Get ready for some hot nights! Try these saucy sex ideas to keep things exciting!

Every relationship could use a little spicing up in the boudoir, so why not have fun with it! Challenge your partner to 10 naughty sex challenges, and we’re sure your relationship thermometer will rise! Sometimes bringing in some new ideas to the bedroom can make your sex life even more open and pleasurable. It might also give your guy the opportunity to ask for something he really wants. You can come up with your own, or go with these ideas we are sure will have you all over each other.

1) Most guys love some skin on skin contact. To make things more interesting, squirt some lotion on his chest and rub it in using nothing but your own chest! Don’t stop until all of the lotion has been absorbed… if he can keep his hands off you that long!

2) Make your mornings a little more special. After you are both up, go through your morning routine completely in the nude. Wash your face, put your make up on, eat breakfast together all while you are butt naked! Don’t put your clothes on until you walk out the door. The sight of each other doing every day things without any clothes on, will have you both wanting more.

3) Kissing is so underrating. Do nothing but kiss each other, above the waist, for a full 30-minutes. It will be pleasurable torture waiting to touch and kiss each other’s ‘down there parts’.

4) Food and sex are always fun. So, beat the heat and give your guy some pleasure. Suck on a popsicle, fudgesicle, or ice cube if you please. After your mouth is cold enough, turn your attention to your guy. Go down on him and listen to him moan as the cold sensation hits him.

5) Let your other senses take control. Blindfold each other and then start foreplay. Without the primary sense of sight, you both will experience a heightened sense of pleasure. Touch, smell, taste and feel each other all the way through.

6) Mixing things up is as simple as breaking routine. Instead of ripping his clothes off with your hands, slowly take them off using only your mouth. He can do the same for you. The use of your mouth will erotize the simple task of undressing and lead to many more erotic things!

7) Your boots were made for bangin’. After a night out with your guy, leave your sexy stilettos on. Wrap your legs around him and gently press the heel into him. Mixing pleasure with a little bit of pain will drive him crazy!

8) Have sex without making a noise. Sure, guys love to hear girls moan and girls love guys to talk dirty to them, but sometimes, silence really is golden. This challenge is perfect to try if you are feeling naughty and other people are sleeping in the room. Be respectful, but have fun trying to keep quiet while pleasuring each other.

9) Save water, shower together. Late night, early morning or Saturday afternoon…slip in behind your guy and turn the water on hot. Scrub each other and rub on each other while slippery and wet.

10) Make up your own sex position. Put your sexual brains together and come up with a position that combines all your favourites. It could be a combination or one that needs to be done in a particular place. Just talking about it will get you both excited.

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