“Why are you smiling, London?” Sandra asked, coming towards me. “You’re cheesing, and I know you didn’t screw Josh, but you look like you had sex,” she pointed out before she grabbed my hand. “What’s going on, woman?”

I peeked at the side of her and saw our husbands coming towards us.

“So, what’s for dinner, babe?” Will pondered, coming up behind her.

She sighed and leaned back. “Burgers, hun, I made sure to make enough for everyone,” she replied before she turned around and kissed him.

I just watched them, but of course, I had to bite my bottom lip and shake at the thought of having sex with Pete. All of a sudden, I casually placed my hand right over my twat through my skirt.

I rubbed it slowly. ‘Oh, you two made a sexy young man,’ I thought, shaking a bit.

“London,” Josh said, coming behind me and placing his hands on my stomach. “It isn’t polite to stare.”

I rubbed my face for a few seconds and felt my nerves cringe somewhat. Josh just pecked my neck and pushed his body onto mine a bit too. I managed not to give myself away, but the thought seemed to cement itself in my head.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so preoccupied lately, sweetie, but I’ll make it up to you.”

“How?” I asked, turning around.

“How about we go into their shower and have some fun? They won’t miss us for twenty minutes. What do you say?”

“What about a date, you know, romance? Candlelight dinner, wine, dressing up, then making sweet love to me maybe in a hotel? What about those parts? Joe might be leaving the house soon, so are those days behind us? You’re working nonstop and making money, but it isn’t like we’re living in paradise now. You’re just gone most of the time, whether you’re physically here or not.”

“I’m sorry, babe, you know I’ll make it up to you.”


His eyes widened, and he backed up somewhat. “I didn’t have an answer prepared; I just know I’ll do it.”

I sighed. “Okay.”

“I love you,” he stated before kissing me.

“I love you too.”

He smooched my forehead and walked away. I kept my eyes on him until he was out of sight. I hit my palm a few times and tried to control myself from screaming. I looked ahead, but didn’t really have my eyes on anything.

Although, after a moment, Sandra got in front of me again. “What was that about?”

“He just wanted to let me know he was going to make it up to me for neglecting me. He just doesn’t know how or when. The best I got was him offering to have sex in your shower.”

“Sounds sexy, and dirty.”

Suddenly, that implanted the image of Pete came in my head with me on my knees in front of him.

“London, you’re grinning again, like you did something naughty.”

My smiled abruptly faded and then we heard footsteps again. I glanced behind Sandra again and saw our sons.

“Mom, are the burgers almost done now?” Pete wondered, stopping behind her.

“Yes,” she answered, turning around and allowing him to see me. “It shouldn’t be long,” she mentioned before a small pause. “What’s with the smirk, son? You seem happy to see London here.”

“Um,” he muttered, bringing his hands to his face. “Its nothing, Mom. I’m just happy to have us all here for dinner again, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less,” he responded before he lowered his hands.

She nodded and pecked his cheek. “Okay, dude. The food will be ready soon.”

He smiled at me, and I returned the favor as her back was still to me. Then my wet pussy made me blow him a kiss, and that forced him to cheese a bit too as no one said a word.

As he was out of sight, she turned right to me and grabbed my hands. “I knew it, you had sex with my son, didn’t you?” she whispered.

My eyes widened, and I bit my bottom lip again.

“I knew it; you did it. Just say the word, London, that one word, it starts with ‘Y.’ Spill it,” she demanded, grabbing my top.

“No, it didn’t happen, Sandra,” I opposed, shaking my head no.

“Bullshit,” she called, releasing me. “I’ve never seen you smile so much, and I just saw my son smirk at you. It wasn’t a friendly one either; it was like a loving one. Did you actually have sex with him? Please tell me you did. If so, I’ll feel so much better.”

“Why, what are you talking about, chicky? Did you do something too?”

She got her face within only a few inches and snatched my hands. “‘Too.’? You just used that word, so something happened, didn’t it? I promise I won’t judge you. If what I think happened, actually did, I know we’ll be BFFs. I guarantee it.”

Even with her hands in mine, I clenched my fists and failed to blink. I maintained my position for a few minutes as she was unable to go back to cooking dinner. Not a word dropped from either of us as we glared at one another. With each passing second, I felt drops of sweat moving down my head, back, and legs.

“Hey, Sandra, are the burgers done yet?” Will asked.

“Two minutes,” she mentioned before turning back to the oven. “You suck.”

She looked at me a few times, but failed to speak. Her somewhat dirty, but curious look she gave me said everything. I grabbed onto ends of the counter while I vibrated. Even with my eyes open, I pictured myself having sex with Pete.

‘Maybe this isn’t the best place for me to be, she is already onto me, and that horndog is shooting me sexy looks too. How am I going to eat dinner with those two, plus Joe, Josh, and Will being there.’

“You can stay quiet now, but history shows that our dumbfuck husbands will bail on dinner again and then you’ll have to tell me about your misdeeds,” she said, coming towards me. “Maybe we’ll both have to confess something to each other.”

“Wait a minute,” I mumbled, snatching her arms. “Are you confirming that you did it?”

“Did what?” she whispered, cheesing. “Dinner is ready!”.

She turned around, and I clenched my fists again and watched her gather the burgers. I began grinding my teeth and jiggling around even more. She didn’t peek at me once, even as she turned around and brought the plate to the dining room.

“Sandra,” I moaned before I walked towards the dining room. “Did you fuck my son too?”

I didn’t get my answer, but we all sat down for dinner. I couldn’t resist, but to peek at Pete, and he made sure to glance at me from time to time as well. We smiled at each other as I sat directly across from him.

