When the girls returned from the mall, Connie had Barbara drop her off at her place. She wanted to get the things she bought put away, and relax for a bit before she had to make dinner. When Barbara came into the house, Tommy was watching television. “Hi Mom!” he said, “Can I help you carry those things?”

“No, that’s okay, hon, they aren’t that heavy,” she said. Barbara took her things into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Tommy thought her behavior a bit odd, but he shrugged his shoulders and figured it was her business. A few minutes later she came out of her bedroom and went into the kitchen to start dinner.

“So did you and Aunt Connie have a good time today?” Tommy asked.

“Oh yeah. It was good to spend time with her again. It seemed so long since we had lunch together like that. With her job at the bank and mine at the hospital, our schedules never seem to mesh anymore,” she sighed.

“Well with me starting work now, maybe you won’t have to work so hard and you will have more time to visit with Aunt Connie,” he said.

“First we have to get some of these bills paid off before anyone thinks of working less!” Barbara chuckled.

“I suppose. Where is Aunt Connie?” he asked.

“She had me drop her off at her place before I came home,” Barbara said.

“Is she okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, she was just tired… we had a lot of fun at lunch, then we went to the mall and did some shopping! She was just tired,” she said.

“Well, I’ll pop over after dinner and see her,” Tommy said.

“Maybe it would be better if you went over tomorrow, son. She could probably use a night of peace and quiet,” Barbara said, putting her hand over his.

Now Tommy was really concerned. His mom wasn’t acting right. “Mom be honest with me–is Aunt Connie all right?” he said.

“Yes son, your Aunt Connie is fine. Really. She is just tired from working and needs a quiet night so she can rest. You can see her tomorrow,” she said.

Tommy wasn’t entirely convinced, but he dropped the subject. “So what did you buy at the mall?” Tommy asked, trying to make conversation more than genuine interest. He knew that if it had been something he would be interested in, she would have shown it off to him.

“Oh, nothing, just some clothes. A new boutique opened up in the mall and Connie and I checked it out,” Barbara said.

“Well, I’m glad you two had fun today. You deserve it, Mom. Both of you deserve it,” he said.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said.

Dinner was ready and the pair sat down to eat. “So when do you start your new job, honey?” Barbara asked.

“Mr. Hamilton says I will start Monday. It’s the start of a new pay period so it will be easier then,” he said.

“I see. Well, that’s wonderful hon. I’m so glad you are going to be working in a field that is close to what you wanted before the accident. I’m glad that that accident didn’t ruin everything,” Barbara said.

“Yeah it actually worked out for the best–I have a job and can go to school and still live here at home. So you won’t have to worry about me off someplace in college or moved away to some other city or state somewhere. I have a beautiful mother and a beautiful girl next door who both want to take care of me. What’s not to love about this arrangement!” he said with a big grin.

“So you think you got a good tail-hold on the world, do you, young man?” Barbara said with a broad smile.

“Well you got to admit, it’s a pretty sweet deal from my standpoint! It isn’t perfect, I mean I don’t have a limo and I’m not rich, but other than that I’m not complaining!” he quipped. They both laughed together at the joke.

“Well, it’s not bad from a mother’s standpoint either. I still have my boy close by and I can see he is happy to be here. That’s more than a lot of mother’s have when their children graduate high school.

“Right about now I would be crying my eyes out at the thought of sending you off to Massachusetts, some 1,700 miles away! Especially knowing that we don’t have the money for you to come back every summer for a visit. And what would Christmas be like without you?

“Honey, it’s been just you and me for a long, long time and while Connie has been great to help us and support us, we have gone through a lot together. I have to admit, I was dreading this time of year when this past school year started last fall. I didn’t want the time to come that I would be putting you on a bus or plane to head off to college.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of being left in this house alone. Your father and I got this house to be a family. Then he left and it was you and I. And you almost left me too. I am so glad you didn’t honey. You know it’s funny; that driver may have hit my baby and ruined our car, but in the end, he did me a favor!” Barbara said.

“Well since we are baring our souls here, I have to confess I wasn’t looking forward to leaving either. I have lived in this house for as long as I can remember and you have been here making it home all the while. I know that little birds need to leave the nest and all that, but I wasn’t looking forward to ‘stretching my wings’ and taking flight just yet.

“Yes, college would have been a good thing to help me grow up. Getting out on my own and gaining some independence probably would help me to mature and prepare me for one day having my own place. But it’s not a transition I was anxious to undertake,” he said.

