

“I still want to know what that toy is,” Andriy teased as he blew a heavy cloud of smoke into the freezing night air. “If you are so desperate to keep it a secret, it must be uber kinky.” I just smiled and didn’t say a word, but Andriy wouldn’t shut up about it. “What do you think it is?” he continued, turning to Lev.

Lev pulled his thick puffy coat tighter on his chest. “I don’t think it’s kinky at all. I bet it’s a plain pink silicone vibrator,” he smirked as he gave me a provocative stare; that look was so unlike him that a deep-seated craving begun to grow in the pit of my stomach. I wanted his attention, I wanted to see a million different expressions on his face.

“I hate pink,” I spat. Did he just call me plain and girly? Outrageous. The two of them continued having fun guessing between each other as if I wasn’t even there. By the time we went back into the house the living room was empty. There were a few people in the kitchen, but most disappeared into the girls’ bedrooms.

“Oh, I have a plan,” Andriy called out heading towards my room. He’d barely entered my domain when he started pulling drawers out. I should have totally freaked out, but I didn’t; I just stood in the middle of the room and folded my arms. “If you are not telling, I’m just going to find that damn toy.” By then he was in my underwear drawer, going through my knickers. Far from being a cause for concern, this invasion of my privacy was actually turning me on. He held up a black lace thong, one of my favourite date-night pieces. “Next time we play truth or dare, one of the dares will be to see you in these for sure.”

Lev voiced his agreement with a low, “Mmmmm”. Finding his voice, he added, “I think we should make her wear it now as a payback for holding us at gunpoint.” His eyes narrowed.

“Make me!” I retorted, pouting my lips as warning and invitation. I knew that I stood no chance agains them,  but part of me wanted to be held down and taken advantage of.

“I’d be careful what I wish for, if I were you,” he replied, stepping closer as his smirk intensified. He could have easily put his arms around me and immobilise me, but he didn’t. He didn’t have to. He had power over me even without laying a finger on me. Andriy was still turning my drawer upside down and when he was satisfied that there were no toys in there, his eyes moved towards the cabinet. He spotted a picture of me with Kira.

It didn’t show our relationship in a blatantly obvious way, or at least I hoped it didn’t, as I had that photo all over my Facebook. She had her arm around me in a casual, friendly way. “My ex-girlfriend,” I said proudly. They both froze for a second then looked at me, jaws on the floor.

“Are you…?”

“A lesbian?” I chuckled. “No, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Wow, Leoni,” Lev growled, his breath on my neck. “Up until now I thought you were quite prudish, and now I’ve found out that not only you have sex toys, which apparently are not pink and girly, but you are also into girls. I wonder what else would I find out about you if I pressed.”

I wanted him to press so fucking much. But I also wanted to get back at him. “Well, Lev, to be honest for a while I thought you two are gay.”

They both laughed at that, but also shared a look that told me they had a dark secret and I was about to find out what that secret was. Then Andriy smirked, “No, definitely not gay.”

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll give you a clue about the toy.” I pointed to the photo, adding “She gave it to me as a farewell gift.” I was basking in their attention and I definitely wanted more. “How about you both get three guesses. I’m not giving you any more hints, but if you guess correctly, I’m yours for the night, you can ask me to do anything.” Part of me thought there are a zillion sex toys out there, they will never be able to figure it out.

They sat down on the side of the bed and put their heads together. “Well if it’s from another girl it has to be an insertable thing,” Andriy mused.

Such a cliché. I snickered. “Lesbian sex is not about prodding each other with a fake cock. But you are not exactly wrong.” I’ve covered my mouth with both of my palms and pretended that that last sentence just slipped out. “Shit.”

Lev knew straight away. The hopeful glint in his eyes was brighter then the one of the jewel in said toy. “You really want to get it right, don’t you?” I played with him while rearranging my knickers back into the drawer.

“It’s a butt plug, isn’t it?” he growled confidently, his voice thick with arousal. I blushed, nodding to confirm his correct answer. He stopped my hand grabbing hold of my wrist, “Put this on,” he demanded holding out the black thong. They circled around me like the hungry predators they were. I knew I had to obey. 

I stepped out of my black skinny jeans, then the black knickers I was wearing. They felt damp as I scrunched them up in my palm and handed them to Andriy, “You seem to be fond of these,” I grinned. He tucked them into his pocket as a token.

“You’re full of surprises, Leoni,” Lev growled into my ear. “You like girls, you like things up your butt and you seem to enjoy the attention of two guys.” He lifted my chin with a curled index finger, forced me to meet his gaze and tongued my mouth roughly. I grunted with surprise and yearning. Andriy opened my legs and made me step into the black thong, but he pulled the string aside straight away and dipped his fingers into my wetness.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. He offered his nectar soaked fingers to Lev. My eyes were transfixed on the slick digits entering Lev’s mouth and his deviant smile that followed.