‘Yes, eye-fuck me and soak my panties. Drench them without even touching me. I’m letting juice out at the thought of me riding you in the shower. You helped me cheat, but we both loved it. You also gave me your cum, and let your cock spurt out like a faucet. I shouldn’t want to do it again, but I do. I want to suck your hard schlong again and make you shoot even faster,’ I thought, eye-fucking him right back.

We both made sure to eat and not to let anyone notice us.

Although, after a moment, I had to turn to my side to see Sandra. ‘You skank, you’re ogling my son. Shit, did you have sex with him? You told me you wanted to, but I didn’t, and I certainly didn’t tell you I screwed your son,’ I thought before a pause. ‘Could she know? I only had the shower and bathroom doors between us. Could she have heard something and jumped to conclusions? What if she did, and just decided to have sex with Joe? Would she even do that? She is my best friend, but a horny bitch too, so would she make a move on him? Would Joe truly just help her cheat?’ I thought, shaking very subtly.

“What about you two younger guys?” Will asked, peeking at Joe and Pete. “Are you either of you going to make anyone grandparents or walk down the aisle anytime soon?”

“I don’t think so, Dad,” Pete answered, glancing back at him.

“Too bad, I think you’re mom may need someone to care for, do you know what I mean? Josh and I just have been busy lately, and we have a lot more work coming, so…” Will said before he was cut off.

“So, our son should get a woman pregnant so you can feel better about neglecting me?” Sandra asked, viewing him.

“It isn’t that cut and dry, but maybe it would help. I’m not telling Pete or Joe to find some chick to knock up tonight, they still have college to think about, but maybe they should put it somewhere on the horizon.”

She sighed and casually looked at me. “Fuck our husbands,” she mouthed.

I just shrugged and kept my lips zipped. ‘It seems Sandra and I have the same problem with our husbands. I’m all, but positive that she fucked Joe,’ I thought before I calmly glanced at him. ‘And you’re enjoying her as well, oh, son of a bitch. You had sex with Sandra, didn’t you, Joe?’

Again, I didn’t get an actual answer, but I was 99% sure that it was true. I knew my naughty misdeeds, and that Sandra was even more interested in cheating. That just made my nerves cringe and caused some lady juice to flow off the wooden chair too.

I peeked back at her again. ‘And now you’re masturbating, why else would your shoulder be moving like that? You are looking right at my son like a horny teenager again. You’re lusting after him, and it seems that he is doing the same thing. Shit, I have to know, because I can’t be 100% positive that you did it, Sandra. There is barely any doubt, but I just can’t prove it.’ 

I kept looking at both of them for a moment as Will and Josh kept talking to each other. They seemed clueless at best, but then I felt a hand on my leg. I moved my head casually to my side and saw Pete.

‘You’re blowing me a kiss right in front of everyone?’ I thought, widening my eyes.

He nodded and then I felt another hand on my leg.

I turned my head to my other side. “What, Sandra?” I whispered.

She leaned her head down closer. “What the hell was that?”


“Don’t bullshit me, my son just blew you a kiss. You didn’t, did you?” she muttered.

“Did what, Sandra? What are you referring to?”

She bit down on her bottom lip, but shot me a dirty look. Neither of us dropped words meaning ‘sex,’ but we both thought it and we seemed to be in a game of chicken. Even as I still couldn’t be sure she did it, the game was still going down.

“What are you two whispering about down there?” Will asked.

We both leaned up, but neither of us spoke. After a few seconds, they both just began chatting again. We both looked at each other’s sons and then our own for a few seconds each. Neither of them spoke either, and they seemed to join in on the game.

“Hey, no phones here, buster,” Sandra objected, gently slapping Will’s hand.

“Babe, it’s work,” he whispered before he answered it.

Sandra grinned, but I sighed because we knew what was coming. Although, we peeked at each other again, and licked our lips too. We took the opportunity to glance at each other’s sons again.

I viewed Pete eating his burger with his head down. ‘I’m sure you could envision that as my bush. I sucked your delicious cock, but you can eat my cherry, can’t you? Thrill the MILF you lust after?’

“Oh, shit, someone fucked up our plans, Josh,” Will whined, peeking at him.


“Yes, and now we have to go back and fix the crap. If we don’t, the boss is gonna take us off the project.”

“Damn it, I just wanted some time off too,” Josh groaned before peeking at me. “Sorry, honey, we gotta go.”

“Whatever, you always ditch us for work,” I bitched, leaning back.

“Sorry,” Josh whispered before pecking my cheek.

They both got up and went to the kitchen. Of course, Sandra locked eyes with me as our sons finished up their meals.

“See you in a couple of hours,” Will said as they went towards the front door.

No one spoke to that, and there was an awkward silence for a moment. Once again, we both glanced at each other’s sons and then our own too. I didn’t actually fear that Pete would confess to us having sex, but I was next to positive that I knew why.

“Hey, Pete, let’s go hang out,” Joe proposed, getting up.

Pete nodded before they both went to the kitchen.

The whole time, Sandra and I looked at each other like we were lions both looking to chow down on a bone.

“We’ll be in my room,” Pete announced before they both headed there.

A few seconds later, Sandra calmly rose up as well as her eyes stayed on mine. She bit down on her bottom lip, but shot me a puzzling look as she made her way over to me. Not a word dropped from either of our mouths, but Sandra put her hand out to me. I took it, and she helped me up with her. We grinned and placed our hands on our hips too.

“So, what, are we in a standoff now, Sandra?”

“How about we sit down on the couch?”

We both lazily made our way to the living room and sat down. She sat one side, and I sat on the other. I couldn’t help, but to smile. We both knew exactly what the other was thinking, but our game continued.