“Oh baby, you are more grown up and mature than men twice your age–believe me! But it is wonderful to hear that you still want to stick close to home for a while longer. And I know that Aunt Connie is glad you are still around too. I am so happy that you have a job now and that you will still be working on your degree–just from an online school instead of a residency program,” Barbara said.

“Well Mom, one of the things that made me pick computer security as a line of work I wanted to get into is that I could work from anywhere. I fully intended to come back to Sweetwater once I got my degree.

“I can work anywhere there’s an Internet connection! I was coming back here after school so I can help take care of you and Aunt Connie once I graduated anyway, it’s just that now I don’t have to leave at all!” he said.

“Oh Tommy, how did I get so lucky to have a wonderful boy like you! You make this mother so proud and so happy!” Barbara said, her eyes filling with tears. Tommy hugged his mother and held her close as they sat on the sofa and watched TV together until it was time for bed.

The next day, Connie went off to work as usual. Tommy tried to catch her before she left but she was gone by the time he got over to her house. So, since he had to do some shopping and errands anyway, he decided to stop by the bank where she worked on his way.

Connie was sitting over in the New Accounts section so Tommy made like he was interested in opening an account with the bank. He sat down at her desk. “Hi Connie, I just came by to see how you were. When you and Mom came back from shopping, she said you were really tired, so she dropped you off at your place. I was just checking to see how you are feeling,” he said.

“Oh, I’m fine Tommy. Yeah, I was just tired last night. Nothing is wrong, I just went to bed early and rested. But thank you for being concerned and checking on me. It was very sweet,” Connie said smiling.

“Well, I have to look after my girl! I have to protect my investment!” he said, making a bank reference.

“Oh, so I am an investment?” she said, playfully.

“Yep… worth more than gold! My diamond in the rough!” he said.

“Oh, you ARE a charmer Tommy Andrews!” Connie giggled.

“Well, I will let you get back to work. When I get my first paycheck I’ll be back to set up an account for real,” he said.

“Good, that way you can check up on me and do your banking business at the same time!” Connie said.

“I will be home about 4:30 today. Why don’t you come over after dinner tonight, say 7:00 pm. okay? I have a surprise to show you!” Connie said.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll see you tonight.”

After the bank and assurances that his girl was all right, Tommy went shopping. He had a few things to pick up himself and a couple of surprises in store for Connie as well. His first stop was the local hardware store. He picked up some rope and some other things.

His next stop was a sporting goods store where he picked up a couple of small fishing weights and small bells that clamp onto a fishing pole to let you know you have a bite.

His last stop was a secondhand store where he found a sturdy leather belt and an old wooden hairbrush with a large flat head–perfect for paddling an errant ass! Tommy found a small secondhand gym bag that he could use to hold all his equipment.

With his shopping done, he went home because it was getting close to when Barbara had to head to work. “I can’t wait to get my own car!” he thought as he drove home. He got back to the house just as his mom was finishing getting ready.

“Hi Mom, I’m home!” he called out.

“Okay, hon! I’m just about ready!” he heard her call from her bedroom. Barbara came out dressed in her uniform ready to head to work. “Did you get all your running around done? Do you still need the car sweetie?” she asked.

“No, you take it. I’m just going to have some dinner and go see Connie. She wanted to me to come over… something about a surprise for me,” he said.

“Oh, I see!” Barbara said with a mischievous grin. She knew what the surprise was and she knew that he would like it!

“MOM! You know what Connie has for me don’t you!” Tommy said, looking at the way she was trying to hide her grin.

“Yeah, I know what the surprise is that she has for you. But I’m not telling–you will just have to go over and find out for yourself!” she said, as she stepped out the door laughing.

Tommy fixed himself some dinner from what his mom had left him and sat down to watch some TV while he ate dinner. He wasn’t due at Connie’s till 7:00 so he had some time to kill. After dinner, he got the things out that he had bought that day. With a sharp pair of scissors, he cut the rope in lengths that he could use and with a lit candle he melted the ends together to keep them from fraying.

With the rope cut to length, he next got out the plastic snap clips. He tested them on his finger in the store to make sure they weren’t too extreme. He opened the package of clothespins, taking out six of them from the forty-pack and saving the others in case he needed them.

