Johnny only gave Lisa a few seconds to recover before he jumped into action.  He moved quickly and grabbed her by the hair.  He lifted her up off the bed making her stand on tiptoes to help relieve the pain and tension he was holding her with.

“Oww, Johnny, please! That hurts!” she complained. 

He pushed her up against a wall close to the bed, holding her there by the throat, tight enough that she had to work to breathe, but not enough to actually choke her.

“What did I tell you about my name?” he got in her face, hollering at her like a drill sergeant to a boot camp inductee.  

“Sorry Sir!” she croaked as she tried to speak with his hand around her throat.

“I’m afraid sorry doesn’t cut it this time. You were told what to call me and you have been corrected twice for it already. Now you are going to get punished for losing the contest AND for not obeying me!” he said.

“W-What are you going to do?” she asked, her eyes wide with fear.

“I’m going to do what any Master does to a disobedient, headstrong, rebellious submissive… I’m going to take my belt to that lily-white ass of yours and turn it a nice shade of red!” he said.

“Oh God Sir! Please, not that! Please, I won’t do it again! Please, please don’t!” she pleaded. 

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and marched her over to the bed, forcing her to her knees while he sat on the edge of the bed. Amy had backed up against the headboard, scared herself, and wanting to get as far away from this as she could.

“Listen to me slut and listen good. D/s is a lifestyle of consent–without consent, there can never be trust and without trust, there cannot be D/s. I would never do anything to you without your consent. I asked you going into this if this was what you wanted. Once I explained what was going to happen here, I asked you again if this was what you wanted and you both agreed to it. 

“Now what I am going to do is whip you with my belt to teach you that when I give a command it is to be obeyed without question and without argument. And it is to be obeyed every time. However, in the interest of consent. I will give you two options, and let you decide,” he said.

“W-What… options?” she asked.

“Option number one is that I go ahead with my plans to whip you and teach you a lesson about obedience. It is obviously a lesson you need to learn if you ever want to become a proper submissive and learn what it’s like to serve a Master like myself. No Master is going to put up with a rebellious argumentative brat like you for long,” he said.

“And option two, Sir?” she asked, not particularly liking this one.

“Option two is that we drop this whole idea and never speak of it again. We will walk out of this hotel room as quickly as we can get dressed, and I will never revisit this idea with you again. It is your decision but think carefully about it because once it’s made, the decision is irreversible,” he told her.

He left her kneeling on the floor while he got the chair she had been sitting in earlier and moved it into the bathroom. Then he came back and picked her up by one arm and half walked/half dragged her into the bathroom. 

“Now you sit here and think about what you want to do. I’m going in there and give Amy her reward for winning the competition. You will be able to hear her moans and cries as I fuck her senseless. Just listen to what a good submissive gets from her Master and then you can tell me what you want to do,” he said, pushing her down in the chair.

Her chair faced the opposite direction from where Johnny and Amy would be in bed and there was a wall between them so there was no way she could see what was going on unless she left her chair and she didn’t dare do that. He had left the bathroom door open, though, so she could plainly hear the goings-on in the other room.

Johnny knew his voice would carry in the small, dumpy motel room, and that Amy would be listening intently to him scolding his sister. He purposely used a louder than normal voice so she would “overhear” what he had told Lisa.

He knew she had heard him talking to Lisa when he came back into the bedroom and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, instead of up against the headboard where she was when he and Lisa left the room.

“I suppose you heard what I told that slut in the other room?” he said.

“Yes, Sir, I’m sorry Sir, for eavesdropping…. but this is a small motel room, and your voice kind of carries,” she said, looking down.

“I guess so. No matter, so now that you won the contest and made her cum first, I guess it’s time for you to collect your winnings. On the floor, then, it’s time to teach you how a good submissive behaves,” he said. Amy slid off the bed in an instant, dropping to her knees in front of him.

“Now a good submissive always remembers she is there to please her Master. She does this with her looks, mannerisms, and obedience. You have a good start on things already without even realizing it. 

“You are very pretty and you have a very nice figure for one as young as you. You seem to have a grasp of the way a submissive acts–your head is down and you don’t look at me unless told to. 

“You will need to learn some of the finer details but it looks like you have the proper attitude. And your obedience is right on par… you do not argue or discuss what you are told,” he spoke a little louder so Lisa could hear, “unlike some people we know!”

“Yes Sir,” she said, careful not to smile outwardly too much, although she was beaming inside.

“Your efforts today have pleased me, slut. And when I am pleased with my submissives, I always reward them for their service. Stand up,” he said. 

She rose from her kneeling position and he spun her around, bending her over the foot of the bed. 

“Now I want you to keep your arms stretched out over your head just like this. And spread those legs. That’s a good girl…. stay just like that. Don’t you move!” he said, putting her in the position he wanted.

“Yes Sir… Ohhh!” she said as he reached under and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy without warning. He began finger-fucking her hard and fast as he knelt down behind her.

“Ohhh… Yes, Sir! Ohhh God!” she moaned and she strained to hold still. 

