o you recognize that feeling? You’re only working, eating and sleeping? You lie on bed over the weekend in zombiemode watching marathons on Netflix? You only get out for the grocery store? I am pretty lazy myself. When I was a student at the University of Groningen (Groningen University) I had little income because it was my second education. I found it very difficult to be adventurous. Now I have more money, but I’m saving, making it more difficult for me to be adventurous as well.

One thing is true: if you dedicate your blog to cool things, you automatically go do cool things. I often think “ah, that’s nice for my blog.” And to be honest, I get regularly invited to go on (press) events, so not everything will be that expensive to me. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do adventurous stuff!

But how do you do that? How do you become more adventurous?

What does adventurous mean to you?

Think you’re not the adventurous type? I find being adventurous has to do with doing something other than sit behind your laptop or watching Netflix, nonstop. It’s the feeling that you’re making something of your life (yes sometimes I take life lessons from series as well, but you get me here right?).

Find your own definition of adventure. Adventure has its own definition depending on the person. Doing something which isn’t your daily routine, go outside your comfort zone is what adventure means to me.


There was a time that I played a lot of computer games. Then I discovered longboarding and made my own fixie. I discovered I liked being outside. Anything but staying behind your computerscreen. This is also a good reason – besides adrenaline – I really like board sports. What I often do is taking my bike for a ride through our Dutch countryside.

There’s also a minimal chance to get fined because I have no brakes. Furthermore you can walk to the supermarket instead of biking or taking the car.

I also drink coffee regularly in a new coffee shop (although it’s  beginning to be in the comfort zone are :-)).



Before I started boardsports I didn’t know anyone who performs the sport as well. I always thought snowboarding is extremely cool, but the place where I live in The Netherlands hasn’t got an indoor track. Luckily my boyfriend is crazy about board sports as well and we started with longboarding and snowboarding afterwards. Later I searched for girls to longboard with and I decided to go to clinics Chicky Clinics.

Now I have made some new friends with whom I regularly ‘practice’ board sports (Yes, it’always learning new tricks, being better at it).

People often think that they are too old or keep something on the someday (or never) list, because they’re too afraid of starting something new. But I bet, later on, you don’t wanna regret something you haven’t done right. People only regret what they didn’t do? If it fails, it doesn’t mean it was a failed attempt. You’ll never regret something you didn’t do. I played socces, but found out it wasn’t my thing after all. But I had a lot doing it and most importantly I can tell myself ‘I have tried it’. It’s off my someday, but in my today (or in this case yesterday) list!



When traveling, you’re more adventurous anyway than at home. And, low-budget is more adventurous than when you had more to spend.

Haven’t got a dime? Travel is cheaper than it seems. Go to countries that are more affordable than at home (such as Thailand). Give up luxury and do not try to live the way you live at home. That’s the only way for me to keep traveling a lot. I’m really not the luxury hotel and restaurants type. I prefer to travel as cheaply as possible and that often means sleeping in a hostel, also with my boyfriend, even thought we like to be in a private room more than a dorm. But a dorm definitely happened a few times!

Staying in hostels means: meeting the nicest people with the same interests: travel. The people in hostels are more open to contact than in a hotel, even if they do not travel alone.

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