Then he picked up the old wooden hairbrush he found at the secondhand store. He picked this one because of its size and shape. It was nine and a half inches long and three inches wide and rectangular in shape. It would make an excellent paddle for an OTK spanking!

The heavy leather belt he had gotten would serve for other spankings but he liked the OTK kind because he could tell how much she was liking them by how wet she got!

With all of his “toys” in readiness, he put them all neatly back in the bag he got for them and waited until almost 7:00. When the time came to go over to Connie’s he picked up his bag and walked over to her house.

When he walked up to her door there was a note taped to the front of the door with his name on it. He took it down and opened it:

“Tommy; the door is locked but you know where the key is. Just come on in… I’ll be waiting for you!”

Tommy smiled–he loved her playful nature! He retrieved the key to her door and opened it stepping inside and locking the door behind him. He began looking for the object of his obsession. He didn’t call out for her because he wanted to seek her out. Not finding her in the living room or kitchen, he began down the hallway towards the back of the house.

Connie’s place wasn’t all that big–a 1025 square-foot, single-story, two bedroom, 1.5 bath cottage style house similar to his own, only a little smaller. Tommy had been over there nearly as much over the years as he had been in his own house, so he knew all about it. He had helped her move new furniture in and even helped do some minor repairs over there. So he was intimately familiar with the layout of her house.

Connie wasn’t in the main bathroom nor was she in the second bedroom–the one that Connie had made into an office. He went on down the hallway to the master bedroom at the very back of the house. The bedroom door was closed but a slight turn of the knob proved that it wasn’t locked. He continued turning the knob until the door opened. He cautiously opened the door a bit and peeked his head inside…

“Hey, stud… you just going to stand there in the doorway with your mouth open, or come in here unwrap your present?” Connie said.

Tommy came the rest of the way into the bedroom. Connie was kneeling in the middle of the bed wearing the white chiffon shirt lingerie outfit she had picked up the day before at the boutique with Barbara. On the nightstands and around the room were lighted candles giving the room a soft warm sensual glow. Tommy could smell the sweet scent of her perfume on the air as well–the whole scene was very intoxicating!

Tommy came further into the room and sat down on the chair by the wall. He crooked a finger at her. “Come,” he said simply. Connie smiled and moved off the bed standing at the foot and then walking slowly and sexually towards him. Her hips swayed hypnotically as she walked and Tommy fell into her trance almost immediately.

As Connie got closer, Tommy could see her outfit much better. The shirt was semi-transparent and he could see the outline of the bra and panties she wore under it. She had it buttoned up to the second button from the top, giving it enough of a V neckline to be sexy, yet leave enough buttons fastened to give him something to do!

Connie moved to him until she was just a couple feet in front of him. She stopped and looked at him seductively. She licked her lips as she slowly, teasingly unbuttoned one button at a time. She made sure that the front of her shirt remained closed even as she unbuttoned it, pretending modesty. When she had completely unbuttoned it, she turned her back to him and looking over her shoulder, she slid the shirt off one shoulder then the other, letting it slide sensuously down her back.

She squatted down a bit and looked back “Unhook me please?” she asked, and Tommy’s response was immediate and positive. He reached up and deftly unhooked her bra with a quick twist of his wrist, his expertise causing her to gasp as she felt the strap come loose. She held the bra in place with her hands, covering herself as the straps of her bra fell off her shoulders as she turned around.

Tommy’s hands reached out and took her gently by the hips, pulling her forward between his spread knees. He looked up at the beauty in front of him and captured her gaze in return. His hands slid slowly around to her belly, then moved upward. Connie knew exactly where they were headed, and she whimpered softly as they got nearer to their destination. As his hands approached her breasts, Connie moved her hands away and up behind her neck, clearing the way for him to continue northward.

Tommy smiled at her consent and his hands slipped under the sheer material of her bra. The cups of the bra were sheer, however, there were strategically-placed white embroidered flowers on them. His hands went under the bra and cupped her soft full tits, sinking his fingers into the creamy flesh. He felt the hard nubs of her thick nipples poking holes in his palms and he knew that he would have to give them their due attention.

Connie moaned as he mauled her full tits and she moved closer to him. She began to rub her pussy on the large bulge that had formed in Tommy’s crotch. Her tits weren’t the only things needing attention! As his hands worked her pillow-soft tits, Connie began slowly grinding on Tommy’s cock.