Being made to stay in this position while he toyed with her made her pussy drool and her breath come in short pants. She closed her eyes focusing all her mind on the exquisite sensations coming from her pussy. 

Her legs began to tremble as they tried to maintain her even though they wanted to just fold under her and bring her to the ground for him to completely ravage her!

“You like this do you slut?” he asked as she gasped and moaned in delirious joy.

“Yes Sir… Oh! …Oh my God!…,” cried Amy as she suddenly went rigid, her fingers digging into the mattress. 

“Oh Sir, I need to cum! Please, please may I cum? Oh, please, please!” 

He knew that she was going to cum whether he gave her permission to or not–she had already past any point that she could control it. Besides, she wasn’t mature enough in edging to hold it back yet. 

He relented “Go ahead and cum then,” he said.

“Ahhh… Ohhh, fuuuccckkk!” she screamed as she froze, shaking as every muscle in her body tensed at the same time, and went suddenly limp, sagging onto the sweat and cum-stained mattress.

Johnny was in the perfect position just as he planned. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and shoved his face deep in the valley between them licking and lapping up the sweet nectar that she was producing. 

He didn’t even wait for her to finish her orgasm, not wanting any of the sweet woman-syrup to go to waste. Amy screeched once again as she felt his tongue snaking into her still gushing pussy.

“Ohhh, Goddd! Ohhh, yesss! Yess! Ohhh, fuuucckkk!” Amy writhed and squirmed, rocking from side to side and humping her ass up as his ravenous mouth. He licked and scooped up as much of her sweet juices as he could until at last she had nothing more to give him. She lay on the bed moaning softly. 

“Fuck me…” she panted, “Please, Sir… please fuck me.”

“Oh, don’t worry my dirty little slut,” he said, with a wicked smile, “We’re only just getting started!” He dragged the girl off the bed and she crumpled onto the floor. 

“Oh don’t give up on me yet, slut, you’re the one who wanted to be my slut! We’re going to have to work on your stamina too, I see!”
He hefted her to a kneeling position with her back to the bed box springs and mattress. 

“Now before I fuck your cunt, I am going to fuck your face! I want to see how you do at cocksucking slut! A good submissive pleases with her mouth, ass, and cunt! If you are going to be my slut, you will get used to having all your holes well used!” he said. 

He pinned her head back on the mattress holding her there by her hair. He put his cock to her lips and she opened her mouth without his asking. He smiled “Good, you know what that mouth is for!” he said.

“Yes Sir, I guck!” she said as he shoved his cock deep into her mouth before she could finish her sentence. 

He pushed deep into her mouth to the back of her throat and held her there for a few seconds. When he pulled back, she gagged a bit but recovered. He shoved back into her mouth deep again, getting her used to having him deep in her mouth. 

Then he pulled out and bent down to look at her. “You aren’t dealing with some immature, pimply-faced high school kid who wouldn’t know a good blowjob if he tripped on it! I’ve had a lot of women and a lot of very good blowjobs. I know what good oral sex feels like, slut!”

He shoved back into her mouth and this time he didn’t pull out. He began facefucking her, shoving his cock to the back of her throat and pulling back until just the head remained in her mouth, He pumped in and out while she sealed her lips around his thick, hard shaft and used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock. 

Amy reached up to take hold of his cock, but he pulled out of her mouth quickly. 

“No hands! Use your mouth only. Keep those hands behind your back,” he said. She put her hands behind her and he resumed facefucking her. 

After a few more thrusts he pulled out. “That wasn’t bad for the first time. But you’ll learn how I like my cock sucked. You’ll learn how to deepthroat too, something we didn’t hit on today. But now I want to see how tight that little cunt is! Get up on that bed, I’m going to show you what a proper fucking is like!”

Amy jumped up and scrambled onto the bed. This is what she had been waiting for! She had dreamed about the day Lisa’s hunky brother would come and claim her! She scooted to the center of the bed and threw her legs wide open for him.

“Someone sure is eager to get fucked!” he said.

“Yes Sir!” she said. 

She laid there trembling with anticipation as he finished getting undressed and climbed into bed. He crawled slowly up the bed towards her stopping at her knees and then kissing his way slowly up the insides of her thighs. 

Amy groaned as he got closer and closer to where she had always wanted him. He moved up past her dripping slit, kissing her mons then moving to her stomach and then to her ripe full mounds. 

“You have a nice set of tits, slut. I’m going to enjoy these!” he said just before fastening his mouth to one.

“Oh God!” she moaned loudly. 

He licked and sucked the hard pebble on top as his hands sank deep into the fleshy globe beneath. She arched her tits upward slightly in response to his mouth on them. He licked and sucked both her eager tits before moving further up. 

Once he reached eye level to her he raised his torso up, supported by his arms. His cock knew the way and pointed itself at her slick, slippery hole. 

“Look at me. I want to see those eyes, slut. Keep your eyes on me,” he told her. 

Amy nodded that she understood and then he pushed forward slightly as his cock slipped past her outer lips and nestled itself right at the opening to her tunnel. He took one more look at her and then pushed forward slowly. 

