Erotic games or even simple board or card games help kill the boredom and spice up your bedroom scenes. If you don’t have erotic games to play, find erotic punishments and challenges in regular games. You can play rock paper and scissors or have a thumb fight or who-blinks-first and give each other seductive punishments to make it exciting. Here are some ideas for such erotic challenges and punishments:

Statue: The loser has to stay in the position they are in while your partner gets to do anything they want with you. Remember, they can get as wild as they can. You can try these 7 types of kisses with your partner.

Copycat: The winner does something and the loser follows. So if the winner kisses you on your neck, you do it the same way with the same intensity. A perfect win-win for both the parties.

Safety aid: In this one, the loser has to help their partner wear a condom without using hands. This one might require some thinking if you haven’t tried this trick before.

Using only fingers to seduce: The loser has to use only their fingers to seduce you or turn you on. You can even decide what body part they can use. It’s creative and you also get to rate the performance.

Undoing lingerie: The loser can’t remove your lingerie traditional style that night. He/she will have to do that without using their hands. Keep this punishment for the end if you want to play a little longer because things can get quite heated up if he uses his teeth to unhook your bra. Here’s a no hands required guide to removing your girlfriend’s bra.

Ear lick: Most people are aroused with ear licking or kissing. Hence, this is an apt punishment to get the romance going. The winner of the game kisses or licks your ear for 30 seconds or 1 minute and you can move but can’t escape or stop the act. If you do, they get to start again. You can also try these 5 sex games in your bedroom.

The kiss attempt: He/she has to kiss you while you try your best to defend it and they have a minute to do it. Setting a time makes it exciting and you can still decide whether you want to lose this one or win it.

Phone a friend: This is the biggest challenge of all. The loser calls his/her friend or family while the winner gets to tease them or give them an oral. They have to keep the conversation going for 2-3 minutes.

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