She swung one leg over his thigh so she could get more friction and enjoyment from her humping him. Tommy could feel the dampness from her dripping pussy begin to seep into his jeans. He could also smell the musky scent that told him she was very much aroused.

“Oh, God, Tommy…” she moaned softly, wriggling on his thigh and trying to rub her clit on his leg.

“I can smell your slutty cunt. I know what you need. You need a hard thick cock shoved up that hot, dripping fuck hole don’t you?” Tommy said in a low growl.

“Oh yes, baby… Oh God, I need your cock. Please… I need you inside me, now!” she said. Tommy’s dirty talk always turned her on and tonight especially since she had been looking forward to giving him this surprise for the last couple days.

Tommy took his hands from her tits. One hand slipped around her hip to slide under her panty in the back and caress her soft ass cheek. Connie closed her eyes and leaned her head back, moaning as she felt his hand on her ass. She wriggled her ass appreciatively as his fingers played over her soft warm skin.

Tommy knew she liked his hands on her; playing with her like this never failed to get her wet and extremely horny. And she was well on her way there now. But he wanted to speed things up a bit more. His other hand reached between her legs and began rubbing the wet spot in her panties, letting her pussy feel his caress as well as her ass.

“Oh fuck Tommy please! Please, I need your cock! Please, baby, don’t tease me!” Connie cried. His fingers slipped past the think soaked fabric and one slipped into her very wet, very slippery slit. She squealed as the intruding finger slid easily into her and rubbed against her throbbing clit. Her humping increased rapidly as she tried to use this opportunity to reach orgasm.

Tommy quickly realized what had happened but instead of pulling back, he gave her a moment or two of frantic grinding on his fingers before removing them.

“Tommy, please… I need to cum so bad!” Connie whined her disappointment.

“I know, slut. I can feel how wet and hot your cunt is. I can see how you tremble when I touch you and I can smell your need. I know that you need to be fucked and you need to cum. But before that I have a surprise for you as well my horny little slut!” he said grinning wickedly.

He pushed her back a step and pulled her sopping panties down to her ankles. “First we need to get you out of these wet things!” he said. She used his shoulder to balance as she stepped out of the soaked panties. Then he took her over to the bed. “Get on the bed,” he ordered. Quickly and obediently Connie got on the bed laying on her back and looking at him expectantly.

“You know we have not been using this bed to its full potential, and that’s a shame. It has so many wonderful possibilities…” he said, running his fingers along the bed rail. Connie looked at him a bit puzzled. “I’ve been thinking about that and I have gotten a few things I think may help us more fully utilize this delightful bed.”

Tommy walked over to the gym bag he brought. He reached in and pulled out a section of rope he had pre-cut to a usable length. Connie’s eyes got wide and she gasped when she saw what was going through his mind.

“Oh, Tommy!” Connie squealed in joy. She could feel her pussy twitch and flood in excitement.

“So you like being tied up, do you?” he asked as he began his work.

“Oh yes! A couple of past boyfriends tied me up a couple of times and it was very exciting!” she said. “I just didn’t know that it would be something you would like!”

“You mean you didn’t think I would like a naked, sexy, horny, woman tied and completely helpless to stop me from doing whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted?” he grinned.

“Ohhhh…” Connie moaned loudly.

Tommy took one wrist and tied the rope to it. “I am using a knot called a French Bowline. It’s supposed to hold tight but not slip tighter so it won’t cut off the circulation. It also has two loops instead of one so it will be more comfortable when you struggle. I looked it up on the Internet,” Tommy said.

“Very thoughtful. So you think I’m going to struggle, do you?” Connie asked, rather cheekily.

With her second wrist now secured, he leaned over her until his face was mere inches from hers. He reached a hand down and thrust his two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Oh, I’m quite certain you will struggle my little slut! By the time I’m finished with you, you will struggle and you will beg!”

Connie groaned as she felt him enter her suddenly. She arched her back and pulled against the ropes, testing them. She was now starting to realize that she was going to be helpless and it excited her even more.

“There’s plenty of time for that. First I want to get those legs tied down. Now, should we tie them flat or should I bring them up over your head like a real slut does?” he said. Connie grinned wide and raised her legs up over her head, spreading them wide and exposing her pussy and ass to his full view.

“Over your head, it is then!” he said and he took one ankle tying it to one of the posts at the end of the headboard. He moved around the bed and repeated the same procedure with the other ankle. He stood back and looked at his handiwork. He studied it for a moment while Connie looked at him, wondering why he wasn’t starting.

