Sitting at the little diner, drinking a beer, wondering if the truth was really the way to go tonight. I sit here drinking a beer, she is in her apartment warm and cozy. She said maybe we should get back together. Not sure why I laughed but it was a mood killer. I mean she was the one that said we should take a break, hold off a bit. I guess later that day might have been a little soon but in my defense, you should see Sue in a bikini.

I had no idea she would come back so soon and try to hook up, so I find someone to help with my loneliness. I had no idea they were close friends. I have enough money for a beer and maybe a bed for the night. I will move on, that is what they always say. Always better to move on. Not sure where I am going, but does it matter? Been a bit down on my luck here and maybe it is time to move on.

I finish the beer and get up to move to the bus, can’t remember where it is even going. As I get to the door I see her, Oh My God she is so freaking hot. She is wearing a short flimsy summer dress and a pair of leggings squeezed tight around her. Maybe this wasn’t going to be such a bad trip.

Smiling as I leave the restaurant and run to the bus, just making it before the driver yanked the doors. I actually think he tried to get it closed but I beat him to the entrance. Slipping up and into the little walkway, looking to the back of the bus I see her. She is heading to the last seat, the one that covers from side to side, plenty of room for two.

I stand at the front next to the driver and watch as she moves to the rear, sliding into the last seat. I begin slowly walking to the back as the bus lurches forward, the seats are sparsely filled, from 3/4ths back it was empty, except for her. I stop in front of her, wearing jeans and tennies, a button down shirt that is open halfway. My hair is long, brown and pulled back in a ponytail. There is a salt-n-pepper beard wrapped around my chin. I am 5’11, 250, solid and tight muscled. Large hairy chest and arms to match.

A smile slides up my face as I say, “Room for me?”

The girl looks up and says, “Sure, come and sit.” She then moves over to the corner.

As she moves, I slide up next to her. She smiles over at me as I settle. I let one arm wrap around her as I sit, “Oops, sorry, didn’t want to fall,” then I pull her closer saying, “I am Aleczander, friends call me Zander, you should call me often.”

As I pull her close she lets out a little oooh and regains herself then adds, “No, that’s ok, I wouldn’t want that either. My friends call me Lexi,” offering her hand.

“Well Lexi, that is a very pretty name, so nice to meet you,” taking her hand and kissing her wrist. “So, how far you want to go?”

Lexi then sighs and whispers, “Long journey. Still about an hour left to go.”

I then add, “I hate being on my own,” wiping a thumb across her lower lip. “Smile for me, little one. I am sure we can make that hour just fly by.”

Lexi tilts her head and says, “Yeah, I think we can. So, what about you Zander?”

Grinning and glancing out the window. “I am … fleeing. So I have all the time I need.” Stroking her hair.

“From what are you fleeing, Zander?” she whispered with a shaky voice.

Laughing I say, “My ex was upset that I …. moved on so soon.”

A little giggle and Lexi says, “Oops.”

Continuing I say, “She expected me to pine for her, I guess. I didn’t.”

Tilting her head, Lexi asks, “Why should someone expect that after they break up.”

Again I chuckle and add, “I guess she thought she was so special that I would just wait for her to decide to return.”

Shaking her head she says, “Yeah, that’s stupid Zander. Why would she think that? I do not see you waiting.”

I tighten my arm and pull her closer, leaning over next to her face, looking into her eyes. “She is rather sure of herself and didn’t expect me to find anyone else to spend time with. So, why are you on the road?”

Speaking softer Lexi says, “You did the right thing, Zander. I am going home. Was visiting my parents.”

Now it’s my turn and I tell her, “Thank you, I am hoping to find a new home.” I slide my hands down and across her tight little bum.

Smiling at her I whisper, “I want to kiss you so bad.”

As the crimson creeps in Lexi smiles, blushing. I move closer and brush my lips across her cheek and lips.”

“Why me?” another soft whisper from her lips.

I tell her, “Because you are so intense, beautiful and so damn sexy it makes me ache inside. When I saw you from across the street, I just had to meet you.”

