All women are different.

Our genitals are as unique as our faces or the shake of our hips when we walk. Our desires, fantasies, and roadblocks are as diverse as any road map. If you want to be a great lover of women, put these skills in your tool kit.

Women Need:

1. More Types of Sensation

Many women are distracted during erotic activity. They are filled with shame, guilt and a strong sense that they may be taking too long in receiving pleasure. When touching a woman, help them get out of their heads by using stronger sensations such as deeper touch. Also vary your touch from firm to soft. Try finger nails, spanking kinds of touching and vary it back to soft. Keep her present to your touch by changing up how you touch her.

2. Tell Her That Her Vulva is Beautiful

Women are not told that their genitals are beautiful or that their desires are important. Tell her that she is important to you. That you want to know her desires and that her vulva is worthy of pleasure, time and care. That you love giving it to her. Sit and admire her vulva; touch her slowly and offer soft kisses. Let her know that you love her pussy.

3. Help Her Take Off Her Emotional Armoring

Since most women are shamed about their erotic feelings, we tend to close them off and literally numb out. By giving her different kinds of sensation and offering verbal praise, she will open her heart to you and be able to feel more in her body. Ask her about her desires and her fantasies. Love them out of her.

4. Women Need Time

Women are always worried about taking too long and watching the clock. Women need to feel that their partners value their pleasure and feel that they are worthy of attention. Show your woman she will be given the full time needed for arousal, orgasm and multiple orgasm. Women need help in claiming their pleasure. Let them know that your primary purpose in touching them is to honor their bodies and give them pleasure. The clock is not running.

5 Educate Yourself

No one really teaches anybody about exquisite lovemaking. Many women can’t even name the parts of their own vulva. Take the time to attend a workshop, or online course or even get a sexuality coach. If you want to be an incredible lover — learn how to be an incredible lover!

If you can help her feel celebrated and beautiful in her own unique configuration of femininity, you will be a great lover of women.

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