“Something is missing… Oh, I know!” he said. He reached into his bag again and pulled out the small plastic spring clips. Connie watched wide-eyed as he approached her. “Now, I tried these on my finger in the store to see how hard they were. They didn’t seem very strong to me, but if they start to hurt you tell me and I will take them right off, okay?”

Connie nodded and he started fingering her nipple toying with it and lightly pinching and pulling on it. He rolled the little nub between his fingers until it was hard and fully erect. Connie moaned as he played with her nipple–they were super sensitive and she loved nipple play.

“Okay here we go…” he said and he slowly closed the clamp around her rosy bud.

“Ohhhh….” Connie moaned as the clamp fastened onto her nipple.

“Is that too tight?” Tommy asked.

“No, it’s fine. It feels good, actually. I’ve never had nipple clamps before!” she said.

“Okay now for the other one,” he said. Tommy toyed with her other nipple the same way and then attached the second clamp.

“Ooooh!” Connie said. “Mmmm they feel wonderful. And they look sexy too!”

Tommy’s face said all that was needed. He stared at this smoking hot, totally exposed woman at his mercy. He licked his lips–there was so much he wanted to do her, he hardly knew where to start!

He went to her nightstand and got out one of her vibrators. Then he got on the bed and placed himself just above her glistening pussy. He marveled at how wet she had gotten already and he had hardly touched her!

He used his fingers to part her flower and peek inside at her wet pink interior. It looked delicious and he wanted more than anything to dive right in and lick up everything he could find in that pink heaven.

But he restrained his desires for now. He had an agenda to accomplish and did not want to be swayed by misleading urges.

Tommy began tracing his finger around her pussy tracing the fat swollen lips both on the outside and then just inside her entrance. He traced the edge of her vaginal opening–the tunnel entrance–but he went no further.

Connie moaned and writhed as he teased her but, tied as she was, she could not do anything. His finger then trailed down to her asshole and there he rubbed some of her pussy juice he collected over her little brown hole. Here again, he teased her, pressing on the little star as Connie tried to open herself for him. She didn’t care what hole he went into, so long as he entered her!

“Please, Tommy, please!” Connie pleaded. Tommy looked up at her through her spread legs. He saw the lust fogged look on her face and he knew she was not in control anymore. Her rational mind had given way to lustful passions and raw animal need. It was now time to begin.

Tommy raised up and moved between her spread legs moving over the top of her as if preparing to mount her. Connie felt a rush of excitement as she readied herself to feel his glorious cock penetrate her and sink happily into her welcoming depths.

She felt her heart race waiting for that first opening feeling, that amazing feeling when his cock first parts her pussy lips and begins to stretch her canal. It was an incredible experience that she enjoyed every time it happened.

But that wasn’t what was about to happen. Tommy moved over her and kept his body raised up. She wanted to feel his weight on her, to feel him driving his steel-hard fuck pole deep into her slamming his hips against hers. Instead, all she got was a warm, passionate kiss! Connie looked up at him with an almost incredulous look.

Tommy grinned and disappeared, moving back down her exposed body until he was back where he started. This time however he was going to grant Connie’s wish… in a manner of speaking.

But rather than a hard thick cock, Tommy filled her hungry cunt with two middle fingers of one hand. He used his pinkie and index finger to hold her pussy lips out of the way and curled his middle and ring finger up around her pubic bone to rub the spongy g-spot he found there.

With short, rapid, jerky movements, he began finger fucking her. Connie had never felt anything like this. It was only a matter of moments before she was moaning and crying out that she was getting close. Just as Connie was about to crest and explode in her orgasm, he stopped, letting her cool down a bit before continuing. He didn’t let her get too calmed down, he wanted her to ride the waves of her passion.

Over and over he brought her to the edge of her gulf. Over and over she peered into the inky blackness of her orgasm and over and over he pulled her back just in time.

“Please Tommy, please make me cum! God, I need to cum so bad! Pleeease!” she cried. But Tommy wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

Tommy settled in between her widespread thighs and inhaled deeply her fragrance. He loved the smell of this woman when she was in heat. He loved her musky-sweet sexual perfume almost as much as the taste of her sweet honey. After breathing her in deeply, he leaned forward and fastened his hot mouth over her honeypot, his tongue making like Pooh Bear and diving in to scoop out her sweetness.


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