Nothing seems to be shocking you,” he murmured, seemingly addressing it more to the other man present than to me. “Our kind of girl.” Andriy stepped to the door and, not so discreetly, locked it with a loud rattling, clacking sound. The atmosphere in the room swiftly changed. Their slow erotic advances became rushed and fierce. Their hands were suddenly everywhere. I didn’t even notice when they removed the rest of my clothes as their movements were just part of a large interconnected net of seemingly choreographed moves.

Lev was facing me and he slid his palm up along my thigh, up over my stomach and when he reached my breasts his other hand joined, now both gliding up my tits. Not stopping there, they brushed my neck, my face, then combed through my hair. His hands said ‘I want you, all of this.’

I wanted to get into my assumed role, on my knees, but I was held up by my shoulders. “Shhh,” Lev calmed me with the soft breeze of his voice. He bent me over, my ass out for Andriy to rub and slap gently, to mark their territory. No doubt these two were a team, and it was obvious to me that this wasn’t their first time working together to seduce a girl. The fact that they were so obviously in sync turned me on further and my pussy was dripping with sweet juices.

Lev held me in position anchored by my hair, rubbing my nipples, while his wingman fingered me into a greedy, desperate ecstasy. Both were still fully dressed; it was part of their game, and it worked me up to quite a state. Lev opened his fly and let his rock spring out. “Show me what you’re good for,” he urged, shoving his thick cock into my mouth. It wasn’t huge, but its girth was giving my face that joyously stuffed, divine feeling. Thickness has always been my preference over length. “Enough,” he grunted, letting go of me and tucking his cock away.

It was as much a torture for him as it was for me, but stepping on the brakes when you’re doing a hundred is exhilarating. Apparently it was Andriy’s turn. He too, was still fully clothed. Opening his fly, he also treated me like a hooker. My pussy was screaming for attention, its painful emptiness turning me into a wanton, attention seeking slut. I swallowed his longer cock hard and deep.

“That’s a good fucking girl,” Lev murmured, keeping my head on his sidekick’s dick. “Does that turn you on? Being used?”

“Uhm, ” I replied, my eager mouth full of cock.

Andriy pulled out and resumed his earlier position, dipping his test-stick fingers into my slit. “Yup, she’s soaked.”

“Good,” Lev said with a smug half smile. “We can advance to the next level.” I didn’t care much for the fact that I was just a game to them with different ‘levels’. All I could hope was, that this ‘next level’ was having something into my attention-craving cunt.

It wasn’t.

It was only removing their jeans, making me kneel with open legs and giving me a much rougher face fuck. One was holding my head and I was to swallow more cock, and their full balls were also shoved in my face to be licked.

At least Lev was considerate in a way that he stopped from time to time and asked his friend to check if I was ‘still having fun.’

I was.

Not that my moans and desperate grunts didn’t give me away.

“You definitely didn’t pick up these deepthroating skills from your girlfriend,” Lev chuckled. “Part of me just wants to use your slutty mouth all night,” he teased.

“No, don’t do that mate, not to her,” said Andriy on a serious tone suggesting that in the past, it had once been the fate of some unlucky girl.

“I wasn’t going to,” the lord of evil smirked, “but she’s fucking good, isn’t she?” For emphasis he kept me on his cock a fraction of a second longer than I could handle. Then again, being talked to like that and with a close eye on the prize, one can handle anything.

“I try my best,” I smiled, mixed saliva and precum drooling from my mouth, spluttering.

“Shut it,” Lev barked in my face. “You are ours for the night, just a pretty fuck-toy, so behave like one and shut up.” That was like a punch in my stomach, but… in a good way. The gravitational pull of the black hole between my legs increased significantly. I wanted to beg, to have something inside me and a meek ‘please’ escaped my mouth, but he just grinned and ignored me. I was left empty and hollow. “Your turn,” he snarled, handing me over to the other one again.

As his slick cock slid from my eager mouth, he stroked himself right in my face and all I could think of was that he needed to stop this teasing now and just fucking give it to me.

He didn’t.

I was, or more precisely my mouth was, passed back and forth, back and forth, numerous times until my jaw ached and my body almost accepted its fate, that seemingly this was all I would do for the rest of my life. They were getting more and more ruthless, keeping me gagging for longer, their heavy hands leaving imprints on my skin as they held me down. When I started pushing them away they briefly stopped, asking me if I wanted to slow down but by then I only existed to please them. “I’m yours, do what you wish,” was all I said between desperate, ragged breaths.