“We both have neglectful husbands, but handsome sons, London.”

“Very true,” I agreed, nodding and nonchalantly letting my right hand under my skirt.

“Are you wet, London?”

“Maybe,” I answered, lifting it slightly.

“Those are a wet pair of pink tanga panties, London,” she admired, shaking somewhat and undoing her shorts. “Mine are wet too. Would you like to see them?”

I failed to answer, but then she pushed down her shorts.

“And these are my dark blue V kind. My stain might be hard to see, but it is there. Would you like to feel it? Not in a lesbian way, but to prove it to you?”

Again, I didn’t respond; I just casually leaned towards her and placed a couple of fingers directly on her pussy through her panties.

“Oh, you’re shaking, London.”

“Fine,” I griped sitting back down. “I had sex with Pete.”

“Yes, I finally got you to admit it,” she cheered, dancing around. “You fucked my son, you horny, cheating MILF,” she moaned before a pause. “Oh, this is huge, that’s so hot too, London. I can’t believe you finally confessed.”

I took a deep breath. “So, did you fuck my son too, Sandra?”

She stayed silent, but smiled.

“Don’t screw with me, did you do it?”

“Yes, I heard you two talking in the shower, so I seduced Joe. We both cheated with each other’s sons, and now what? We were both gawking them at dinner; we saw one another. We couldn’t bust each other, but we both knew we did it. It was written all over our faces,” she explained before she covered her face. “Wow, I’m speechless.”

Neither of us spoke, but I kept my eyes on her as she kept her face covered. I couldn’t fully comprehend everything either, so it seemed we both needed some silent time. I just lied back though and felt my crotch.

My eyes widened a bit, and I rubbed my pussy through my skirt again. I couldn’t resist the temptation to close my eyes and picture Pete fucking me doggie style yet again. I felt my juice again and shook the couch.

“Are you masturbating, London?” she giggled.

I immediately peeked back at her. “So, do you want to talk about it then, Sandra? I know it is our sons, but should we chat?”

“What do you mean; give details?”

“I guess, how did it happen for you?”

“Well, I think you should spill your guts first because I know you had sex with Pete first.”

I took a deep breath and rubbed my face for a few seconds. I couldn’t even figure out how to put it in the best terms, but I knew my BFF was more than anxious to hear the story.

“I was in the shower, and he just let himself in the bathroom. I guess he really needed to go.”

“Yes, that’s what he said.”

“Anyway, I’m pretty sure he tried to get a look at me through the blurry door. I have a bush, so I felt sure he saw that and tried to make it out the best he could. All that went on as you got into my mind. You permitted me to have sex with him, and I knew he was underdressed in there. That just made me masturbate relentlessly. Then I saw him get up, so I moved the door a little bit to let my head out. He hadn’t pulled his pants up, so it seemed that we were attracted to each other, and then I put myself out there. I opened the door and let him see me. Although, I couldn’t get him to look at me, so I began to close the door, but he stopped me. He stripped himself too, and we went back and forth for a few minutes as I masturbated right in front of him. I had to make that final move; I got him in there with me and placed his hands on my boobs.”

“And then what, you horny chick?” she pondered, letting her hand into her shorts.

“I kissed him for a few minutes, asked him if he got more than he bargained for and dropped to my knees.”

“No kidding?” she pondered, getting close to me. “You skanky witch. You were dead set against it, but you made that final move. You did it, because of your scumbag husband,” she muttered before a pause. “Well, mine is a  duchebag, but I don’t know how to rank those two insults,” she said before a pause. “May I kiss you, London?”

“You’re lucky both of our pussies are soaked,” I pointed out before kissing her.

It lasted for only a few seconds before she parted her lips. “I guess I owe you my story. I basically threw myself at Joe after Pete left. First, we talked about his sex life, but in somewhat clean words. Although, he did point out that I was hitting on him. So, I backed off a bit. Then he decided to tell me he’d screw me if I weren’t married.”

“No kidding?”

“Nope, we’re MILFs, so its no surprise they like us. Anyway, that was before I knew you made your move on Pete, so I told him to let me know if he changed his mind and left. Of course, a moment later, I saw the bathroom door closed, and I heard what was going on in there. Even though I couldn’t see through the door, I was positive what had happened. Then you just confirmed everything.”

“You’re good, Sandra.”

“It is part of my charm. Then I went back to Joe’s door and heard him jacking off. I even heard him call out my name, so I glanced in there and confirmed it. I saw him, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to let my hand onto my slit. Of course, after being all, but positive that you were having sex with Pete, I stripped and went in there. I knew he was about to shoot, so I rushed in there and got down on my knees. He noticed me and whined, but I advised him to cum on my rack. After that, we kissed each other and talked about our fantasies for a moment, but I eventually gave him oral sex too.”

“Oh, who’s the skanky woman now, Sandra?”

“Me, and he eventually fucked me doggie style too. We both had fun cheating on our husbands, but I must ask: do you regret it?”

“No, but I still don’t want Josh to find out. He’ll divorce me, and then what?”

“You won’t be neglected, what if we just started seeing each other’s sons then? They are both adults now, and they can make their own decisions. If they want to screw MILFS, they can.”

“And our husbands will fight us like crazy for the houses, and everything else. That is just pure fantasy, Sandra. What, do you think that each of our sons is going to help give the other a sibling?”