Lexi giggles and gets even redder across her face.

“Besides it’s what you wanted.” Looking at her I go on, “I mean, you are already getting wet aren’t you?”

She bites her lower lip and says, “Well, that doesn’t count, I am always wet.”

Not being able to suppress a laugh, I add, “I had a feeling.” Kissing her lips softly and sliding my hand across her thigh once again. Feeling her kissing back I feel the passion begin to rise.

I kiss her neck, as I keep sliding my hand up her leg saying, “You are a very sexual soul, your being wet is simply you.”

Again her face glows red but she no longer tries to hide it.

Shifting in the seat I whisper, “Mmmmm, I just gotta check, you don’t mind do you?” Sliding my hand down and across her mound hidden under those leggings.

Spreading her legs a bit, Lexi smiles and says, “What do you think?”

Smiling wide, I slide my hand up and over her mound adding, “I think you need me to.”

I caress down her leggings and feel her legs respond. Letting my hands tease along the waistband, sliding my fingers underneath. I lean over again and kiss her with more force, pushing her into the seat. Sliding my hand in and massaging and teasing her lower belly.

Lexi has a surprised, almost shocked look on her face but does not try to stop me. I ask, “So Lexi, is there a boyfriend at home?”

Lexi answers, “No Zander, no boyfriend at home.”

Laying against her cheek I whisper, “Your skin is so very soft, I can’t stop touching you. So, no boyfriend then, maybe a girlfriend?”

Sliding my hand around the back and across her ass, still under the leggings. Gripping her cheek tighter I pull her closer. Kissing deep and letting my tongue explore that mouth.

She looks up and around and quietly says, “Ooh Zander, I think people are watching us.”

I reply, “They are jealous, they wish they could be us.”

I squeeze her cheek and let my finger slide across the crotch of those panties. They are a lovely light blue and so soft.

Then Lexi asks, “What if I have a girlfriend, Zan?”

I smile and laugh, “Well, I don’t want to interfere or cause any concern.” Kissing her softly as I rub the tiny strip of material covering her pussy. She lets out a gasp then moans a little.

Moaning against her lips, “Do you really care if they watch?”

Slightly out of breath she whispers, “I don’t know, Zan.”

Pushing my finger harder I respond, “Well then let them.” Stroking my fingertip across her panties. “Now, is there a girlfriend, little one?”

“Yes, Zander,” slips from her lips and she asks, “Am I cheating?”

With a sly smile I return, “We are just getting to know each other, I see no cheating? We are exploring a little pleasure, is all.”

Lexi looks at me and says, “I am not sure what I think.”

I slowly pull down the back of the leggings, they are tight and our position doesn’t help, they will not slip down. I keep kissing her as I try to pull them down. Licking her lips as my free hand slides palm down against the left breast, squeezing. When she pushes into the kiss, I know it is time, so I reach behind her and tear down the seam of those leggings, sliding my hand into the blue panties. The look on her face is a bit angry and tells me to at least offer.

Whispering close to her ear,  “Oops sorry, I will make sure they are replaced, you have me rather excited.”

Smiling at me she says, I’m sure it is an accident.”

In my most sincere voice, I tell her, “I am so sorry if I was too forceful.”. Smiling, I reach back again and tear the rest of the seam, pushing two fingers into her panties, pinching her wet lips. I pull us closer together as my fingers slide inside her pussy.

She moans slightly and whispers, “You’re not sorry, are you?”

Kissing her deeper, my fingers sliding in and out. “I am sorry there are others here, I would be deep inside you by now if not,” kissing her ear after I whisper.

In a stern voice, she says, “You owe me a new pair.”

Looking behind her I laugh and say, “I do not want to embarrass you, but your seat is soaked. I think you are enjoying this as well”

Again her cheeks burn with the blush as I tell her, “I will buy you two pair, so I can tear off another pair when we get you home.” I roll her clit between my finger and thumb. Moving under her and lifting her legs over my hips opening her to me.