Amy’s eyes got wide and her mouth dropped into an “O” as he moved into her. Amy drew a deep breath and her legs fell open her back arched and her hands instinctively reached up to his shoulders. 

He sank deeper into her and Amy moaned “Oh God, Sir! Oh, your cock feels so wonderful inside me! Ohhh, the way it stretches me… opens me! Ohhh, fuck me Sir, please fuck your slut!”

He pushed deeper until he felt the tip of his cock bump up against her cervix and he knew that was as deep as he could go. He was fully inside her and his nuts bumped up against her ass. 

He paused there for a couple of moments while she got used to his size. He was bigger than the boys she’d had before but not so big she couldn’t accommodate him. She relished the fullness he made her feel–she was stuffed, but not painfully so. 

She loved the feeling and she showed it in her sparkling eyes and the little oohs and ahhs she made as he moved in and out just a little… a couple of inches at a time for now. He wanted her to get stretched and lubed all the way down before he began the serious fucking.

When he felt she was ready he stopped moving. She looked at him with a questioning expression but didn’t say anything. She wanted to know what he was going to do next. “Are you ready to begin?” he asked. 

Amy smiled “Yes, Sir.” and then bit her bottom lip as she waited for what she didn’t know. She soon found out.

Johnny pulled back until only the mushroom cap remained inside her. Keeping his eyes locked on hers, he then thrust hard and fast into her. 

“Oh!” she gasped. At the very instant his cock touched bottom, he pulled back only to slam forward again. He quickly established a hard, fast, and deep rhythm, pumping into her like he wanted to punch a hole in her. 

“Oh, fuck Sir! Oh, Yes! Oh God, that feels sooo good! Yes! Oh, OH! Fuck me, Sir! Fuck your dirty motel slut! Fuck me and make me yours, Sir!” she moaned.

Johnny kept pumping in and out of her like he was getting a commission on every stroke! Amy moaned and squealed, cried and groaned with each hard thrust. 

He knew that Lisa could hear every sound that Amy was making, and he could imagine the sounds of her girlfriend getting the fucking of a lifetime was eating away at her.

The hard and fast fucking he was giving her was just what she had always dreamed it would be like and as much as she was enjoying this dream come true, it also worked on her faster than she would have liked. After a few minutes, she was at her limit and ready to climax.

“Oh, Sir! Please, I need to cum! I need to cum so badly, Sir. Please make me cum! Make your slut cum please, Sir. Please may I cum for you?” she pleaded. 

He grabbed her by the throat and held her there pinned to the bed, “You want to cum do you?” he asked.

“Yes! Oh yes, Sir! Please, please may I cum?” she begged.

“Whose pussy is this?” he asked.

“Yours, Sir,” Amy replied.

“Whose tits are these?” he asked.

“Yours, Sir. Please, it’s all yours, I’m all yours, Sir. Please, pleeease,” she cried.

“Are you my dirty slut, Are you my dirty slutty little whore?” he asked her again.

“Yes Oh God, yes, Master! Please, I want to be your slut, your whore… more than anything, Sir. Please!” she cried urgently.

“All right then. When you cum, your orgasm will be your surrender and submission. Do you still want to continue?” he asked.

“Yes! Oh please, please yes! Please make me cum… make me yours!” she begged, sobbing now.

With the deal laid out plainly and accepted, he bore down into her harder and deeper than ever. He pulled her face up to his and kissed her holding the kiss and she erupted, her pussy pouring out its juices and she gave in to his wants and his will. 

She wrapped her arms around him clawing at his back as the greatest cum she had ever known exploded within her.

All of her night-time fantasies, all of her daydreams and her wild flights of fancy in being Johnny’s girl had come true. She now belonged to him. And she would do anything he asked of her willingly and to the best of her ability. 

He owned her–mind, body, and spirit. And she was just fine with that arrangement.

After her orgasm had finally subsided and she was laying there panting for breath he pulled her to him and held her close, she was in heaven, embraced in the arms of the man she had always wanted and now belonged to.

They lay together for several minutes basking in the glow with Amy cuddled close and purring contentedly like a kitten on its owner’s lap. Suddenly a soft noise made them look. 

It was Lisa, kneeling on the floor patiently waiting and watching them. When he looked up, she instantly dropped her head and looked at the floor.

“Lisa! What are you doing out here?” he asked.

“Forgive me, Sir, I didn’t mean to intrude. It’s just… I have thought about my decision. Sir, if you still will have me, I would like to become your submissive. Not to take Amy’s place but in addition to her. We could help each other learn to become better and both serve you however you wish us to. 

“So, you want to be my dirty fuckslut after all huh?” he said. By now he was sitting up on the edge of the bed with Amy lying behind him propped up on one elbow watching them.

“Yes, Sir, if you’ll have me. I can be your dirty slut whore,” she said.

Then he jumped up and grabbed her by the hair holding her just high enough she still knelt on the floor but had to stretch herself to ease the tension on her hair. 

“You want me to make you do all those things you’ve wanted to do

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