“Maybe, you never know, we’re both still in our child-bearing years. What if something did happen like that? All hell might break loose, but in the end, maybe it is for the best. We’re both in unhappy marriages, maybe with ‘Things will get better.’ promises, but should we just take their words for it? We can fuck two younger gentlemen that will appreciate us, rather than neglect us. I couldn’t see what happened in the shower, and you couldn’t see what happened in Joe’s bedroom. Although, we both know we loved having sex with them. As previously stated, we both noticed each other eye fucking them. Why not see them again? Maybe we could just start having affairs, why not? You know, our husbands are always gone, and they’ll never know if our sons never spill their guts. We could sneak around and screw them, all the while; our husbands will be none the wiser. Think about it; you could be doing it with Pete, and have Josh almost catch you. Then you could kiss him and have him taste some of Pete too. Wouldn’t that be even more icing on the neglectful revenge cake? I mean, they married us for better or for worse, do you read me? You made your move on Pete, even though you had to push yourself. Maybe we should go fuck them now.”

“No,” I protested, waving my hands. “It was a one-time thing. We can’t do it again.”

“Why not? We’re in our golden sexual years, and our husbands wouldn’t know our vaginas well enough to pick them out of a lineup. Let’s allow our sons to explore them, but let’s not cut each other out of it though. If I know them, one of them is going to tell the other about our sexual adventures. Neither of them are truly going to be upset. If I know you, even though you opposed doing it, you still did it and made Pete feel good, am I right?”


“Did he shoot his load on you too?”

“Yes, on my tits and stomach.”

“Oh, sexy,” she moaned before she kissed me again. “So, we both took their loads on the sexiest parts of your bodies. That couldn’t be hotter. We’re starting to have affairs now, and it because our sons made it so damn amazing.”

“We’re doing this then?”

“Yes,” she moaned, pushing down her shorts.

“What are you doing, Sandra?”

She leaned up and took off her top as well. She looked at me, but said nothing. I found myself intrigued and still rather horny too. Then she brought her hands to her back, and a few seconds later, she took the bra off herself.

I couldn’t fight the urge to check her body out for a few seconds, even before she decided to push her panties down as well. As she kept her eyes on me, she placed her right hand on her twat and began pleasuring herself.

“Holy shit, you are even sexier than I imagined.”

“You imagined me naked?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“Your son had sex with this body, and we let our souls connect, even though I’m married. I haven’t seen you nude, but I know you did the same thing with my son too. It is nothing to be ashamed of, London; you should be thankful in fact. How many older ladies fuck their best friend’s sons?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, my lips are sealed,” she made clear, getting off the couch. “I don’t think I’ve ever had such great sex before, London,” she mentioned, stopping in front of me and pushing up my skirt. “Your son awakened my sexual desires and made me appreciate a man’s dick again,” she muttered before she grabbed onto the sides of my panties. “May I?”

I nodded, and she calmly pulled them right off me. I couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on then, but I knew my pussy seemed more than delighted to let this odd turn of events go on in that moment.

As she pulled my panties off my feet, and she instantly dropped them on the floor. “How do you feel about cheating with your best friend, London?” she pondered, bringing her face towards my cherry.

I couldn’t speak, but I shook somewhat and let some juice out as a direct response to her suggestion. I looked right into her eyes for a few seconds, but I had to glance at her bosoms again. After waiting for a moment, she lazily leaned right down to my pussy and let her tongue out as well.

“Oh, you sexy bitch, lick it again for me; I couldn’t get your son to do it for me.”

“Try again next time,” she recommended before she placed fingers from both hands on my twat. “Maybe we’re both just horny because we fucked each other’s sons, so let’s allow this to happen,” she proposed before she let her tongue back onto my snatch.

“Oh, yes, too bad our bastard husbands can’t even see it,” I moaned, placing my hands on the back of her head. “You are an odd, but sexy friend,” I praised her, looking directly into her eyes again and caressing it.

She nodded and kept eye contact with me as she committed infidelity again. I never thought of her sexually, but yet as I felt her fucking me and looking right at me, I instantly loved it, and she went up a few notches in my book.

It felt like the ‘Love’ meter instantly filled up and we felt like lovers already, rather than best friends. She failed to let her tongue into my slit just yet; she solely just licked my pussy lips rather quickly for the time being.

With each passing lick from her tongue, I jerked just a little bit and allowed her to taste more of my juice as well. She seemed to love it, and my juice lubed up my lips perfectly for her to slide her fingertips up and down on each of them.

“I’m naked now, but you have me sweating my ass off. I feel it all oozing down my back, and now I’m wondering how I’ve never thought about us getting together before. Maybe for the same reason, I didn’t make a move on your son.”

She nodded and didn’t stop pleasing me. The best part of everything seemed to be the spontaneity. We both surely knew just how horny we were, but when we both crossed that line into sexual quality time, our friendship soared. I slathered my lips endlessly and tried to contain myself.

“You better not make me feel too good, if you make me moan too loudly, our sons might hear something and investigate. I had no idea you knew how to eat pussy too, and that makes this so much sexier. You never cease to amaze me, including proposing that we fuck each other’s sons. Now, my head is spinning.”

I saw her grin somewhat and continue to massage my slit lips too. She got me to cheese as much as I could, and to just throw caution to the wind. So, I leaned up a bit, but not enough for her to feel suffocated. She kept her mouth down there and even allowed her tongue to go in between my lips.

“Oh,” I moaned, bringing both of my arms up and letting my hands on the back of my head. “Just like that, my sexy best friend, let that tongue in there deep. Josh certainly never liked eating me out, so I’ll let you do it. Take advantage of me in that way, and get your sexual thrills worked out with me too. I can thrill you too by taking your gratification; it is just him. Maybe I passed his genes to him, but I’m the ringleader here. I don’t know how long he lasted, but I’ll make you work for your reward.”

She slowly let her tongue away. “Are you competing with him now?” she inquired, allowing a few fingers into my snatch.

“Maybe, but you are beautiful.”