Whispering, “If we were alone I would fuck you right here, but you need to cum so relax,”

Sliding my fingers back inside her, pumping my fingers in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. I move my other hand down and pinch her clit hard, my first hand pumping faster as her clit is flattened between my fingers.

I pull out my fingers and lick them, moaning at the sweet taste, I then offer them to Lexi, telling her, “You taste like candy.”

After a loud moan, she covers her mouth with one hand to hide any more loud noises. Then she licks and sucks my fingers.

Again pulling her closer, I whisper, “I am going to keep this up until your stop, can you hold back?” Sliding two fingers back inside.

Panting she says, “I don’t think I can, Zan.”

I let her know, “Well, then you tell me when you are gonna cum and we will go from there.”

After fighting the leggings again and losing, I finally, with a tug, tear them off, tossing them to the floor saying, “These are a pain.”

Now she is up and over my hips, her panties pushed to the side. my fingers pumping deeper and faster. With my other hand, I begin pinching and slowly spanking that swollen clit. I push and pull till her legs are wide open, giving the entire bus the view she wanted them to see. Looking down at her, watching the wet warm cum run down her shaking legs and back toward her ass. The crotch of those blue panties now soaked.

I slap her clit hard, pinch and hold tight, “CRY OUT little one. Let them all know.”

Lexi lets out a yelp, tightens, then asks, “Are you sure I’m not cheating?”

“Not at all,” I tell her, “You are having a wet dream is all. You won’t be cheating until I get you in your home and alone.” Slapping her clit even harder.

“Then PLEASE, take me home!” She cries out.

I slap again as I laugh asking, “Where is your stop, little one?” Smiling, I pull quickly and her panties are off, leaving her pussy and ass in plain view.

Lexi says in a little bit of a panic, “I can’t go home like this, Zander,  please give me my panties, my dress is so short.”

“Why not?” I laugh pulling off my shirt, “wrap this around you.” Leaning over, I slowly lick her pussy.

Still smiling I tell her, “Those are my panties now.”

She tells me, “My girlfriend is at home, she will know something is up.”

Sucking hard on her clit, I slide a finger into her little pucker. “Then we will ask her to join us, or am I not her type?”

“Please, PLEASE give me my panties,” sprang from he mouth. “We are in a serious relationship and I don’t want to lose her.”

With me licking and sucking, the bus slows to stop. Wearing a little smile, I slide the panties back on but this time they are inside out.

The panic increases in her voice, “NO, be serious, she will leave me.”

I begin to laugh and say, “I will be serious, I promise. So should I make her cum first so I don’t show favorites? How could she leave? You are amazing. I see, is she a man hater?”

Pulling the panties up around her hips then sucking on the crotch. As the bus comes to a stop and I see the fear in her eyes, “So, this is your stop?”

Trying to get up she says, “Kinda …. Ok, yes but I don’t wanna go now.”

Still smiling I come back with, “Don’t be a baby, you can do it.”

In a full panic now she cries out, “I CAN’T GO NOW!”

Watching her cringe and tighten, I again yank off her panties and wad them up. I poke her cheek and she opens her mouth. Forcing the panties into her mouth, I look into her eyes and tell her, “Listen to me, my cock is on fire and I am gonna fuck you, so get your ass up and take me home. NOW!”

I pull her up by the hair, taking her hand to walk off the bus.

She whines, “Zan, I feel like I’m naked.”

As we hit the top of the steps I pause, letting everyone have one last look at that wet, dripping pussy and tell her, “Come on little slut.” Smiling I add, “You are naked, girl, own it.”

Her panic returns, “I can’t, Zan, I just can’t!”

I again grab her hand, we walk in through the door. Leading her inside, past the lobby desk and over to the elevator with me snapping, “Now stop, what can happen? What floor do I push?”

She says, muffled by the panties, “What if she is at home?”