The torture of my mouth and throat continued; nevertheless, they slowed down and began to swap more frequently, and I guessed that they must be getting close. I was too, despite being ignored. I felt the pressure of a building tidal wave in my clit and I knew that when they finally decided to stop neglecting me, it would only take one single superficial touch to push me over the edge.

Eventually they shared a look that indicated an unspoken agreement between them and pushed me onto my bed. Lev positioned himself between my legs in the missionary position and slid his amazing thickness into me. Andriy opened my swollen lips, admiring the fruit of their labour as they lusciously enveloped his friend’s cock. I was so sensitive I wanted to scream.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked. Barely waiting for a reply he forced his cock back into my mouth and reaching over my body he rubbed the very tip of my sensitive, protruding button. I came with a jolt, swallowing his cock into the back of my throat and flooding Lev’s with my juices.

Lev pulled out and shot long lines of milky cum over my stomach. I barely had chance to let out a long, ragged breath before I was flipped to all fours and taken by Andriy too, while still riding the heavenly waves of my orgasm.

They stayed for the rest of the night and morning, all of us sleeping in my small double bed, and it was almost midday when I sneaked them out of the still quiet house.


At 5pm we met at the tourist shelter where all the hiking trails start around mountain Derevach. Being end of October, it was already getting dark, centuries old spruce and fir casting giant shadows over us. We were following a narrow, rocky trail, Lev carrying a huge rucksack full of safety gear, torches, hammers and chisels. Even under all that weight he was very animated about this adventure. He told us that there was proof that at least part of the legend was true, as smoke discolouration could be seen on the rocks in the main chamber.

“I don’t want to imagine the last minutes of that poor woman,” I said, not being able to get the image out of my head. I could almost see the thick smoke in front of my eyes and taste the bitter, choking fumes in my throat.

Once we got to the cave, my mood turned even darker. The entrance of the dense cave glared at me with terrifying black eyes, the smell of danger lingered in the air. I’m not exactly faint-hearted but something told me we shouldn’t enter and disturb whatever it was that lived in there.

“Come on, Leoni,” the boys urged me inside. As they entered, a cloud of bats stirred and flew out with frightened flapping of their leathery wings. I followed the guys, stepping into the unknown, my heart beating heavily in my chest. My breathing slowed as I tried to take in the cold, humid air. Helmet lights fastened to our hard hats illuminated the entry chamber, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that beyond, in the depth of darkness, there was something lurking, watching us. It was like looking down from a cliff, the depth calling and part of you want to let go, let gravity win.

The guys went ahead deeper, completely indifferent to my growing dread. I didn’t tell them just how frightened I was. It’s all in my head, I kept telling myself, but the feeling that we were not alone grew into a pungent blockage in my windpipe until I could barely breathe. My feet rooted firmly into the impenetrable rock floor.

“I don’t want to go any further,” I said shivering with terror. They looked at me dismissively but their expression changed once they saw me and heard me say, “There is something in here.”

I didn’t recognise my own voice. I wanted to run away, but I couldn’t move my feet; I wanted to scream but lost my voice. Something told me to wait. Then just like a mystical white feather floating in the air, my fear floated away.

Something, or someone told me, I didn’t have to be scared. It wasn’t a voice though; it was a feeling. I’ve read in a book once that in the afterlife, in our true form we communicate telepathically. Then I remembered the nights in my grandparents house; the sense of the being that wasn’t there and the voice that wasn’t audible.

I closed my eyes and I felt it – I felt her, and she was showing me a path, like a faint garden path illuminated by dying solar lights. It led me out of the cave, around the mouth and a few yards away. Then the beacon settled on a large, round rock. “We need to lift this,” I told the boys.

Using a rock hammer as a lever, we moved the slab out of the way and  I started digging with my bare hands. All three of us were on our hands and knees. I could see on their faces that part of them thought I was pulling their leg. 

I wasn’t. Within minutes we unearthed a small wooden chest. Lev decided to smash the lock on it with his hammer. It wasn’t a huge treasure, only a few rings and bracelets. But the most interesting object was a small urn with a sheet of paper inside. I unrolled it and straight away recognised the language as Moldovan, the language I learned from my father.

The letter was mostly illegible, but my eyes were instantly drawn to a line written in dark, bold letters “my son, Alexiy is with the Binzari family.”

“Isn’t that your surname?” Andriy asked astonished pointing to the name. “What a coincidence.”

The weight of significance of what just happened settled heavy on my shoulders.

“It is not a coincidence,” I said.  










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