“Aren’t you sweet?” she praised me, coming towards me. “Just like him,” she mentioned before kissing me and going back to my twat.

She immediately pushed my legs apart as far she could and smiled before her tongue dropped back out of her mouth. It slowly went right to my snatch and voyaged in there extra lazily.

“Oh, shit, if you weren’t already my best friend, you’d claim that throne right now, Sandra,” I moaned, placing my hands on her head again. “I can’t even describe the thrills you are giving me now, woman. My bullshit husband wouldn’t even try this for me, but you are making me feel good without even breaking a sweat. Are sure you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

She shook her head no without letting her tongue out. We kept our eyes locked, and we threw away the key too. Her tongue acted like a pinball inside a machine just bouncing all over my pussy walls.

My feet frequently jumped up a few inches, and my legs jerked around a bit as well. Although it seemed to be no issue for Sandra, she held my legs down correctly and made sure she could fuck me as flawlessly as possible.

With every single lick, she had me vibrate and that caused my emotions to go all over making me want to cry. I couldn’t help it, no matter what the real reasons were for our sexual experience, I felt the love and lust for her.

‘Shit, she is some woman, maybe it goes hand and hand with her handsome son. It might be like that, but I don’t know. I just know I like this, and I’m not feeling too guilty for cheating on Josh yet again.’

“Oh, yes, you sexy female,” I let out, pulling her hair. “Let that tongue fling around, because you want that juice, don’t you? You want to be my lesbo best friend, huh? Don’t worry, I have that spot vacant right now, so you can fill it for me.”

I saw her smile and lick my lips several times too. I couldn’t keep my head down to look at her by then; I had to lean it back and deal with the pleasure a little bit more. I scrubbed the couch with my back endlessly and continued to pull her hair somewhat marginally.

I failed to hurt her enough to stop her thrilling, but I knew it felt at least slightly uncomfortable considering why I was pulling it. The reason was a big part of it, so I could only figure she let it go because of that.

Then the top half of my body jumped up and down a few times as I felt her coming towards my clit. I loved the sensation, and she did indeed force a tear to show on my right cheek. After another minute, she let go of my legs and brought them back to my lips.

“Holy shit, maybe we should have had daughters, Sandra.”

“Maybe,” she agreed, letting her fingers into my slit again. “So, you’d like to fuck my daughter if I had one then?”

“I guess so,” I moaned, letting go of her hair.

She calmly came up with me and kissed me again. I was about to speak, but she placed a pointer finger on my lips and leaned down to my left nipple. While keeping eye contact again, she allowed her tongue out, and she began licking it.

“I certainly hope you haven’t let Will find out about your lesbo tendencies, because he doesn’t deserve to know. I know how much Josh neglects me, so Will must do it to you too, and he surely doesn’t deserve to get a hard-on from the thought of you with another woman. You’re slathering my nipple now and finger fucking me too, that certainly does make you quite hot in my mind, but a man neglects surely hasn’t earned the right to even think about you fucking another woman. Every straight guy would love to see that, but our husbands won’t know about this.”

“No kidding,” she added between licks and grabbing onto my boob with one hand. “Enjoy your double dose of pleasure.”

I placed one hand on her head and the other down towards her lower back. “I, fuck, I love you, ravishing girlfriend,” I let out, caressing her with both hands.

I lied my head back again and tried to deal with the pleasure again in fear that once I came, we’d stop. I couldn’t be sure we would even if our sons caught us at that point, but the idea made me wonder otherwise.

For the time being, her fingers moved back and forth on my pussy lips rather slowly as she licked my nipple at an average speed. Needlessly to say, I gave the couch more than the aroma of my juice, and her hand also received more it’s fair share too.

My whole figure felt drenched as if I just got out of a pool and my cheeks were wet solely due to my tears. I couldn’t help it, she seemed to find my sweet spot, and she pressed on it entirely.

“Shit, I want to take off like a rocket,” I moaned, shaking my tits back and forth a few times.

“Don’t do that, I haven’t finished the job,” she alerted me before switched nipples. “And don’t shave your hair, I like it a little long.”

“What, you want to fuck me again?”

“Maybe, cheat on the guys that we’re cheating on our husbands with, doesn’t that sound hot?”

“Yes,” I moaned, coming up with her.

“Good answer,” she mentioned before she took my nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, shit, that sounds more than hot, you skanky witch. Suck that nipple for me, suck it and make me moan some more,” I let out, fondling her head.

I managed to stay up and keep her going for the time being. Her left hand made the trip over onto my lower back, and she helped me stay up too. I couldn’t keep my eyes on her then, but I was sure she eyeballed me like a hawk.

I felt her lips and tongue pleasing my nipple frequently which pushed my defenses down some more and soon after that, I only stayed up with the help from her holding me. My hands came up above my head, and I waved them around.

“I guess I’m wooing you now,” she mentioned before she let her hands off my back.

I fell back, but she followed my jugs. She managed to keep my nipple inside her mouth and keep sucking on it too. She sucked more and more of my nipple into her mouth until she sucked even more flesh beyond it.

“Fuck, you have me balling now, you floozy. I’m cheating on my husband, but with you, Sandra.”

She failed to add to that with words, but with her actions, she smashed my expectations and just thrilled me beyond belief. With her fingers, she knew just how to massage my pussy walls and perform the perfect mix of pleasure with her lips and tongue on my nipple.

She went on nonstop for over ten minutes of nonstop gratifying. I couldn’t stop myself from keeping my orgasms down, but I didn’t scream though. I surely didn’t want to attract attention, but she managed to please me to where it all built up too much.

“Oh, shit, you beautiful wench!” I yelled, bringing my arms down.