I sigh and spin her around, slamming her against the wall, pulling her dress up to show as much as possible. I push myself against her and slowly unzip my jeans, “I am gonna fuck you, baby, here or in your apartment, your choice. If she is at home, we will wing it. But, it is here against the wall or in your bed, choose NOW!”

She begs me, “At least let me wear my panties and go to the washroom?”

“NO on the wash-up, dammit. I want your pussy the way I MADE IT!” I yell, pulling out my cock, “Here or your bed, DECIDE!”

She looks up and pushes the floor button,  again begging, “PLEASE, at least let me wear my panties?”

As we enter the elevator with me laughing, I reach up and unhook her bra in the front. Those breasts now drop free. Reaching inside the bra, I pinch her nipples, “These need me too.”

Slapping her ass, I push the panties deeper in her mouth, “You are wearing them, slut. I fuckin said NO on the wash-up. I want your pussy the way I MADE IT.” Feeling the box shake and bounce with us, I push the cockhead against her ass, “HERE?”

Spinning her to face me and pushing against her as I whisper in her ear, “Tell me this is not what you want and I will leave.” Sliding my hand into her wet pussy, “Tell me you do not need my cock and I will leave.”

The elevator stops and I say, “I didn’t think so, now, right here, a little head and ass fucked or do we go in your apartment for a lovely time?”

Smiling, I remember the panties. Pulling them out and spitting on the crotch, “Put them on and let that show.”

Waiting and watching as she pulls them on, “You had your chance to answer, now!” As the doors open, I grab her hair, pulling her from the elevator. “What’s the number, slut?”

With a little whimper, she says, “19A.”

I respond with, “Good girl,” pulling her down the hall, almost dragging her to the door, “Shall I knock?”

She composes herself and says, “I think no one’s home, I’ll open the door.” She turns the knob and the door swings open.

Pushing her inside in front, I tell her, “Call out to her.”

She tells me, “No one’s home, she would be in the front room.”

Letting her go and saying, “Good, now, show me around. Wait, turn around,” Grabbing her bra, pulling it off, then laying it over the doorknob.

Lexi asks with pleading eyes, “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?”

I laugh and answer, “Because you want it this way, now strip slut.”

I sit on the closest couch and watch her. She is just standing there when I sit up closer to her.

Lexi crosses her arms and takes a stance.

“I’m not doing nothing,” she said defiantly.

Sitting back and smiling, “Do you really want it to get rough? Why don’t we just continue what we started?” patting the couch next to me.

Shaking my head I ask, “So, is that a no? Are you serious?”

Lexi looks shocked and a little scared. She fidgets and sways as she talks, “Well, this is my home and I think ….”

Lexi’s voice trails off as I slowly stand. Looking at her I say. “You give me a hard cock and then … what .. just walk away? I get your pussy wet, let you cum then, you are done?”

Looking down at the floor she says, “I’m sorry, Zan.”

Slowly walking to her I smile as I tell her, “You should really call me Sir now, we have gone past Zan.”

I see the moment when she begins to understand, she has always wanted a relationship like this, she keeps looking down, slumps her shoulders and slowly moves her hands behind her back and responds, “I am sorry, Sir.”

She slowly lowers to her knees, waiting for me. I look around the room and check those things around me that I might use. I smile.

I move up right in front of her, “Are you sorry, slut?”

Without looking up she answers, “Yes Sir, I’m really sorry.”

I raise my voice and reply, “Sorry? SORRY?” I take the few steps between us and grab her by the dress, it comes apart in my hands.

Again in a soft little voice, she begs, “Please forgive me.”

I slap her back against the wall saying, with clenched teeth, “Shut up.”

Her eyes fill with tears and I slide my hand under her chin, whispering, “Ssshhhhhh, don’t talk, don’t ruin the mood. I will tell you when to …. scream.”

I look around and see a small cat toy, a ball, on the desk. Smiling, I pick it up and slip it in her mouth, pulling her close to me, whispering, “Don’t swallow it, cunt.”

Then, I grab her hair and pull her down to me, kissing her deeply. Standing again, I pull her by that handful of hair around the couch, tossing her over the back, face down, ass up. As she lays there she reacts to my belt being pulled from the loops.

