he world has officially gone emoji mad .

Not only do we rely on them to get across our feelings in any WhatsApp conversation (how would people know your sly dig was a ‘joke’ without the crying laughing face?), walk through any shopping centre these days and you’ll see stalls selling cushions shaped like poo emojis.

But someone has taken it even further. And it’s a step too far – or actually, several steps.

Yes, a company has turned an emoji into a sex toy.

Which one? The winky face? Heart-eyes? Nope, it’s the aubergine.

emoji vibrator
Too. Far.

For those who don’t ‘speak’ emoji, the aubergine is often used as a euphemism for penis, so it’s an obvious choice.

The creators behind the ’emojibator’, based in Philadelphia, write on the website: “Since the eggplant emoji has penetrated your texting conversations, it has been a definitive sex symbol.

emoji vibrator
The description is just delightful

“With Emojibator, we aim to make masturbation fun, easy, and accessible .

 Whether you’re looking for self pleasure, a playful and perfect gift, or embracing the inner vegan, the Emojibator will certainly please.”

emoji vibrator
They got creative with the adverts

It also claims to give users a ‘healthy serving of Vitamin D’. The less said about that, the better.

It might not win the prize for weirdest sex toy of the year, though, after a selection of Pokemon-themed products were released in July.

One of the toys was designed to look like the character Squirtle

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, a company capitalised on the massive global success of Pokémon GO .

Called “Pokémoan”, the toys come fashioned after the starter Pokémon available in the game. You can choose either Bulby, Charmy, Squirty or Piky.

Somebody please stop this before it gets even more ridiculous?

It’s probably too late.

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