“Yes, give me your cum, London,” she moaned before I felt her face back on my pussy.

In no time at all, I gave my best friend a hefty dose of my lady juice. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it all splashed onto her face. I doused it like a squirt gun with a ton of pressure. The whole thing felt so good that it hurt.

My tears showed themselves much quicker as I felt my final orgasm come out. I surely knew that everything prior to that event would look much less surprising than that spectacle. I loved every second of it, and I certainly knew she did too considering she started it.

I couldn’t even be sure just how much juice I allowed her to feel come onto her face, but it felt like an ocean’s worth. The very fact that she made me have that orgasm made my emotional status soar.

After I had finished, I let out a deep breath and tried to console myself. Although I wasn’t alone, and Sandra only waited about thirty seconds before climbing up onto me. I felt her knockers on mine and her tongue set down on my right cheek too.

“You’re one in a million, Sandra.”

“Too bad my husband doesn’t know that,” she added between licks.

I blindly brought my palms to the tops of her melons.

“Go ahead, feel them, at least someone besides your son should,” she muttered before brought her lips to mine.

We made out like lesbo lovers right away and even wrapped our arms around each other, making our bosoms somewhat squished in the process. I never opened my eyes to see her, but I felt her so to speak.

She touched my soul in devious ways, but nevertheless, I wasn’t about to stop the situation. I pushed myself to fuck her son, and I couldn’t say I truly regretted that either. The feelings and the lust between us made everything perfect, regardless of the adverse effects.

After five minutes, my hands made the trip over to her cheeks. As passion seemed to increase, so did our overall movements. I started moaning a bit and pressing my lips onto hers even harder.

She also pushed her body onto mine a bit more and made me lie back as much as I could. I felt our pussies touch marginally, but that was it. I didn’t need it just yet, because the intensity already went into overdrive.

‘Holy shit, between Sandra and Pete, I’ve felt more devotion between them sexually than in all my years of marriage with Josh. Oh, fuck him, Sandra and Pete seemed to be more than enough for me. Josh, they have made you look bad, and they opened my eyes widely.’

We went on for another ten minutes before I pushed her lips off mine. “Fuck me; you have me speechless now.”

“I’m assuming that’s a good thing, right?”

“Yes,” I mumbled before pushing her down onto her back on the couch. “It is a good thing at this moment; I know it can go either way with sex, with it is very good right now,” I informed her, prior to grabbing onto her leg and moving it a bit.

Then I let our twats come together, and I encased both of my arms around her leg. “I hope you love wet pussies, because you have mine drenched, Sandra.”

“I know, I ate you out, remember?”

“Yes, smart-ass, it was a big highlight of my day,” I replied, beginning to rub my cherry onto hers.

“Oh, I love you; make your titties shake, London.”

“Shut the fuck up, Sandra, I’m trying to pleasure you,” I warned her, moving around a bit more. “I’m scrubbing my cherry on yours and doing it with a woman for the first time, and I need a little silence now.”

“Oh, feisty and sexy chick,” she let out, bringing her hands to my bosoms. “And you have a nice rack too, London. Now I’ll shut up.”

I kept my arms around her leg, and she helped herself to squeeze my jugs too. It didn’t seem to matter that neither of us were true lesbians, because our lust and chemistry made everything stronger and just kept getting stronger with every pleasurable second.

I allowed my twat to go up and down back and forth numerous times over about ten minutes as we just looked at each other. We both let our cunts dispense out our juice like, and I was sure the thrills went through both of us.

Even as she caressed my knockers, they still flopped around a bit which made the event even sexier. The very fact that I could woo her as well made me feel indestructible, so I felt like there indeed was nothing wrong in the end.

“At this moment, I confirm that you are my best friend from this life, Sandra. You are one sexy bitch, Sandra.”

“Right back at you, London, but replace ‘sexy bitch’ with ‘pretty tramp.'”

“That’s what I get for cheating, fair enough.”

“I’m not judging you,” she mentioned before she leaned up somewhat.

I let go of her leg, and she had it go down. Our pussies stayed together, but our lips came along, and we wrapped our arms around each other yet again. We allowed our delicate melons to clash once again, but I cut it short after only a moment.

I shoved her back down. “You might have started this, but I’m taking control now.”

“I like that, London, I thoroughly enjoy being handled sexually.”

“Good,” I murmured before I grabbed onto her melons.

As we both played with one another’s tits, I managed to rub my slit against hers even more, which pushed me personally towards the edge. Although, Sandra had her own pleasure to deal with at that moment.

We both watched each other as we thrilled one another and let our hearts grow in the process. Needlessly to say, we even got the legs of the couch to come off the floor, which made a little noise, but we didn’t care.

Then her hands came off my boobs. “Oh, fuck Will,” she whined, glaring at them. “Fuck him, he might be the father of my son, but to hell with him. I just you and your son, London. I’ll fuck you two, but just separately, and my son can see you too.”

“Good to know, you did give birth to a handsome man, and he is a great lover too.”

“Thank you, London, and you did quite well with Joe too. You raised a gentleman.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure they were both going to be quite thoughtful and charming considering they were getting to fuck MILFs.”

“Fair point.”

“Although, we did make them quite the ladies men, even if one of us just threw themselves at one of them.”

“Oh, fuck you, London, you don’t see him as the hot dude I see.”

“Fair enough.”

After just another couple of minutes, I felt my pussy becoming raw, but I liked that. It made it known just how far we had come at that moment, and it made me wonder just how far that we’d go.

Both of us had shaking jugs which stole our attention away from our eyes. It took away some of the intimacy, but it didn’t matter. The whole situation seemed to have nowhere to go, but up as neither of us seemed to want to stop.