“You have been such a very bad girl, haven’t you?” I ask.

“Please Sir, wear a condom at least,” was her next request.

Reaching under to pull out the cat toy, I get a little defensive. I growl out, “What? Do you think I am dirty, beneath you or just afraid of being bred? I guess your pussy is too special for my dirty old cum?”

She counters with, “No Sir, it’s not like that.”

I smile, then slap her with the palm of my hand, “Damn you, that was mean. I do not wear rubbers, I’ll just wipe my nasty cum all over you, slut.”

Grabbing her hair and pulling her off the couch, dropping to her knees, “Swallow me, slut.”

Wiping my uncovered cock across her open lips, feeling a tongue slide along its length. Yanking back her head to open the way, I push the head into her open mouth. I push to the spot she begins to gag and hold. Giving her a chance to get comfortable with my cock buried so deep. I push deeper as I pull her head down by that handful of hair.

She starts to tense and struggle to breathe. Pulling out a little to give her one breath or two, then again I push my cock slowly into her throat saying, “Relax slut or pass out, breathe around me. You can do it, you are a true sub.”

I wrap my fingers in her hair, pulling her closer. As soon as she grows pale, I pull out. Lifting her up and over the back of the couch again. Sliding my wet cock into her pussy from behind in one thrust. Grabbing her hips I pull back. plunging deeper and harder with each thrust. She goes from moaning to almost screaming out her need.

As I thrust and pull back I tell her to slap that pussy hard from underneath. With each strike, she cries out and begs for more. I keep up the thrusts, plunging deep and hard. As my cock fills her pussy, I spread her cheeks apart and force two dry fingers in her ass. Pumping my fingers opposite my cock, slamming as hard as I can, listening to her begs and screams. Two fingers turn into three and I push harder, faster, matching the thrusts of my cock. Feeling my sac slap her clit.

Leaning over her I whisper in her ear, “Cum for me little one… CUM NOW! Make that nasty cunt squirt!”

She whispers back, “Fuck me hard, Sir.” Then screams, “HARD AND DEEP!”

Wrapping her hips in my arms I slam in deep, pushing her hard against the couch, my entire hand almost inside her ass. I lift up her ass to slam my weight into that sweet, wet pussy.

I wrap my other hand around her mouth, pushing my fingers inside, and into her throat.

“I am cummmmin Lexi, fuck me back, take me deep,” came rushing from my mouth.

She licks and then starts to suck my fingers.

“Oh my GOD,” I scream out as she sucks my digits. I explode, flooding her pussy with my cum. “I am cummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnn,” I shout. I let go and squirt inside her pussy and then pull out to cover her ass and pussy with my cum.

“OMG baby,” slapping her ass, “keep pushing.”

Spinning her around, with her head hanging over the back, I shove my still hard cock in her mouth and down that familiar throat. Just then I push my hand in her pussy completely and make a fist, pumping and rubbing my knuckles around inside her.

I pump and thrust into her, she is flopping around and begging me to let her cum. My cock is deep in her throat, both eyes blank and that pussy flooding from my fist. She massages my cock with her tongue as I slide in and out.

Looking down at her I shout, “Cum like a fountain, slut. I want squirts.”

Splashing my cum up her back and ass. “CUM FOR ME, slut,” slapping her face, “HARDER, don’t stop!”

She lets out what can only be a howl and squirts like a hose on high. I pull out my fist, pushing the fingers into her mouth just before we both fall onto the couch, spent.

She flips around and wraps me in her arms, “God Zan, I have missed you so much. You take me places no one else dares. I am so glad you saw me coming home. Sorry about Ann, she can be a bitch, I know. I love it when you take me.”

“Well, little girl, you know what I like, and always give so much,” I leaned back and tell her. “I was so sorry to hear you had moved. Didn’t think I would ever see you again. I am glad she kicked me out when she did. Now, tell me about this new girlfriend, when does she get home?”



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