I had slightly bigger boobs than her and mine were rattling a bit more, so she had a better show to watch. Nevertheless, she still had to look at me from time to time. In the end, we both knew what we were doing was wrong, so she to look right into my eyes.

Every time we did after we both spoke such kind words about one another’s sons, I found myself more than confident that we’d be in each other’s lives forever. Regardless of what happened with our husbands, I knew our BFF status became set in stone, but maybe with benefits too.

Our hands then stayed off each other’s knockers, but we both caressed each other’s stomachs, hips, and even twats somewhat too. Then we gradually began slowing our movements down, not because we were tired, but because the mood called for it.

We both slathered our lips endlessly for a few minutes as we continued to move, but just at a slower pace. It seemed like we began to suck one another’s minds out, not because of the lust, but the love.

After a few slow moments, then I calmly grabbed onto her hands and pulled her up with me. “Would it be stating the obvious if I said that Will is, in fact, a total moron?”

“No, not at all,” she answered before she kissed me. “My girlfriend can do no wrong.”

“I like that,” I muttered, lying down.

She wasted no time coming towards me and letting her twat right over my mouth. “Do right with your tongue and my snatch right now.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I whispered, placing fingers on both of her lips.

I massaged her pussy marginally for a moment as I drenched my lips once again. While I did that, we both kept eye contact and exchanged love once again.

“I never thought I’d be in this position, but I’m not complaining, and I love this bush you have here too.”

“Is that your way of telling me not to shave it, London?”

“No, I haven’t made that distinction yet, but I’ll let you know,” I informed her before I gave her lips a long lick.

“Oh,” she moaned, placing her hands on her tits. “I’m glad you’re in this position too.”

“Feel free to jiggle around too, Sandra, I like a challenge,” I let her know before I began licking her lips up and down numerous times.

“Oh, yes, if only our husbands were here, I’d come at them and forbid them to watch. I’m sure neither of us would allow them to see this spectacle.”

I kept my fingers in the same place and pressed them onto her lips a little bit as I got my first real taste of her juice. I didn’t try to drink it, but I did enjoy it for the time being as she kept it at a somewhat slow flow.

I only licked her down there to start with, but I evidently desired to do more with her. I got some of her hair in my mouth as well, but it didn’t slow me down. It seemed like a tiny speedbump at best considering where my sexual desires were.

She scrubbed her knockers nonstop going up and down, but seemed to speed up her strokes just as I did with my tongue. Even just adding an additional lick for every twenty seconds, she seemed to stay in sync with me.

“Do you like my juice, best friend? Do you want more? Well, all you have to do is keep fucking me. Get me with that damn tongue, don’t be afraid to let it voyage in there too. I’m not afraid to go all the way, London. I’ll go to London with you, even if you just want to fuck once there. Count me in; I’m going anywhere.”

Despite her suggestions, I licked her lips going up and down at my slightly faster pace. Her eyes stayed right on mine, and she seemed to enjoy the show which was simply me discovering my newfound sexuality, even if it was solely just for her.

She moved and forced her cherry to rub onto my face, which also made her juice get all over my face. I had to close my eyes as a bit of it got towards my eyes. I didn’t mind so much considering the adrenaline and thrills going through my body.

“Yes,” she moaned, placing her hands down on my head. “Eat that pussy now, don’t just tease me by licking it. That’s not fair; I want to feel your tongue inside my slit. Please don’t make me beg you; I want to feel you.”

“Why don’t you just let me feel for you, hussy? I’ve never eaten pussy before, so I’m learning as I go, be patient with me,” I warned her caressing her lips again.

“I’m sorry; I love you.”

“I love you too,” I responded before I spread out her lips somewhat and began licking them again.

Although, she did get her wish to some degree and my tongue did go in between them. I still didn’t go anywhere near her clit, I stayed shallow, and she shook around and fondled my head in the process.

I made her twitch and spurt out her juice too. Needless to say, I had to wipe my eyes, so I got my eyes back on her twat. I saw her hair again, and I had to grin. I felt it and saw it, but even constant reminders of what we were doing made the lust stronger.

She nearly began scrubbing my forehead after a moment. With every passing minute, I noticed she became a little more unsettled. I took it as a sign of good faith that she was going to reward me right back with a great orgasm and the love too.

Even with her arms down there, I had no issue looking right into her eyes. ‘I can’t be shallow considering I truly do think the sexiest part of her body is, in fact, that pair of brown eyes she has. I would certainly hope she thinks the same of blue eyes. Her pussy and bosoms are great, but still, as I look right into her eyes as I eat her out, they are the sexiest part.’

Even as I had no real pussy eating experience, it still was very much was an experience. One I surely knew we’d both remember fondly, with single detail being significant. Features like us staring at each other despite the pleasure and Sandra’s juice coming into my eyes.

The fact that I freely allowed my tongue to move around inside her slit indeed was another big detail that did make us connect. Even with no experience, I made her moan, jiggle and spout off sexy things about me.

“Holy shit, you are fueling the rocket now, London. I’m going to take off to London soon; I hope you come with me.”

“Fine, but enough puns already.”

“It was only a couple times,” she corrected me, bringing her hands to her knockers. “You think I’m worth it, don’t you?”

We kept eye contact for a few more seconds as she blew me a kiss.

“Close your eyes,” I commanded her before I opened my mouth and sucked her lips into my mouth.

“Oh, yes, ma’am,” she moaned, covering her face and slanting her head back.

I suddenly took it up a notch and sucked right on her glistening lips. That way, she had no choice, but to release her juice directly into my mouth. To no surprise, I drank some of it, but some of it drizzled out of my mouth.

It really only made it hotter, so the sweet aroma of her juice would be attached to my face. I could only imagine how much I’d love it as time went on after we couldn’t fuck each other anymore. I didn’t know when we’d stop, but we both seemed more willing to go all night.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned, having the top half of her body wave around like a flag. “You’re good, London. You’re a crafty lesbo indeed,” she let out before uncovering her face.

Her palms slowly made the trip down onto my cheeks, and she caressed them. Her mouth opened up wide, but she did make sure not to douse my face with her saliva, just with her pussy juice.

I mainly looked right into her eyes, but I couldn’t help, but to notice her tongue circling her lips several times. I saw the lust clear as daylight, and I was sure that neither one of us knew what to do with it all at that moment.

We could only honestly go about the sexy escapades second by second and figure out what to do with the feelings later. With me licking Sandra’s lips while they took shelter inside my mouth, the sexual feelings rose even more.

After another pleasurable moment, I let my tongue slither in between her lips, and I teased her clit again. I surely knew just how I liked to be fucked, so I offered that to her and seemed to achieve monumental results.

“Fuck, I love you more with every passing second.”

Regardless of where the feelings came from or where they might take us, I knew I’d never forget our sexy adventure and I wanted to make it as hot as possible. From time to time, I let my tongue slither onto her clit ever so slowly, and bring it back quickly.

I did it like a snake, only I pleasured her rather than harmed her. The results seemed to be perfect as I made her jiggle more a bit and sink her teeth into her bottom lip as well. I couldn’t help, but to smile a little more every time.

Although, that seemed to work too well, so I started letting my tongue fondle her clit a little more from time to time. Even as I had only been eating her out for a short while, it seemed like a lifetime pleasure already.

“Oh, you like the hot button, don’t you, London? Are you trying to make me scream now? Do you want to attract attention? Well, if you do, keep licking my labia down there. I know you can’t see it, but you are effortlessly licking it. Dare I ask, are you prepping me for one powerful orgasm? Do you need to feel it for you to come to terms about you being a lesbian?”

“Don’t you ever shut the fuck up? You got into my head and got me to fuck your son, and now you won’t shut your yap.”

She immediately leaned down right to me and pasted her lips to mine. Her palms came onto my cheeks, and I let mine onto her butt. I help myself to caress it ever so slowly.

Although, she abruptly let her lips skyrocket off mine. “Do you forgive me, London?”

“Yes,” I replied, squeezing her butt cheeks.

“I never pictured you naked before, but you’ve been hiding one smoking body,” she complimented me, getting back into position.

“Right back at you,” I added, placing my hands back onto her butt.

I pushed her towards me a little bit and made her slit come right to my mouth. That time, I failed to use my tongue to please her, I had her pussy lips take a dip into my mouth.

“Oh, London, you are one dirty hussy, aren’t you? You like some barely legal cock and married pussy, even though you’re married. There is nothing wrong with that; I won’t judge you,” she let out before breaking eye contact. “Oh, fuck yes, lick those pussy walls just like that. I’m crying now, so keep going,” she moaned, grabbing the top end of the couch.

It seemed like all, but a few of the dominos had fallen, and then I just found myself just eagerly waiting for the entire line of them come down. I had Sandra jerking around, advancing her twat onto my mouth and letting even more of her juice in my mouth.

I made her turn her cum faucet even another notch to the right, and I drank even single drop of it. Her body jiggled almost as if she on a mechanical bull, and with every single move, she created more thrills that surged through my body.

I desired to play with my pussy, but I resisted as I felt to be on a role with Sandra: making her feel better than Will ever could. I seemed to be able to do that without even trying, but I still brought out my ‘A’ game and gratified her better than she could ever imagine.

“Holy shit, I love you, London. Fuck your husband, if he doesn’t appreciate you, I will. In more ways than one, I swear,” she moaned, placing her hands on her melons.

I couldn’t help, but to cheese and shed a few tears. Regardless of how I felt about Josh or her relationship with Will, I knew the love was mutual. I felt cool inside as if my insides entered a refrigerator, but my outside skin fried. I felt somewhat cocky, so I allowed my tongue back onto her clit to give it a rather long lick.

“Oh, you bitch!” she yelled, grinning.

I barely even had time to regret that move, I just instantly reaped the rewards of doing though. As it was clear as day was to come, I closed my eyes and received all of her hot, but sexy lady juice directly from her twat.

“Yes, you sexy tart,” she laughed, doling out the juice.

I couldn’t be sure just long it lasted, but I certainly loved every single second of it. With every drop Sandra let blast onto my face; I felt the bar on the ‘Love’ meter go up even more. So, it just seemed like a whole sexy formality, once we stripped, we were going to be hooked.

Needless to say, if we didn’t love one another before that night, we did after we had sex. She couldn’t have her orgasm last forever, but even after she couldn’t let out another drop, we both held our positions for another moment.

Neither of us spoke a word, but I kept my eyes closed as she juice dried on my face. Although, then I felt her hands come onto mine, and she calmly helped me up with her.

Then her arms went around me, and she pulled me close to her. “I wasn’t lying; I love you, London,” she whispered before kissing me.

I encased my arms around her as well, and we looked at each other as our faces only were a few inches away. Nothing needed to be said, but our lips still did the talking as we pasted them together again.

We both closed our eyes and made out as lesbian lovers. Our hooters stayed together which raised the sexy levels too. Nothing and no one could take away the memory we just created, and in the end, I found myself confident neither of us would ever regret it.

Although, after a ten-minute make-out session, I calmly let my lips off hers. “Sandra,” I muttered, caressing her cheek. “We have company,” I whispered.


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